Grayson #15 Review

region 2 of the Robin War starts here. The Robins are coming together and they ’ ra organize for war. Can Damien, Grayson, Red Hood and Tim Drake train an united states army of kids who want to do the right thing to be Robin ? Heck, can you even be Robin without Batman training you ? We ’ ll find out in this issue, while we answer the wonder : is it well ?

Grayson #15 (DC Comics)

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This issue opens with our major Robin characters new and honest-to-god standing before twenty-somethings ready and will to become a Robin themselves. Grayson is the drawing card, but an adequate adenine far as training these very fleeceable kids. If this write out was a movie it ’ five hundred be the train collage, but it all ends with a twist.

Why does this book matter?

Robin War is a major DC event spanning across multiple titles all working towards the biggest robin consequence in years. With Bruce Wayne out of the movie it factors in being a major element in developing the Robin character in the about future .
The many faces of Robin. Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it? Tom King writes a very well pace issue cutting between each Robin and their discipline methods. crimson hood goes about asking his trainees to do something a sting illegal, naturally, while Damien kicks their asses with adenine much arrogant gusto as a kung fu master. Each of these scenes covers two pages with orange panels at the center to show the main Robins discussing their prepare with the new Robins. This organization works well to keep the story moving fluidly even cutting between training scenes. ultimately it all flows in a steering that makes you feel comfortable…and then King pulls the rug out with a boastful surprise. Believe me you need to read this issue before carrying over to region 3 in detective Comics or the big braid will be ruined. Artist Mikel Janin ’ mho military capability lies in facial expressions and there ’ s enough of dependable act found here with Grayson. While other characters are masked the body terminology and layouts go a long means in telling the report and keeping it bracing. Backgrounds tend to be flat when action is taking place, but skyscrapers and cars all look very dainty when they do pop in. The fact that this publish works is largely due to the fantastic layouts throughout this issue. It can’t be perfect can it? Jim Gordon ’ randomness Batman makes an appearance and it ’ randomness hard not to think it ’ mho forced. His character plays a bunch more into the following consequence so it makes smell he ’ five hundred pop in here, but it ’ s largely unnecessary and doesn ’ triiodothyronine serve much beyond a reminder he ’ s involved with this report .
They look mad.

Is It Good?

Anyone expecting a run of the mill event issue will be wildly surprise to find a fabulously pace floor that ’ s a fun take on the train collage we all know and love. Become a patron today to get exclusive perks, like access to our exclusive Discord community and our monthly amusing record club, ad-free shop on, a physical barter paperback book sent to your house every month, and more !

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