Goku vs. Saitama Was Already Settled by One-Punch Man

Comics fans love to debate world power levels, specially in the lawsuit of characters defined by their huge strength, such as Dragon Ball ‘s Goku  and One-Punch Man ‘s Saitama. however, many readers might not know that they already have all the information they need to determine who is the strongest .
Both Goku and Saitama have reached improbable levels of office through a mix of prepare and lifelike ability. There is, however, a key difference between the two. Despite being the protagonist of his series, Goku is not the strongest character. He constantly meets opponents that are more herculean than him, frankincense being forced to overcome his limits and reach raw heights. This is Dragon Ball ‘s defining trait, and it influenced the development of shonen manga for decades. On the early hand, One-Punch Man was imagined as a parody of series like Dragon Ball, and it reverses their core concept : the protagonist Saitama is highly hard from the beginning, preferably than in the end as is normally the subject, leaving no room for his further development. Despite this remainder, thanks to bits of information provided during the two series, it is possible to compare the potency of the two protagonists and see who comes out on top .
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Starting from raw forcible military capability, Goku ‘s is not easy to measure due to his transformations. In his basic form, Goku is able to lift no more than 40 tons. The Super Saiyan stages 1, 2 and 3 breed his strength by 50, 100, and 400 times respectively, making it 16,000 tons. It is strange how much the follow transformation, Super Saiyan God, increases the previous exponent, but the following stage, Super Saiyan Blue, multiplies strength by a far 50 times, so Goku is able to lift a minimum of 800,000 tons. In a late battle, Saitama revealed that he could carry a military aircraft carrier. The most recent carriers used by the US Navy weigh an median of 100,000 tons, so in that regard, Saitama ‘s minimal declare lastingness is way lower than Goku ‘s .
One Punch Man Saitama Wave Moving onto speed, Goku ‘s can be calculated with the cognition that it took Goku 28 hours to traverse the 625,000-mile-long Snake Way in Dragon Ball Z, making it more than 11,000 miles per hour. Multiplying this with the like Super Saiyan increase proportion used for military capability, Goku ‘s speed in Super Saiyan 1 form is about 335 million miles per hour, which is near to half the accelerate of light. once Goku reaches his further power-ups, he would then be easily able to move at the speed of light. Saitama has besides shown some impressive feats of accelerate : he can run on water ( which requires at least a running accelerate of 80 kilometers per hour ) and, more impressively, he was able to get from the Moon to Earth ( 384,400 kilometer ) in an instant. If that time is factored in 1.5 seconds ( it ‘s not clearly stated in the manga, however ) that means that Saitama is able to travel at a rush of 256,266 km/h ( 159,236 miles per hour ). That would make him much slower than Goku, even without considering the latter ‘s practice of the Instant Transmission technique. however, in terms of combat speed, they would probably be matched, because Saitama was able to dodge the rocks thrown at near-light rush by the giant Geryuganshoop.

There are other factors to consider that besides play in Goku ‘s favor. Saitama is unable to fly, or to use energy-based attacks as Goku can. besides, the Saiyan possesses greater battle experience, having constantly trained and battled with the most knock-down warriors in the universe, while Saitama is unable to find anyone that can truly challenge him. however, for that exact lapp argue, Goku ‘s abilities are always expressed at their maximal current charge, while Saitama ‘s miss of attempt means that readers have no theme of his actual levels of potency. Every calculation presented above is obviously an estimate, as amusing bible characters rarely adhere to the laws of physics, but from what has been revealed in One-Punch Man  and Dragon Ball, it looks like Goku is superior to Saitama.

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