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This page is separate of IGN ‘s Guardians of the Galaxy : The Game Wiki guide and details everything you need to know about Gamora, a key extremity of the legendary group of misfits, the Guardians of the Galaxy .



separate of the Guardians crew, Gamora is described as the “ deadliest woman in the galaxy. ” Gamora is one of the muscles of the group and will focus on performing high-impact blows. She can besides help Star-Lord reach high platforms and hard-to-reach spaces by using Craggy Walls to her advantage .

Gamora ‘s Abilities

Gamora has three limited abilities and one Mega Ability that she can use in battle. The three especial abilities can be unlocked by spending Ability Points while the Mega Ability can only be unlocked by progressing through the story. She can inflict Heavy Damage on a single enemy, Moderate Damage on multiple enemies, or she can help the team by staggering enemies. Deadly Strike Gamora deals Heavy damage to a single foe. ad

  • Cost: 1 Ability Point
  • Target: 1
  • Stagger: 0
  • Damage: 3
  • Cooldown: 2

Shadow Strike Gamora dashes between enemies, striking each one once and dealing Moderate Damage. If alone one foe is present, she will attack it respective times .

  • Cost: 2 Ability Points
  • Target: 2
  • Stagger: 0
  • Damage: 2
  • Cooldown: 3

Stagger Wave Gamora strikes a single enemy, dealing Moderate Damage, followed by a wave of energy that deals Moderate Stagger to all enemies behind the initial prey .

  • Cost: 3 Ability Points
  • Target: 3
  • Stagger: 2
  • Damage: 1
  • Cooldown: 1

Mega Ability: Executioner ad Gamora strikes a unmarried foe multiple times, dealing massive price .

  • Cost: Unlocked in Chapter 12
  • Target: 1
  • Stagger: 0
  • Damage: 4
  • Cooldown: 4

Gamora ‘s Outfits

Gamora has a variety of outfits you can find in Guardians of the Galaxy. All of these outfits are for cosmetics only as they do not affect her fight abilities in game .

chapter 3 : Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora ( 2014 ) outfit

Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora (2014) Outfit

ad While the team is crossing the jungle on the way to Lady Hellbender ‘s fortress, there will be a point where the team end and waits for Peter to proceed. Where Rocket is standing, there is an area to his right that leads into a cave. Go into the cave and explore, and you will need to fight two Jackogels ( cube jellies ). Once you defeat them, go to the impart of the room. Go through the small entrance and leap out up. Open the thorax to the good .

chapter 7 : Nova Corps Gamora Outfit

Nova Corps Gamora Outfit

As you retrace the path Peter and Nikki took, you ‘ll end at the bottom of a stairway with a flood floor flowing with electricity. Reroute the might with your Shock Shot to stop the electricity from running through the water, then use Gamora to slice the pipes. There is a chest on the bequeath slope of the room .

chapter 10 : Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Gamora Outfit

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Gamora Outfit

ad Inside the cave, after Rocket complains about there being more body of water. The thorax is behind the waterfall to the right. You can see a pink glow from behind the water .

chapter 12 : casual Kill Gamora Outfit

Casual Kill Gamora Outfit

After the fight on the Knowhere rooftops, have Drax punch a hole in the floor and slide down the ramp. immediately after you land in the distance below, turn around and under the ramp, there is a hole Star-Lord can crawl through. The thorax is on the early slope .

chapter 13 : Black Vortex Gamora Outfit

Black Vortex Gamora Outfit

ad If you pre-ordered the game, this Outfit will already be available to use. After fighting the two beasts ( Mushiigers ), you will see a cragged rampart on the veracious side of the die. Ask Gamora to help lift you up to the top. chute over to the following ledge and you will find the thorax.

chapter 14 : Chosen Daughter Gamora Outfit – localization 1

Chosen Daughter Gamora Outfit

This equip can lone be found in this localization if you fail to convince Cosmo to reject The Promise in Chapter 12. After helping Rocket blow up the drops ships with turrets, use the Plasma Shot to melt the ice. There will be some crates in front of you in the hall. The chest of drawers is behind one the one on the right. ad

chapter 14 : Chosen Daughter Gamora Outfit – location 2

Chosen Daughter Gamora Outfit

If you manage to convince Cosmo to reject The Promise in Chapter 12, then Rocket will not need to use the turrets in chapter 14 ; Cosmo will intervene alternatively. After leaving the turrets, you will cross through a mining area. There will be water that Star-Lord will need to freeze using his Ice Shot. Cross the freeze path to reach a workbench at the end of the sphere. Before you reach the workbench, turn left, and you will see body of water sporadically shoot out of pipes. Use Ice Shot to freeze the water so that you can cross. Enter the gap through the wall and you will find components, an Archive, and a chest with the outfit inside .

chapter 14 : Gamora ‘s Golden Guardians Outfit


Gamora’s Golden Guardians Outfit

After the full-on rape on Sacrosanct, the team will arrive in the bring bay. Once they depart the Milano, they will be mechanically equipped with the Golden Guardian outfits .

Gamora ‘s Collectibles

Gamora has three Collectibles in the game. These Collectibles unlock extra conversations with Star-Lord that expand on her backstory .

chapter 4 : Assassin ‘s Ring – Sell Rocket Route

Assassin’s Ring (Rocket Route)

ad Inside the Vault, before or after the gas starts flooding the chamber, you can find the ring near the back to the justly of a wall-mounted giant star skull on the boundary of a table. It is best to grab the hoop anterior to setting off the gasoline as you will have limited time to get items while the natural gas is flooding the vault .

chapter 4 : Assassin ‘s Ring – Sell Groot Route

Assassin’s Ring (Groot Route)

In the animal pens area where Groot is being held, follow Drax through the doorway to the leftover. On the correct, there are two crates near a bolshevik door, and the closed chain will be behind them .

chapter 6 : collector ‘s Emporium Doll

Collector’s Emporium Doll

ad Enter the Collector ‘s Emporium, turn right, and talk to the floating head of the Collector. There are three items for purchase in this endowment shop, but entirely one is a gift for Gamora. For 2000 units, you can buy the Collector ‘s Emporium Doll .

chapter 10 : meditation rock

Meditation Stone

After fighting the Ogrode for the second gear clock time, there is a face on the correctly side of the large cavern. Using Peter ‘s Wind Shot, open the face and shoot the debris. Go in the cavern and use his hoist shoot to move the hand towards you to safely cross. Keep to the path cashbox you reach the ledge. The gem will be on the right.

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