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Master brainwasher, torturer
Combat trainer

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Energy Rod
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Ed Asner

Let me tell you tadpoles how I work: I seek out the lost little lambs society has cruelly abandoned, I take them lovingly under my wings, give them the power to face the cold heartless world… and kick its butt! “ [ 1 ]

Granny Goodness was an inhabitant of Apokolips and the commanding officer of the Female Furies. Though she had the mannerisms of a kindly old lady, she was in fact a barbarous tormenter and one of Darkseid ‘s most patriotic lieutenants .


early history

Granny ran an orphanage on Apokolips, which she used to recruit the Female Furies. These included Lashina, Stompa, Mad Harriet, Bernadeth, and Big Barda, among many others .
When the war between Apokolips and New Genesis ended, Darkseid gave his son Orion to Highfather, who then gave his son Scott to Darkseid. Granny was present at the exchange, and gave Orion to Scott ‘s harbor, while Granny took Scott. Darkseid left Scott in Granny ‘s care. She placed Scott in the X-Pit, where she used every possible method acting to break his hope and bend him to Darkseid ‘s will. however, Scott went on to escape the X-Pit, the entirely person to do so, and, to make matters worse, fell in love with Big Barda, who in call on fell in love with Scott. together, they escaped Apokolips. Granny considered Scott her greatest failure, and never understood what she did wrong.

Darkseid ‘s war with Superman

After Superman discovered Kara of Argo, Granny was dispatched to create an asteroid magnet to draw a comet into Earth, using adolescents recruited from Intergang to get the necessity equipment. however, Supergirl found Granny ‘s hideout, and she summoned the Furies. Superman came, but the Furies subdued him. With the attraction already completed, Granny and the Furies took Superman to Apokolips, as a endow to Darkseid. however, Supergirl managed to rescue Superman, and they moved the comet out of Earth ‘s atmosphere. As punishment, Darkseid had the Furies torture Granny.

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When Darkseid captured Superman, Granny brainwashed him into believing that he was a handmaid of Darkseid. however, once Superman broke free of Darkseid ‘s will, he knocked Granny into the device, incapacitating her and allowing Superman to take on Darkseid, a battle which he won.

Civil war

After the death of Darkseid in Brainiac ‘s asteroid, Granny emerged as one of the strongest warlords on Apokolips, chiefly through the Female Furies. She was opposed by Virman Vundabar, who kidnapped Kalibak, Darkseid ‘s son, and imprisoned him in the X-Pit to support his claim to the throne. In response, Granny kidnapped Oberon, a airless acquaintance of Scott and Barda, to blackmail them into rescuing Kalibak indeed that he could get “ proper care ”. With the care of the Flash, they succeeded, but Granny decided to kill Oberon anyhow. however, Scott, Barda and the Flash had anticipated the move ; as such, before they presented Kalibak to Granny, they swapped him with J’onn J’onzz, who read Granny ‘s mind, allowing them to free Oberon. Though Barda wanted to kill Granny, it was decided that they would spare her, to continue the baron fight on Apokolips. Thus, Barda did n’t leave Granny Goodness dead—she left her with a right hook. Some months by and by, the armies of Granny and Vundabar were poised for a final examination struggle when Darkseid, recently resurrected by Lex Luthor, appeared before both armies. Granny renounced her ambitions and repledged her commitment to Darkseid .

memorable quotes

Granny Goodness: I seek out the helpless little lamb club has cruelly abandoned, I take them fondly under my wings, give them the might to face the cold hardhearted universe … AND KICK ITS BUTT !
Kara: I ‘m shutting down this psycho-witch !
Granny Goodness: Ah ! ! such speech ! Children, defend your Granny ‘s honor. KILL HER !
Granny Goodness: You naughty fiddling imp ! Granny will spank you good !

Granny Goodness: Girls, this nincompoop attic wants to play rough. Make her last moments special

Background information

Granny Goodness was originally a Lowlie who grew up with Big Barda ‘s beget, Breeda, who was recruited into Darkseid ‘s Hounds, his elite jolt troopers. good and her war-dog, Mercy, were among the most skilled of the Hounds. When commanded to kill her chase as her final test, Goodness rather killed the teacher. She explained to Darkseid that it had nothing to do with sentiment ; Mercy was besides firm and skilled for Darkseid to lose, as she was loyal to Goodness first, but Darkseid first. Darkseid tested this by ordering Mercy to kill Goodness. After a barbarian fight, Goodness emerged the winner, ruthlessly killing Mercy without a second think. Darkseid was so impress with Mercy ‘s skill and loyalty that he made Goodness head of Armagetto ‘s orphanages, where Goodness would indoctrinate soldiers from childhood in battle and commitment to Darkseid. She trained the Female Furies to be loyal to her first, but Darkseid first. Granny Goodness ‘ loyalty to Darkseid is something unique among his elect .



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