Inside the Marvel Comics Midnight Sons pitch by Greg Smallwood that still haunts us today

anticipation is building for XCOM ‘s Midnight Suns Marvel game, a new video game adventure that puts a new spin on the concept of the Midnight Sons, Marvel ‘s premiere supernatural super-team. normally organized around characters like Doctor Strange, Blade, and Morbius the Living Vampire, the Midnight Sons have had numerous incarnations over the years. back in 2017, popular artist-writer Greg Smallwood pitched his own idea for a new assume on the team, but his concept never came to pass. Earlier this year we collected snippets of data about the Midnight Sons pitch that the comic creator released on social media, but since then, Smallwood has provided Newsarama with the full pitch for what could ‘ve been, offering an in-depth look at the characters and plot points he had planned.

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Midnight Sons by Greg Smallwood

Greg Smallwood ‘s Midnight Sons was planned as a five-issue limited series which he would write and draw, uniting a new team of some of Marvel ‘s magic-themed heroes as the Midnight Sons to stop Daimon Hellstrom from releasing Ghost Rider ‘s monster liveliness Zarathos into the wild, to end the spirit once and for all. “ The cardinal argue that echoes throughout the story is set up in the identical first view with Doctor Strange, Johnny Blaze, and Daimon Hellstrom, ” reads Smallwood ‘s pitch for Midnight Sons. “ Blaze is fatigued and discouraged by the increasingly film over line between estimable and evil. strange asserts his impression in fighting for thoroughly in a ceaseless populace of dark and evil while Hellstrom insists that survival means stamping out evil by whatever means necessity, ” the pitch continues. “ Strange has the wise and measured overture, recognizing that the war against evil will never be won – it will go on long after they ‘re gone. ” other Marvel heroes that Smallwood planned to be depart of his Midnight Sons were Moon Knight, Hannibal King, Blade, Jennifer Kale, Man-Thing, Satana, and even the terror. here are Smallwood ‘s designs for some of the characters : image 1 of 7 ( image credit : Greg Smallwood ) picture 1 of 7

Midnight Sons design sketches

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The villains Smallwood had in mind were Blackout, Jigsaw, and the Hood. “ The script strikes a timbre somewhere between True Detective and The Defenders, ” Smallwood ‘s pitch explains, referencing the HBO crime serial. “ With its unique blend of supernatural horror and action noir, Midnight Sons offers fans a dark, atmospheric mystery set against the epic poem backdrop of the Marvel Universe. ” Smallwood planned for the serial to take place primarily in New York City during the winter, complete with “ vacation decorations, snow-clad streets, and rooftop pillars of steam will help establish a strong sense of meter and home for the reviewer. ” early portions of the narrative would have taken station on the Astral Realm, with Smallwood describing his planned artistic rendition of the extraneous dimension as “ equal parts Tarkovsky, Lynch, Moebius, and Ditko. ”

What went wrong with Smallwood’s Midnight Sons pitch at Marvel

Smallwood pitched his Midnight Sons idea to Marvel in 2017, halfway through his multi-year ‘exclusive ‘ deal with the publisher. At the fourth dimension, he was known entirely as an artist but was hoping his Midnight Sons cant would be his avenue to writing comics. “ I felt like it was a book that sold itself so I did n’t do a hard sell on the concept. possibly that was a mistake, ” Smallwood tells Newsarama. “ Some folks at Marvel truly needed a hard betray. ” The Punisher ( image citation : Greg Smallwood ) ( opens in newly check ) Smallwood tells us that the primary cause he was given for why Marvel passed on his Midnight Sons stick out was that “ marketing very did n’t think a Midnight Sons ledger would sell. ” According to the creator, then Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Axel Alonso recommended that the Punisher be added, to give it more of a “ tactical vibration ”. Others within Marvel said Doctor Strange would need to be removed, as he would n’t be “ available ” at that clock time, says Smallwood. “ Did n’t help that my understanding of the pitch process was deplorably out of date, ” he confessses. “ I incorrectly assumed that the creation of books started at the bottom but in reality, selling or print often decide what books get made and editorial is tasked with assembling the creative teams, ” he continues. “ A writer simply pitches his concept for the entitle and characters. I was swimming upstream and had no mind. ” “ To be honest, I was unwilling to compromise at that stage in my career … identical stubborn, ” Smallwood concludes. “ Everyone at Marvel was very patient with me but I was hardheaded about everything. ” Smallwood finally shelved his Midnight Sons estimate, alternatively scratching his horror comics itch by writing and drawing Archie Comics ‘ Vampironica ( opens in new yellow journalism ) series with his sister, Meg Smallwood.

The closest Smallwood came to actualizing his midnight Sons theme was depicting some of the characters on a pair of Marvel version covers – one for Marvel Comics # 1000, and the other for the ‘Damnation ‘ crossover event. Smallwood is presently drawing the approaching DC 12-issue series The Human Target with writer Tom King. Do you love the supernatural side of superheroes ? here are the best supernatural amusing book heroes of all time .

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