10 Green Goblin Comic Arcs to Read Before Spider-Man: No Way Home

The Green Goblin is cackling his way back onto the big screen in Spider-Man : No Way Home. here are his essential Marvel Comics stories. The Green Goblin is one of Spider-Man ‘s most formidable villains and is creditworthy for much of the pain that the hero has endured over the decades that they have been embroiled in their endless struggle. The villain is set to return in Spider-Man : No Way Home, with Willem Dafoe heavily rumored to be reprising his function as the iconic sinner .
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Spider-Man fans will want to read up on the Green Goblin ‘s history in Marvel Comics before his long-awaited fall to the big screen this coming December. But with hundreds of amusing appearances under the Goblin ‘s purple-and-gold belt, readers might do better to focus on some of his most important appearances over the decades.


10 “The Grotesque Adventure Of The Green Goblin” (1964)

Green Goblin on the cover of a Spider-Man comic
The Amazing Spider-Man # 14 sees the very first appearance of the Green Goblin, two years before the official presentation of his alter-ego Norman Osborn. In his first gear bout with Spider-Man, the Goblin gets the assistant of the nefarious Enforcers to trick Spider-Man into thinking he is making a movie about himself, only to attack him for real during one of the action scenes .
This beginning appearance established the Goblin as person Spider-Man did not want to mess around with. He was one of the few of Spidey ‘s early villains to escape capture and did so without ever revealing his secret identity. But that would not final forever, as the Goblin and the Web-Slinger were destined for a more personal relationship .

9 “How Green Was My Goblin!” (1966)

Green Goblin talking to the reader
In The Amazing Spider-Man # 39-40, the Green Goblin spies on Spider-Man from afar, until the hero finally takes his mask off. immediately knowing that Spider-Man and Peter Parker are one and the lapp, the Goblin kidnaps him and reveals himself to be none other than Norman Osborn ! Spider-Man last defeats Norman, who is injured to the indicate of incurring a commodious casing of memory passing .
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This storyline extended Spider-Man and the Green Goblin ‘s competition beyond mere superheroics. Through the years, not only would the two alter-egos go neck and neck, but Peter Parker and Norman Osborn would besides. It was no longer about masks and amusing names with these two, but it was now a in truth personal battle .

8 “The Night Gwen Stacy Died” (1973)

Spider-Man holding a dead Gwen Stacy.
One of the most celebrated Spider-Man storylines arrives in The Amazing Spider-Man # 121-122, wherein Peter Parker ‘s long-time girlfriend Gwen Stacy dies. Fans will surely not forget that the man responsible for Gwen ‘s death was Norman Osborn, free from his amnesia and ready to ruin Spider-Man ‘s life. In the ensuing confrontation with the hero, Norman is impaled on his own glider, apparently killing him .
Written by Gerry Conway and illustrated by Gil Kane, these two issues are legendary in the Spider-Man fandom. respective moments from this storyline have made their way into unlike films starring the nominal hero, from Norman ‘s death in Spider-Man ( 2002 ) to Gwen Stacy ‘s fall in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ( 2014 ). There is no getting approximately this tragic bipartite .

7 “The Green Goblin Lives Again!” (1974)

The Green Goblin in the Spider-Man comics
With Norman Osborn dead and buried, Peter Parker thought his troubles with the green Goblin were over — he could n’t have been more wrong. In The Amazing Spider-Man # 136-137, Harry dons his church father ‘s cowl after learning that his best friend was indeed Spider-Man. The two duke it out in an emotional struggle, with Spider-Man finally emerging victorious and Harry being led aside to a mental mental hospital .
This marks the foremost ( but surely not the last prison term ) that Harry Osborn would appear as the Green Goblin in his father ‘s stead. He besides would be the first in a long argumentation of Green Goblin successors that never quite measured up to the original. Beginning with this storyline, it is the bequest of the Green Goblin, preferably than the man himself, that plagues Peter Parker ‘s animation for years to come .

6 “Who Was That Goblin I Saw You With?” (1978)

Spider-man accuses someone of being the Green Goblin while another Goblin approaches from behind
The Amazing Spider-Man # 175-180 depicts an concern storyline in which the Green Goblin has appeared again, preferably cryptically. Harry Osborn is supposed to be in a mental mental hospital, and however his alter-ego is flying around New York City giving Spider-Man trouble. Things culminate, as they constantly do, until Spider-Man sees something he never thought he would : two green Goblins duking it out in the flip !
This history arc is lesser-known among comics fans, yet it is a fun ride however. There is a layer of mystery surrounding it as readers are left to wonder about the identity of the newly arriving Goblin. Things culminate over these six issues until the final examination twist ending .

5 “The Child Within” (1991-1992)

A giant Green Goblin lurks behind Spider-Man
One of the most come to Spider-Man stories of all clock occurs in Spectacular Spider-Man # 178-184, wherein Spider-Man must hunt down the resurface Vermin as he slinks through the city in research of something from his lost past. The side-story, however, deals with a reform Harry struggling against a sudden pull back into the world of villainy .
As J.M. DeMatteis and Sal Buscema ‘s semi-sequel to the lauded Spider-Man amusing bible arc “ Kraven ‘s end Hunt, ” these few issues delve profoundly into the mind of a supervillain, proving that there very is a child within all of them : an immaturity that pushes them to do what they do. Harry ‘s fail fight to avoid his father ‘s bequest absolutely encapsulates the tragedy of the Goblin Saga .

4 “Best Of Enemies” (1993)

Spider-Man vs Green Goblin on #200.
The landmark return Spectacular Spider-Man # 200 sees the completion of Harry and Peter ‘s competition. After years of on-and-off fight, things ultimately come down to one battle. After Harry takes his own kin hostage, Peter attempts to save them. In the end, it is Harry who saves his own kin from dying in his own traps but does not survive himself to enjoy his redemption .
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Harry ‘s end proves to be a twist charge for Peter Parker. From this point on, he is always so slenderly more jaded as a character, and far more paranoid. Harry demonstrated what a true supervillain can do to a hero — they can break them from the inside out. even in death, Peter could n’t escape the curse of the Green Goblin .

3 The Return Of Norman Osborn (1996)

Norman Osborne talks about his Green Goblin persona in Marvel Comics
The late nineties saw the fall of one of Spider-Man ‘s greatest foes : Norman Osborn. His cryptic render shocked and confused characters and fans alike, but The Osborn Journals # 1 explained everything that had led to the Green Goblin ‘s unexpected return .
It is besides worth noting that there are months and months of build-up from every Spider-Man title leading to Norman ‘s revival, which is surely worth checking out besides. Yet, this particular issue lays everything out quite nicely, from Norman ‘s supposed death to his subsequent reelect, and gives an interesting look into his head as he once again dons his grotesque cowl .

2 “The Gathering Of Five/The Final Chapter” (1998)

Norman Osborne talking to others
Appearing across all Spider-Man titles in 1998, this two-stage consequence sees the completion of Norman Osborn ‘s plan. As he gathers four other volunteers to participate in a dangerous ancient ceremony, Norman gambles his sanity for world power — and vows to take down Spider-Man once and for all .
Though this Spider-Man storyline is often maligned by readers, due to a change in the write staff that altered the ending, it does have truly good moments. Green Goblin ‘s conflict with Spider-Man proves harrowing, and the hero ‘s concluding feat of forte as he struggles to prop up the collapsing Daily Bugle building is as iconic a view as they come. It besides marks the ending of the beginning book of Spider-Man amusing books ( though the titles would finally revert spinal column to volume 1 number ) .

1 Dark Reign And Siege (2008-2010)

For fans of the mod age of amusing books, a well as fans of big crossovers, the Dark Reign and Siege storylines will prove to be quite fulfilling. In these arcs, Norman Osborn is no longer merely a Spider-Man villain, but a villain to the integral Marvel Universe. In Dark Reign, Osborn manages to rise to a rate of national power, and in Siege, he uses that power to invade Asgard of all places, putting the Marvel superheroes in a tenuous position .
This is surely the most nefarious that Norman Osborn has always been — and, in this casing, by and large as himself, preferably than his alter-ego. These two back-to-back storylines prove once and for all how formidable a foe Osborn can truly be .
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