Fullmetal Alchemist: What Makes Greed’s Redemption Arc So Great

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an zanzibar copal that challenges the audience and convinces you to root for characters that you ’ re not quite certain are the good guys. There international relations and security network ’ thymine a single person who is wholly innocent or clean in their actions or motivations throughout the history, and this gives us incredibly complex characters who grow, fail, and persevere no matter what their end goals are .
Despite Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood focusing on the Elric brothers, Brotherhood gives us a twelve other characters that we care so a lot about. One of the most memorable being the homunculus Greed. even though the manikin are the villains of the narrative, often fighting against the Elric brothers and their allies, Greed is cursorily shown to be different. His interactions with other homunculus, his indignation regarding his father, and his alone kinship with his host Ling, Greed does what he does well by stealing the foreground every time he ’ s on-screen. Let ’ s take a deep honkytonk into Greed ’ s redemption bow and calculate out what precisely makes this homunculus the star of the testify .
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Who Is Greed?

greed eaten by father in fma Greed is one of the seven homunculi created by the main antagonist, Father, in the serial. As his diagnose indicates, he embodies every form of avarice that one could imagine. Being born a manikin, Greed has near immortality and invulnerability ampere well as particular powers given to him by his beget. His alone ability is known as “ Ultimate Shield, ” which allows him to rearrange his cells to either be the most durable or brittle message.

Throughout the series we see two different Greeds thanks to Father absorbing the first base one back into his body after he rebels against him. It international relations and security network ’ t until Father meets Ling, the aspiring emperor butterfly of the Xingese dynasty, that he decides Greed should live once more. Father then inserts Greed into Ling ’ s body, efficaciously erasing Greed ’ s previous memories of the life he once had. This newly manifestation is vehemently patriotic to his creator and is unlike the original manikin, until he begins to regain his memories. The Ling and Greed loanblend is the quality that we see transform from fully-fledged villain into the martyr we know and love by the end of the series .

What’s Greed’s Relationship With Father Like ?

Father from Fullmetal Alchemist As mentioned previously, Greed inherently rebels against his father. Both incarnations of the homunculus are highly autonomous and hellbent on gaining everything for themselves. With his godhead ’ s evil plans to absorb God by means of mass sacrifice, Greed doesn ’ thymine find himself aligning with those goals .
With Father expecting nothing less than ultimate devotion from his “ children, ” Greed systematically finds himself at odds with his dad, unable to devote himself to anyone besides himself .

Greed’s Relationship With Ling

Ling Yao When the second Greed is born inside the body of Ling, we begin to see the inner negotiation between the two. It ’ s inside this inner stadium that we observe the physical and genial struggles as both beings strive for dominance over their physical consistency. During these dialogues the hearing begins to see the give birth of a partnership .
With Ling ’ south ambition to be emperor butterfly of the Xing Dynasty and Greed ’ s deathless hunger for power and confirm immortality, separate from his Father ’ sulfur doing, the two decide to work in concert to achieve their goals. once they start working as one, Ling starts to grow attached to Greed and push back against the manikin ’ supposed nature. The audience sees Greed ’ randomness desire to stand atop all other beings fade as he forms a friendship with Ling .
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together with Ling, Greed is shown the true power of collaboration and bonds when he works with Ling ’ sulfur subordinates, Lan Fan and Fu, to fight back against his Father. Ling ’ second existing partnership with the Elric brothers besides helps bring Greed closer to dependable homo relationships as his traffic circle of sure people grows larger and larger. In the end, Greed accepts Ling as a true friend and is even willing to go against his own nature in ordering to save him one last meter.

The Virtues Of Greed: Why Does Greed Do What He Does?

Greed Ling Yao Homunculus are known to harbor some mannequin of condescension or disgust towards humans, so far Greed has never systematically shown this. At most, he has an emotionlessness towards humans, but grows to see them as equals. As his personality and relationships grow in the serial, the consultation is left wondering what his motivations are .
Greed is no strange to stating his reasons for wanting everything. He was born with nothing but avarice, desiring wealth, power, riches, strength, and anything else that can be obtained. however, in a conversation with Edward Elric, Greed shows what ’ s actually behind the cardinal sin he represents when he says :

“ I disagree. You want to bring back person you lost. You might want money. possibly you want women. Or you might want to protect the world. These are all coarse things that people want. Things that their affection desires. Greed may not be good, but it ’ s not indeed regretful either. You humans think that avarice is barely for money or office, but everyone wants something they don ’ t have. ”

It ’ south in those last few words that the manikin ’ real motivations are revealed. Greed just wants something that he has never had : a true human experience. In his journey he finds love, friendship, pain, and sacrifice and reflects on these feelings, ultimately feeling grateful he experienced them but remorseful he ’ south leaving them behind .

Going From Selfish To Selfless

Father extracting Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood The rollercoaster that is Greed ’ s character arch in Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood is a rider worth taking. Despite being a supporting character, the travel he goes on and changes has made him one of the most fleshed-out people in the story. While other characters experience hardships, most of the characters remain genuine to themselves. Greed completely changes from a selfish manikin will to do anything to achieve his own goals, to a person bequeath to sacrifice his own life sentence for the sake of others .
Without Greed ’ randomness sacrifice, the struggle against Father would have most surely been lost. Using his “ Ultimate Shield ” to turn Father ’ s soundbox into the most brittle material on Earth, Greed ends the fight against the main adversary once and for all. however, if the hearing hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate seen the struggles he went through or the bonds he made with Ling and others, the redemption of Greed would not have hit home. even though many die during the concluding struggle of Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood, Greed ’ sulfur death is still one of the hardest to watch because you see him as a true champion and ally.

even though it ’ s hard to say adieu to the one who taught us the virtues of avarice, Fullmetal alchemist : Brotherhood gives us one of the most enjoyable redemption discharge in zanzibar copal. Don ’ triiodothyronine let Greed ’ south forfeit be in bootless, and give the anime another screening arsenic soon as potential .
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