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Gr 8 Up— Before they were DC headliners, Bruce Wayne, Selina Garcia Kyle, and Jack Napier were teenagers trying to cope in the barbarous world of high school. Narrated by Selina, this fib follows Bruce ‘s return to Gotham High after being expelled from boarding school. Bruce befriends Selina and Jack, and when chap scholar Harvey Dent is kidnapped and held for ransom, Bruce investigates with the assistant of his uncle Alfred. All the clues lead Bruce to suspect his friends ‘ affair, but nothing is always as it seems in Gotham. Jealousy mounts as both Bruce and Jack compete for Selina ‘s affections. Full of intrigue and treachery, this drama-laden graphic novel offers a new take on the motivations and origins of Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker. De la Cruz subverts classic DC lore by including long-familiar characters in modern roles : Principal Gordon is an overwork ma whose daughter “ Barbie ” attends Gotham High, the ill-famed “ poison ” Ivy is a local pharmacist salesclerk with cognition of questionable herb, and Alfred is Bruce ‘s uncle back from business in Hong Kong. Pitilli adeptly sets an baleful tone with a gorgeous, benighted palette and thoughtful character designs. unfortunately, despite the diverse hurl and expressive art, the reserve suffers from army for the liberation of rwanda besides much rich kyd angst and not enough depth to make the return at the end seem plausible. VERDICT While some readers will enjoy this narrative, others may find it shallow. Recommended for casual comics readers and fans of adolescent melodrama.— Lara Goldstein, Orange County Public Libraries, NC

The high school beginnings of favorite Batman amusing characters. Seventeen-year-old Bruce Wayne just got kicked out of the fancy boarding educate his uncle Alfred sent him to when his parents died. now he ‘s back in Gotham City, living in the family home and attending Gotham High. Bruce runs into his childhood neighbor Selina Garcia Kyle, who invites him to a party where he meets cardsharp Jack Napier, who becomes a new ally. One sidereal day, eminent school schoolmate Harvey Dent is kidnapped while trying on Bruce ‘s leather coat, and Bruce gets shot with a tranquilizer flit. Bruce, convinced he, not Harvey, was the real target, goes on a hunt to find the truth. As he uncovers more information, he discovers that his new friends are n’t what they seem. Narrated by Selina, the floor puts Batman, the Joker, Catwoman, and other Batman favorites into a adolescent fructify, giving them more of a backstory. De la Cruz ‘s ( The Queen’s Assassin, 2020, etc. ) graphic-novel introduction is dark and alluring. The characters do what they need to survive, creating suspense. Pitilli ‘s ( Archie, 2019, etc. ) intense and bewitching illustrations are the foreground of this graphic novel, and the black pallette adds to the ill find. Bruce ‘s mother was chinese from Hong Kong, and his father ‘s ethnicity is not specified ; Selina is Latinx, and there is diverseness in secondary characters.

Fast-paced and entertaining. (Graphic fiction. 13-18)

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