Chapter 1: A Risky Gamble

Chapter 1: A Risky Gamble


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Chapter 1: A Risky Gamble is the foremost of sixteen chapters in Marvel ‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. Star-Lord and his crew enter The Quarantine Zone, the High-Security Nova Corps Sector – “ somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy ”, [ 1 ] in holy order to catch a rare monster they intend to sell to Lady Hellbender on Seknarf Nine .


The cash-strapped Guardians are about to enter the Quarantine Zone, a qualify area of quad, in hopes of capturing a valuable monster .


  • Talk to your crew (or) Meet with Gamora.
  • Pilot the Milano into the Quarantine Zone.
  • Follow Rocket.
  • Reunite with Rocket and Groot.
  • Follow Rocket.
  • Get Rocket a Charged Battery.
  • Follow Rocket.
  • Work with Rocket to open the turbine.
  • Follow Rocket.
  • Install the Last Thumper.
  • Reunite with Rocket and Groot.
  • Install the Last Thumper.
  • Force the monster out hiding.
  • Find a way to capture the monster.
  • Escape the Quarantine Zone.

astronomic Compendium entries

defender Collectibles

  • Ravager Comm Bracelet – Star-Lord finds this after he was separated from Groot and Rocket and must find a way back to them. The bracelet can be found under some alien eggs, which first must be removed. Peter picks the item up and can talk more about it after their return to the Milano.
  • Spinal Control Unit – In the area where Star-Lord tumbles down with a few pipes and must fight some of the Moniscobule monsters. Move up again and jump on the strange containers/columns, there is a platform with more alien eggs. The control unit is under these egg pods. Peter will take it back to the Milano, where he can talk more about it with Rocket.


not so much an enemy, but a challenge – catch the Galaxius Omnipacus .


  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Outfit for Rocket – slide down to the “dead end” (according to Rocket) with the crew, but turn right and go onto the platform, there is a gap in the wrecked vessel, where once was an airlock. Jump down, enter, and turn right and there is the box.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Outfit for Groot – in the area where you intend to install the last thumper. Look to the right and search for a small hole in the Nano-resin. Enter the room behind, and the crate is right on the floor near a thick cable.


On the Milano

Wake up and look around the transport. When sure, that everything was discovered, go to the cockpit and sit down. The Milano already is waiting near the Quarantine Zone and Gamora knows how the ship can enter.

Enter the code
0 – 4 – 5 – 1

It can be fun to just mistype the code and to listen to the crew banter.

In the zone

  • Fly into the zone.
  • Prepare to exit with “Team Rocket” while the “Green Team” flys to another destination to place Rocket’s thumpers.

Placing the first thumper

  • Land in the zone and Rocket will place the first thumper. Look around for Messages and Components, some of them are hiding underneath egg pods, which are easily destroyed with the Element Guns.
  • Move on through the wreck and on the platform. Peter will directly see the mining rig. Left of it is a huge robot head.
  • Move on and follow the talk with Rocket. Peter can make here some minor decisions with his answers Make some Cash or Build Reputation. He also can decide to stay silent.
  • Follow Rocket.
  • Jump from platform to platform. Watch out, there is a quick time event, where Peter almost will fall down. (PC: ? PS: )
  • Follow Rocket and follow the conversation. Again, Peter can choose his answer: Defend New Members or Let Him Reminisce or say nothing.
  • Follow Rocket, slide down the wreck. Despite he mentions it is a dead end, look around to the right. There is a gap in the platform and Peter can jump into the wreck. Pick up the Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Outfit for Rocket.
  • Move on through the hatch, look around in the wreck. To the right, there is another message on the floor Pride and Fall, by Meenj Ro Felsver, a Beeldarian from a ship called “Starborus”.
  • Move on over the Chitauri ship wreck and join Rocket again. Shoot the egg pods and move on.
  • Shoot the “space bugs” and trigger the 50 ₳ challenge with Rocket. He will activate the score board inside Star-Lord’s visor.
  • Move on through the next wreck, there is another message called QZ Disposal on the ground.

Peter takes a detour

  • Move further on. Peter will step on an unstable platform and fall into the room below.
  • Use the gap in the wall and move on alone. Peter will reach a room with more egg pods. Peter can find the Ravager Comm Bracelet under them in a corner. There is no open door, but Peter can shoot egg pods from what appears to be a large hatch. The object will crash down and create a way. Move on and reach another slide.
  • When Peter reaches the bottom, he will run into a group of Voxiplode’s. Use the Element Guns and melee attacks (PC: ? PS: ).
  • Move to the upper platform and shoot egg pods from a hatch. Listen to Rocket. Peter can at some point answer again either with Trust In The Plan or Pitch Backup Plan or say nothing.
  • There is also the message Failed to Send Message on the ground.
  • Peter will reach the egress and find a long thin metal rail that serves as a bridge. Groot and Rocket will wait on the other side. From here, the giant robot head is now close. Walk on. There is another gap in the ground and it’s too wide to jump. Look with the visor and find the mooring.
  • Use the Guardians Mode and choose Groot. He’ll use his roots to create a bridge. Move on.
  • Pick up the “space bug” challenge with Rocket again. Look for a way to go on. Shoot down egg pods on a wreck and use the Guardians Mode again. Let Groot create a bridge.
  • Follow the talk and decide what’s best in case of a Nova Corps contact: Recommend Escape or Recommend Surrender or say nothing.

The second thumper

  • Jump the platforms and then to the second thumper location. Watch the cinematic.
  • The thumper won’t work correctly and Peter must fix it. Use the visor and scan the objects and look for a battery. Shoot the egg pods, pick up the battery and take them to Rocket.
  • Fight another wave of Voxiplodes. Entangle the monsters, shoot them and use melee attacks when possible. After all smaller green Voxiplodes are gone, a new wave with the large purple ones follows. These will spawn the smaller green ones when destroyed.
  • Once the creatures are removed, move up on the ramp where the first purple Voxiplode came from. Follow that way.
  • Follow the conversation again and answer: Promise Riches or Sell The Dream or stay silent. Walk with Groot and Rocket, and they will finally reach the gigantic Kree Sentry (First appearance: Fantastic Four #64, April, 1967[2]) head. Rocket will begin to talk about these experiments on Halfworld.
  • Choose again the next answer “Ask How he Knows” or “Brag About Milano” or stay (…) silent. Move up and look for all the components on the platforms.

Inside the Kree Sentry’s head

  • Move on to the gigantic head and shoot at the egg pods to create an opening. To enter the head, ask Groot again to grow a root bridge.
  • Many spacebugs hang inside the robot head, pick up the shooting competition here and try to shoot as many spacebug nests as possible in this area.
  • There is the message The unthinkable in the center piece of the robot’s head.

move on to the third base thumper localization. The third thumper

  • Move Peter to the destined place and put the thumper to the ground and let Rocket test it.
  • Fight the Voxiplodes and Wuruum.
  • Follow Rocket.
  • Ask Groot again to create a bridge and move on. Rocket will try to prove that it’s absolutely safe on the old warship, but the structure will turn out to be unstable and break away.
  • Watch the cinematic and move on with Rocket to the mining ship. Groot must find a different way.
  • Gamora will ask about Groot’s black signal and Peter can again choose an answer or leave the answer to Rocket.
  • Rocket will keep on talking and Peter can Confront Rocket, Brush It Off or stay silent.

The Turbine

  • Reach the turbine and put on the visor. Call the Guardians Mode and ask Rocket to enter the Access Point. He will rearrange the turbine blades and they can enter.
  • Inside the turbine, shoot the egg pods (and Spacebugs for the competition). When the egg pods are gone, the turbine will move and a new egress will appear.
  • Move on over some thick cables. Watch out, the area is unstable and Peter will fall down into a tube. slide down avoid obstacles in the way and shoot some more spacebugs. At the end a cinematic will follow and Peter will drop into nothingness. The Milano suddenly will appear and Peter and Rocket jump on the ship.
  • Move quickly and run over the Milano. Slide down at the end and reach the platform. Hold on to the platform in the quick time event (PC: ? PS: ). Run over the next platform together with Rocket and avoid the trash. Jump to another platform (quick time event, PC: ? PS: ) and enter the opening.

Inside the Mining Rig
Rocket will manipulate the wires and the light will turn on .

  • Shoot a cluster of spacebugs.
  • Watch the cinematic. Rocket and Peter will jump after the Soul Stone which fell from the spacebug cluster. Peter can grab the stone, but it’s burning his hand. After he threw it back to the ground, a purple glowing entity will creep from the stone and into a grate. It will present itself to Peter and Rocket in full size behind a shatterproof glass window, before it flies off eventually. Shortly after, Groot will join the two again.

move on to the future room .

  • Follow the conversation about the entity and choose an answer: Downplay the Creature or Come Clean or say nothing.
  • Turn right to a gap in the nano-resin and pick up the Guardians of the Galaxy 2014 Outfit for Groot. Return to Groot and Rocket.
  • Move through the level and look in every corner for more components.
  • Push the Heavy Obstacle away.

Workbench area

  • Peter can update Perks here with the collected components.
  • Look for a egg pod cluster and make a way to the next room.

Peter will balance on yellow pipes, but they will turn out to be precarious and break down. Mining storge room
Peter is alone again and will directly fall down in front of a Moniscobule .

  • Keep this creature at bay with shots and melee attacks. Watch out, more will come from the ceiling.
  • Move to higher ground. If Peter turns around, there is a platform and a cluster of egg pods in the corner.

Under them one can find the collectible Spinal Control Unit. Discuss this item late with Rocket on the Milano and he will reveal more about his setting fib .

  • Explore the hangar. The glass is broken, so Peter just must climb through the window. Once he jumped down, a Shollock will appear from a gap in the wall and another fight will follow.
  • Keep on shooting, the game will introduce the Stagger Bar. At some point, Drax will break through a wall and join in. Use the Guardian Mode to active Drax’s Destroy Ability. Fight the creature together. A second Shollock will attack and also Gamora will join the fight.

After the fight : Put the bill on and look for a way out of the airdock. A crate is hanging from a high gear tension Wire. Ask Gamora to jump and cut the cable. Let Drax move the crate to the indicate place .

  • Climb up and enter the next area with many yellow crates. Follow the conversation, the crew will discuss “their” monster and Peter can again choose an answer at some point: Bet On Cute or Bet On Scary or stay silent. A message with the title A Miracle! can be found in this place and mentions a “gold-skinned miracle worker”. Look around for components and find a way out. There is an opening in the wall with pipes going down.
  • Slide down and meet Groot and Rocket again in the next room.
  • Join in a fight with all the monsters the team has met so far in the Zone. At some point, the game will introduce the Huddle. Begin huddle (PC: R PS: L1 + R1) and inspire the Guardians with a speech. If this works right, ALL Guardians will receive a damage boost.

Install the last thumper
After the contend, look around the sphere and then go to the door and let Rocket hack it. The door opens and players can see the Milano through a window on the other side. Walk through the hallway and go to the following sphere and enjoy the cinematic. Groot will place the thumper and the Guardians will encounter a cryptic creature in this black location. One only will be able to see the glow crimson eyes and fast drift. The room is filled with crates which offer opportunities to hide for the creature .

  • Peter’s visor doesn’t work here.
  • Shoot the crates.
  • Try to locate it and choose Groot’s Entangle Ability.
  • Listen to the conversation and watch the next cinematic.


The thumpers obviously worked and a Spacewhale appears and rips away a depart of the wall. While the crew prepares for the knob fight, their freak abruptly is attacked by the cryptic entity from the Soul Stone. Flee the Zone
Fly the Milano out of the Zone .

  • Watch out for flying space trash and fire at all obstacles.
  • Use the “Blue Button” Rocket tells about and fly faster.
  • Leave the Zone.
  • Wait for being “zapped”.

Rendezvous with the Hala’s Hope

Related Achievements-Trophies


  • The code 0-4-5-1 to receive entry to the Quarantine Zone is also used in Eidos-Montreál’s game series “Deus Ex” (to read more, please visit the Wiki) and other games. Originally, it was used by Looking Glass Studios, the developer of System Shock, and was their office key code.[3]
  • If Peter excessively checks out his guns, this also will be commented on by Rocket.
  • The “Spacebug” competition: Rocket secretly hacked Star-Lord’s Visor and added a scoreboard.



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