Guardians of the Galaxy All Collectibles Locations Guide

Guardians of the Galaxy has 126 collectible Locations. This collectibles guide shows all locations in chronological holy order for 100 % game completion and all trophies and achievements .

  • 45 Outfits
  • 15 Guardian Collectibles
  • 32 Items
  • 34 Archives

All of the Collectibles are missable, the reason being that your build up reverts in chapter Select to the progress you had when you played the chapter for the first time ( except Outfits which do stay ). Finding missing items in chapter Select doesn ’ metric ton add them to your save late in the game. In other words, whatever you find through chapter Select doesn ’ triiodothyronine experience saved and doesn ’ metric ton count towards trophies & achievements. tied if you change your choices via chapter Select, those choices won ’ t update for later Chapters. The Collectibles do carry over into New Game Plus, however. But depending on what you missed, you might need to replay most or all of the game again.

A few Collectibles are besides tied to making specific choices during the Story, which makes them highly missable. Most importantly, you must side with Nikki in Chapter 2 to get her Access Card to use it former in the game. There are besides some Collectibles that cancel out each early, which makes it impossible to get all Collectibles in a single playthrough ( it would take 3 playthroughs minimum, because chapter 6 has 3 peddle car collectibles that require 1 playthrough each ). For trophy purposes you only need 65 % Completion + All Outfits, which is accomplishable in 1 single playthrough deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as you don ’ t miss anything. All relevant choices will be pointed out here in the Guide .
The postdate sections of the Compendium will be filled mechanically from Story Progress : Characters, Factions, Creatures, Places.
On those you automatically get to 65 %, sol wear ’ triiodothyronine worry about them. The only Compendium Collectibles you need to pick up in the world are Items and Archives. The Items come by and large from finding the defender Collectibles and then interacting with them when you ’ re back on your starship. Always do this american samoa soon as possible, because some of them can no longer be interacted with after certain points in the game, or they can bug out late .
Outfits are found in purple chests which are highlighted in Visor Vision ( activated by pressing the right field cling ). Archives, Items, and defender Collectibles aren ’ metric ton highlighted in Visor Vision. The blasphemous items in Visor Vision that unlock “ Lore ” wear ’ thymine count as Collectibles in the Compendium and aren ’ thyroxine needed for anything, so you can skip all those .
It is highly recommended to save in a different Manual Save Slot at the begin of each chapter. If you forget something in the chapter, reload the spare and replay the chapter. The report is quite long ( around 20 hours ). Missing a Guardian Collectible, Item or Archive international relations and security network ’ t a problem, you don ’ t need all of them for trophies ( only 65 % ). But if you miss excessively many of them, you ’ five hundred motivation to replay the game. It ’ randomness better to reload your Manual Save and just replay the chapter right away. Make sure you save in a different slot, because the autosave automatically keeps overwriting the active Save Slot .
There is no collectible tracker in the bet on. On PS5, some of the trophies do have trackers, but there is no in-game tracker in chapter Select. You can see your gather items via the Compendium, however. By following this guide you should get the trophy for 65 % Compendium completion by the time you step out of your Spaceship in Chapter 13 .
Trophies & Achievements unlocked from Collectibles:

  1. Thoughtful Captain trophy – Find half of the Guardian Collectibles.
  2. Managerial Skills trophy – Find all of the Guardian Collectibles for one Guardian.
  3. Like a Glove! trophy – Find and equip one Outfit.
  4. Fashion Passion trophy – Find and equip all Outfits.
  5. Lore Hoarder trophy – Collect 65% of all Galactic Compendium entries of each category.

Click the links for individual collectible locations chapter by chapter.




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