Gotham City Sirens: A Timeline Of The Updates For The Planned DC Movie, So Far

CinemaBlend participates in consort programs with assorted companies. We may earn a perpetration when you click on or make purchases via links. It is reasonably common in Hollywood to see a swerve of highly anticipated blockbusters ( much superheroes movies ) become stuck in development hell, and for respective reasons. The DC movies have actually been reasonably ill-famed for how many of their titles have befallen ( and are still suffering to this day from ) such a destine, including Gotham City Sirens – inspired by a amusing book series of the lapp name featuring the team-up of Harley Quinn ( said to be reprised by Margot Robbie in the adaptation ), Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. To figure out how such a million dollar estimate would begin to show signs of ultimately amounting to nothing, let ’ s take a expect at the most celebrated events surrounding the visualize, starting with the first flaunt of the green light. Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

A Harley Quinn Spin-Off Movie Was Announced In May 2016

Before future Oscar-winning superhero movie Suicide Squad had even been released in theaters on August 5, 2016, anticipation was running high for director David Ayer ’ s DC supervillain crossing – specially for the live legal action debut of Harley Quinn, as played by australian actress Margot Robbie. In May, Warner Bros. responded to the hype by announcing that the Clown Princess of Crime was getting her own by-product, adding that she would be sharing the spotlight with a few other unspecified female foes. At first, fans assumed that this was an adaptation of the Birds of Prey comic, only to discover the following December that it was a Gotham City Sirens movie, which would be directed by David Ayer and would potentially see the boastful screen returns of Poison Ivy and Catwoman. As we would come to find out, this was only the begin of DC ’ south plans for Harley Quinn-related spin-offs .

A Joker/Harley Quinn Spin-Off Movie Was Also Announced In 2017

As the DC Extended Universe was barely getting put into movement, a overplus of spin-offs and solo movies were planned – alone a handful of which are actually in production or have already been shot, such as The Flash or The Batman, which is no long directed by or starring Ben Affleck in the spark advance, of run. One such project that did not make it that far was tentatively titled Harley Quinn vanadium. The Joker, which was announced in mid 2017 as a vehicle for Margot Robbie and Jared Leto ’ s toxic onscreen love story to take center field stage. The Joker/Harley Quinn by-product by and by found its directors in Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, the couple behind Crazy Stupid Love and the romantic Will Smith/Margot Robbie crime drama Focus. meanwhile, there was already some concern over who was filling that placement for Gotham City Sirens .

David Ayers Shot Down Rumors He Was Leaving Gotham City Sirens In Summer 2017

It alone took a little more than a year after Gotham City Sirens was announced for fans to begin speculating on the mortality of the undertaking. For one, when the DCEU released its project lineup of upcoming movies that July, the Harley Quinn-led by-product was nowhere to be found.

however, David Ayer ( in one of a few different times he would have to calm the storms surrounding Gotham City Sirens ) hinted that he and the movie were not going anywhere by tweeting a photograph of an illustrate Harley Quinn sporting a menace gaze through a hole in a doorway a la Jack Nicholson in The Shining. not to mention, he had previously hinted on the platform that Harley, Catwoman and Ivy would be taking on Black Mask in the film. however, the DC crime bos would actually end up appearing in a different movie that was restfully being set in gesture .

Margot Robbie Teased Another Harley Quinn Solo Film In Late 2017

By December 2017, Margot Robbie was already slated to reprise Harley Quinn in three movies – namely Gotham City Sirens, the Joker/Harley Quinn by-product, and a direct sequel to Suicide Squad from 2016. frankincense, it about sounded like a nefarious trick when the I, Tonya ace teased that she had a fourthly Harley-cenric solo movie in the works. Said film would turn out to be Birds of Prey : and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, which would end up becoming the only film in that projected line-up to beat the odds and actually get made ( unless you count James Gunn ’ s The Suicide Squad, which is not precisely Suicide Squad 2 ). The female-centric team-up movie, which saw Margot Robbie ( who besides produced ) share the screen with more epic characters like Huntress ( Mary Elizabeth Winstead ), came out on February 7, 2020, soon after we received a relatively disappointing update on Gotham City Sirens .

In January 2020, David Ayer Confirmed Gotham City Sirens Was On Hold

By early 2020, for every person who was excited for Birds of Prey, there were other fans who were concerned about the condition of the other female-centric DC movie they had not heard much about in the previous few years. David Ayer was on a Television Critics Association jury promoting the Fox drama Deputy in January when SlashFilm asked him about Gotham City Sirens, to which he said that it was now on indefinite have. More than a year late, the by-product remains in that lapp stead. At the same time, we still have yet to see the sequel to David Ayer ’ s Netflix original fantasy drama Bright, which the film maker promised would happen soon at the lapp panel, but that ’ s another narrative .

Margot Robbie Expressed Continued Interest In Gotham City Sirens After Birds Of Prey Released In February 2020

In the same calendar month that David Ayer confirmed Gotham City Sirens was put on hesitate, Margot Robbie explained why Birds of Prey became the more prioritize project. She she saw an opportunity to put underused female DC characters like Black Canary ( Jurnee Smollett ) or Renee Montoya ( Rose Perez ) into the foreground. The following month, soon after the movie came out, Margot Robbie said that she was still very much interested in doing the Gotham City Sirens movie, but clarified that she had no cognition of what plans Warner Bros. hush had for the project. It would be a while before the proposed by-product made any headlines again, but not for the most favorable reason.

James Gunn Shot Down Rumors About Taking Over Gotham City Sirens In 2021

Following the rousing critical and commercial reception to The Suicide Squad, whether or not writer and director James Gunn would return for another DC film was put into doubt, particularly since Disney brought him binding for more Marvel movies after temporarily firing him in 2018. This would evolve into rumors that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies helmer was taking over another plan once associated with David Ayer, Gotham City Sirens. By responding to a pinch basically demanding James Gunn to include Catwoman in the Gotham City Sirens movie, the film maker confirmed that he had never even “ discussed or considered ” taking the reins on the film, which he described as a “ non-existent stick out. ” By saying this, Gunn probably only means that his version of Gotham City Sirens is not happening, but with how few updates we have received in the past year, it is easy to wonder if the undertaking calm exists. With that being the most late update we have about Gotham City Sirens, it could be safe to say that we should not be expecting Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman on the adult filmdom anytime soon – at least in the same movie. I mean, The Batman cast Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle, I have little doubt we will be seeing Margot Robbie in another DC project oklahoman or late, and Poison Ivy decidedly deserves another shot in a live action feature of speech. even a DC fan like me would happy to accept this world, but stranger things have happened, so I would not lose hope just yet .

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