Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Voice Actors & Cast

Among the Guardians of the Galaxy, there is a style of communication that is classifiable. Audiences are well aware of this thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and thus anyone portraying these characters needs to mimic it correctly. That means, to truly get a sense of how the guardians function as a team, it is essential to pick the right cast. While we have little information about who was selected for these roles, we do have a source that seems authentic. information on IMDB appears to be unconfirmed by any voice acting draw member site, which is fishy. But it ‘s still better than nothing. If you ‘re concerned in pre-ordering but are trying Guardians of the Galaxy Price & Pre-Order Guide : Cosmic Deluxe Edition, Bonuses, & Prices .

Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Voice Actors & Cast

We have two confirmed draw members, and they are John McLaren as Star-Lord and Kimberly-Sue Murray as Gamora. This is ‘confirmed ‘ through the IMDB page for Square Enix ‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. We are hush waiting for Rocket, Groot, and Drax ‘s voice actors.


Picture of two of the voice actors for Guardians of the Galaxy click to enlargeTalented duo McLaren is best known for his function as Jesse Stanton in Heartland. In summation to being a television receiver actor, John has been cited as being involved with FarCry 5, although the exact function he played has not been disclosed on the game ‘s IMDB foliate. The trailer for Marvel ‘s Guardians of the Galaxy shows that John McLaren is doing a great job as Star-Lord.


As a screenwriter, actress, and producer, Kimberly-Sue Murray is well known. Although she does not list any video recording game experience on her IMDB page, it is discernible that she has a bunch of experience in Hollywood. From the preview, Kimberly adds a distribute of the offish nature we know Gamora for, making her a welcome summation to the cast. Learn more about the game : Guardians Of The Galaxy : dawdler, Gameplay, Platforms And Everything We Know For the sake of interest, here ‘s who played the characters in the TellTale version of Guardians of the Galaxy :

  • Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series) as Star-Lord
  • Emily O’Brien (The Young and the Restless, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor) as Gamora
  • Nolan North (the Uncharted series, one of the best video game voice actors around) as Rocket
  • Brandon Paul Eells (Watch Dogs) as Drax
  • Adam Harrington (The Wolf Among Us, League of Legends) as Groot


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Until all of the actors are announced, we can not be sure if there will be any crossovers. Guardians of the Galaxy Pre-Load Guide Guardians of the Galaxy System Requirements for personal computer

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