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This page of IGN ’ s Guardians of the Galaxy walkthrough contains data for Chapter 3 – The Cost of Freedom in the game. It features the locations of defender Collectibles and Outfits and showcases the differences in dialogue choices for the most significant conversations in this chapter .

Decide on a design


At the originate of chapter 3, you ’ ll need to talk to the year team and decide on a design. In the first discussion, you ’ ll have options for listening to Drax, Rocket, or Groot. Groot negotiation will happen even if you listen to Drax or Rocket, then, if you want to hear Rocket or Drax ’ s bad ideas first pick either one. After Groot provides his input, you ’ ll want to decide which team member to sell to Lady Hellbender. This decision doesn ’ t make a huge difference because you will have the option to change your heed at the end of the chapter if you wish to do so. There is a change in optional dialogue you can have late on with Rocket if you choose to sell him alternatively of Groot. The most significant decision will be at the end of this chapter, because the one you choose to sell will determine what the mission in Chapter 4 looks like. If you decide to sell Groot, you ’ ll have more of a stealth mission in chapter 4. Selling Rocket ’ second results in a much more fight focused one. Choose Groot or Rocket and then head out to Lady Hellbender ’ south fortress. After making your decision, head down to the cargo alcove and exit through the back of your ship onto Lady Hellbender ’ second planet .

Reach Lady Hellbender ’ s Fortress

This first area seems a snatch disorienting because of all the turn jaundiced platforms, but there ’ s actually nothing much to it. You can see dame Hellbender ’ s fortress on the horizon. Just head in that direction double jumping if needed to jump across the platforms. There ’ second not much on the outskirts except for some components. Respond however you ’ d like to the conversations your team has along the way, as what you say will not dramatically change anything. ad once you ’ ve gotten about halfway through the round of golf jaundiced platforms, a lightning strike occur right future to Peter. From this compass point forward, you ’ ll need to pay attention to the electricity that surges before a lightning hit hits. As you make your means across the platforms, you ’ ll motivation to get behind screen therefore that the lightnings ’ shockwaves don ’ thymine shove you off. You ’ ll need to make use of the many green shrubs along the way. Running up to one and standing still automatically makes Peter take report behind it. Just don ’ triiodothyronine rush through it and you ’ ll be fine. The section is fairly short circuit. It might seem counterintuitive, but you need to reach one of the platforms that seems to be getting hit by lightning a distribute. Once you land on it, a lightning fall upon causes the platform to collapse, but don ’ thyroxine concern, the crunch will break your accrue. After the polish chicken platform collapses, you ’ ll need to fight off some attacking jelly cubes. These things can be annoying because they ’ re gelatin regenerates. The only thing that actually kills them is damaging the inner cores. A way to dispose of them promptly is to focus on taking out one jelly at a clock time. Have Groot perform his Entangle Ability. then choose a gelatin and start shooting. Once the congress of racial equality is exposed, combine your other guardians abilities, to quickly kill the monster. Keep an center out for boastfully boulders in the area that you can direct rock to hurl at enemies. ad once you defeat all the enemies, destroy the brittle material in the corner to expose contribution of the ship ; then, have Drax pull the region away to make a platform for you to jump onto.Climb up there and have Rocket scan the terminal at the acme to extend the flank and continue moving advancing. Climb onto the drawn-out wing. The path ahead is toward the right, but if you first make a brief detour to the left you find the Collateral Damage archive and a pair of ledges below that, basic components .

Cross the Jungle – But First a detour

Though this place might seem huge, it ’ s actually quite contained. The path is straight across, however, there ’ sulfur another detour you can take to find the Guardians 2014 Outfit for Gamora and several part spots. Look for Rocket. There ’ s a small way to the entrust of where he ’ s standing. Follow that lead and you ’ ll meet a small cave on the leave. ad Inside you ’ ll spot some more components on the right. Go in this direction, destroy the material by overclocking the guns and follow the rest of the cave system as it wraps around counterclockwise. There will be a few jellies to fight off, and some more brittle material to destroy. But keep following the way ahead until you reach the chest with the kit. Slide back to the entrance of the cave, and Rocket will ask you to talk. This conversation changes depending on who you chose to sell. If you chose Groot, Rocket remarks how you should reconsider. If you chose Rocket, he ’ ll test to trick you into thinking that he ’ south dying. After the conversation, climb out of the cave and rejoin the team. After exiting the cave head to the right, through the jungle. When you approach the end, lightning will strike the roots blocking your way. Use Gamora to slice them and continue moving forward. This area leads to a bridge used to cross the chasm, but before the bridge you can choose to find respective of the spots containing components. There are components behind the material to the justly of the statue that Gamora is inspecting. Follow Drax along the forget side, and you ’ ll find more components along the manner. Continue bordering the leave side of the area and you ’ ll see material blocking a small trap. Destroy the material and crawl through to find more components .

Cross the Chasm

ad unfortunately the bridge controls are on the other side of the chasm, because of class they are. To get across, Drax suggests tossing Rocket over to the other side and having him use the controls to extend the bridge. Rocket, however, does n’t seem to like that plan identical much. This decision matters because your choice results in how you ’ ll span the break and how harebrained Rocket may get. If you encourage Drax to toss Rocket, he ’ ll do thus. Rocket will land safely on the other side, and he ’ ll be ferocious at you for it. After much complain, he ’ ll use the controls and extend the bridge, allowing you to cross the chasm. If you stop Drax, you ’ ll be told that Rocket appreciates you defending him. You ’ ll then need to find a direction across. walk to the protruding edge of the bridge. From there you can see substantial on a ledge below. Destroy all the material and jump down to the ledge. Turn left to destroy any remaining material from the cliffside. It ’ ll unwrap a small opening. Crawl through. then double leap and climb your way up. You ’ ll meet more material to destroy, until you ultimately reach the lead. Grab the advanced components ; then, use Drax to push to knock over the bolshevik pillar. Use it to cross to the other side. ad After making it across, you ’ ll be ambushed by some flying bugs called Mantanes. These things are annoying because they ’ re so quick. Your best scheme is to focus on one at a time. Use Entangle to have Groot trap several of them at a time. then, focus your shots and combine your defender attacks to attack one at a time. Be careful not to hang out excessively close to the ledge, as it ’ s possible to fall into the chasm if you get knocked back or fly yourself into it as you dodge .

Get to Higher ground

After defeating all the mantanes, exit the area by using Gamora to slice the roots blocking the path forward. When you reach the crown of the way, the television camera shifts to focus on the large ship in the distance. After the brief break turn left and double startle across the chopine to regroup with the rest of the team. After shimming along the cliffside the tentacle freak attacks the rock ‘n’ roll bridge you ’ ra cross. Run ampere much as you can and then startle and leap again. You probable will slip off the ledge as you grab it. This causes a quicktime event to appear. Don ’ t immediately spam the button though. You need to wait until the out circle enters the area in the center to press the clitoris.

Slakebeast Attack

ad This monster has multiple health bars, so it ’ sulfur baffling. It pounces a batch so prison term your dodges effectively. Use Groot ’ s Entangle to hold it hush and quickly follow up with Drax ’ s Destroy to cause lots of stagger damage. Save Gamora ’ second ability until it ’ s completely staggered. once staggered, the monster collapses sideways and exposes it ’ s faint underbelly. This is the perfect time to use Gamora and Rocket ’ mho abilities to do some major damage. This battle besides introduces Call-To-Action attacks. These situations can occur whenever you build up and maintain lot ’ sulfur of momentum in the fight ( you ’ re attacking with different attacks, and you ’ rhenium not getting hit for a while ). Press the button when the Call-To-Action prompts, and you ’ ll be able to do crippling damage to an enemy .

Continue Getting to Higher Ground

After fending off the slakebeast, you ’ ll need to find a room out of the area. Underneath the protruding wing on the far side of the sphere, there ’ s a patch on the rock wall that your scan indicates. This scratched up section allows you to use Gamora to give you a boost. Face the wall, call Gamora, and military position her on any depart of the blue sphere. ad You can then jump and she ’ ll give you a boost to help you reach the ledge above. From there, shoot the material on the wing to cause the reactor to drop. Drax can move the reactor to create a platform. Before advancing further, there ‘s a defender Collectible you can reach nearby. Find the improbable rock ‘n’ roll wall to the right of the embark. Place the nuclear reactor in front of the wall and climb up onto the ledge. Walk to the other end of the ledge. Look depressed and to the good, you ’ ll see a part part glowing on a ledge below. Jump and jump again as you ’ re about to land to avoid descent damage. Look to the forget of the components and pick up the Chitauri Sear-Cuffs from the edge of the cliff. Look up and to the right to find a blemish for Gamora to set herself and help climb over and out to the former area. Have Drax place the reactor next to beneath a square shaped part of the embark. With the reactor in identify, Gamora can reach and cut the cables at the top. then use the wing to exit the sphere .

Continue to Lady Hellbender ’ s Fortress

Remember the jaundiced round platforms ? Jump your way across the platforms. The way is to the left, but if you beginning go over to the final chopine on the right you ’ ll find some gain components. After a short swoop you ’ ll land in jelly and gain ice shoots for your gunman. When this manifests, you ‘ll need to perform the directions displayed on the screen. After you ’ re out of the jelly you can use the alternate fire to shoot ice. ad You can now freeze the jellies ! A set of them appear, but you ’ ll now be able to freeze them which allows the rest of the team to destroy them. You only need to shoot a jelly once to freeze. Look out for the yellow jellies they can explode. however you can freeze their remains and have Drax toss them at early enemies. After defeating all the jellies, walk up to the large blocks on the wall. Use Drax to pull the block on the left out. On the sides of the obstruct, you see a spin mechanism. Shoot an frost shoot at it and it ’ ll dislodge causing the block to remain in position. Jump onto the block and use rocket to go into the hole. He ’ ll insert and knock the obstruct loose. Once the block separates from the wall, freeze the mechanism on its side to hold it in place. Jump onto the obstruct and rise over the wall into the future area .

Another Bridge to Cross

ad The most authoritative thing in this sphere is the bridge on the right, however, before going there you can choose to explore the leave side. Along the leave you ’ ll find one path near where you entered that leads up and contains components. There ’ s a more obscure way near the canyon that leads to basic and advance components. You need to : Destroy the fabric to enter the cave. double jump onto the rock structure in the canyon. Climb around the structure and freeze the geysers. Use the frozen geysers as platforms to reach the top and find advance components – from the top double rise back across to the other english to reach a ledge above where you ’ ll find more components. Walk up to the end of the ledge to find another bridge. Again, Drax will suggest tossing Rocket. Again Rocket doesn ’ metric ton like that idea. And, again, as captain you ’ ll need to make a decision .

  • If you encourage Drax – This depends on whether or not you had Drax throw Rocket the first time. If you did throw Rocket during the first bridge, then selecting this option won’t work. Rocket just gets even angrier and doesn’t allow himself to be thrown. If you didn’t throw Rocket the first time, then you could throw him now. He’ll be furious but still activate the bridge controls.
  • If you stop Drax again – Rocket appreciates the gesture, and you’ll need to find another way across.

To make it across, digest near the bridge and look on the right to find some brittle corporeal. Destroy it and squeeze through. Have Drax through a boulder through the malodorous wall and get to the other side .

double Slakebeast Fight

ad Use the same tactics from the first gear time you fought a Slakebeast. This time however, you ’ ll want to be more alert because while you ’ ra concentrating your attacks on one freak, you ’ ll motivation to dodge the other. Take advantage of the boulders in the area that Drax can use to attack. Avoid using your freeze shots, as they ‘re not very effective against these monsters. once both have been defeated, you can grab your new monster cage ! After grabbing the cage, walk to the leave and follow the path as it slopes down. Have Groot make a bridge to reach the other side. Freeze the geyser on the right for your team, but then turn and go about to the left rather. Climb up and destroy the material blocking the path. You ’ ll need to freeze the geyser inside and ascent all the way to the top. Open the chest of drawers on the ledge to find the 5 Horsemen of the Apocalypse Outfit for Groot. Jump down to the ledge below to reunite with the team. Have Gamora cut the roots ; then, freeze the two geysers ahead to continue climbing up. Walk with the lie of the team until you reach the very end. During the final examination cutscene, you ’ ll have the option to confirm or change which team member you ’ ra sell. obviously, this depends on which member you chose at the start of this chapter. The member you choose changes what will happen in chapter 4. If you pick Groot, you ’ ll successfully sell him to Lady Hellbender and earn 15,000units. The chapter will then be more furtive as you try freeing Groot and escaping the fortress. If you sell Rocket, Lady Hellbender will refuse the offer, and you ’ ll need to fight your manner out of the fortress, and steal some units along the room .

The Infinity Bridge

once you ’ ve confirmed your choice, you ’ ll need to drag the cage across the bridge. Keep walking fore as the camera changes perspective. finally, you ’ ll meeting a flashback to Peter ’ s thirteen birthday. This time you can leave Peter ’ randomness board and explore the rest of the house. You need to speak to your ma in the kitchen. The answers don ’ t seem to affect things, so choose the ones you like best. finally your ma asks you to go up stairs to grab the giving in her room. interact with the giving upstairs to return to the current clock and complete chapter 3. ad

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