Nicholette Gold

Nicholette Gold




Other names

  • Cadet Gold (by Klemn)
  • Her, My Lady (by Raker)
  • The Matriarch (Universal Church title)
  • Ma-Kree-arch (by Rocket)

Profile information


Kree /Unknown hybrid





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Eye color



Ko-Rel ( adoptive mother )

Peter Quill (Father figure)


  • Cadet (formerly)
  • Matriarch (formerly)
  • Hero-for-hire


  • Nova Corps (formerly)
  • Universal Church of Truth (formerly)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy

Real-life information

Appears in

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Voiced by

Romane Denis


( Nikki ) [ 1 ]
( 1975 ) ( Matriarch ) [ 1 ] Marvel Presents #4 (1976) Strange Tales #178 (1975)

See Nikki at Marvel Database

Nicholette Gold, dearly dub Nikki, is a major supporting character, and the secondary coil antagonist in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The daughter of Nova Corps Captain Ko-Rel of the Hala ‘s Hope, Nikki is a very talented, yet rebellious Nova cadet-in-training .


Nikki was orphaned as an baby, her birth parents probable dying during the Galactic War. She was saved from certain death at the hands of the Kree Purity Council by Nova Centurion Ko-Rel, who raised her as her own daughter and kept her on-key parenthood a secret. An especial cadet, she renamed and reprogrammed some of the transport ‘s robots, amongst them her “ friends ” Itz and Jocasta. Upon meet, Star-Lord and Nikki began to suspect that they were father and daughter ; both believed Ko-Rel was Nikki ‘s biological mother, and Nikki ‘s age lined up with a night of love between Ko-Rel and Star-Lord during the war .


Nikki is a fresh 12-year-old girlfriend ( her human biological age is probably between 14 and 16, surprising even Peter Quill accustomed to his homo age ), intelligent and huffy, much getting herself into places she should n’t .


Nikki is non-playable quality, and inaugural appears in chapter 2 : Busted. Items related to her are Nikki ‘s Personal Device, which gives the password NFD6, and the archive So Many Thoughts written by her ; the latter can be found in her clandestine hideout during chapter 7 : canine Confusion. other archives with her as a subject are Cadet Gold ‘s Attendance and RE : She Has Come ! .


  • Galactic Compendium (1)
  • (2)
  • Personnel File

NICHOLETTE GOLD Nicolette Gold, Nikki for short, is an imaginative Nova Cadet who has spent her entire biography surrounded by Nova Corps officers and, against regulations, the criminals they arrest. Nikki ‘s personality bears a strike resemblance to her mother Ko-Rel, a Nova Corps Centurion. Like her mother, she is stubborn, candid, and wise. Though not an official member of the gang, Nikki is convinced she can hold her own a well as any inure policeman. She ‘s memorized all the protocols and knows the intricacies of every ship and shuttle, including Hala ‘s Hope, where she presently resides. Nikki has been issued 22 citations to date, most centered around security degree violations, as she is ill-famed for finding her manner into places where she is not allowed. Though she is a ceaseless source of fuss for her superior officers, there is no doubt that she will finally be one of the finest Corpsman in the galax .
first gear appeared in Marvel Presents # 4 ( 1976 )
writer : Steve Gerber
Artists : Al Milgrom, Janice Cohen
Covert Artists : Al Milgrom, Danny Crespi
Editor : Marv Wolfman
THE MATRIARCH With the second lift of the Universal Church of Truth, a new figure has emerged in their religious lore —the Matriarch. Those who have seen her report a young daughter towering over a congregation in a sweep clothe, surrounded by the Church ‘s elite guards. She appears to be under the care of Grand Unifier Raker, who is always found by her side. The close members of the Church seem to believe that Matriarch is the key to spreading a religious experience called “ The Promise ” —an epiphany that appears to lock in the commitment of the Church ‘s followers. They call her their “ godhead vessel, ” a term besides used for the faith therapist who led them during the Galactic War. One thing is clear : the arrival of the Matriarch has lit a beacon across the galaxy and the Church ‘s flock is growing quickly.

inaugural appeared in Strange Tales # 178 ( 1975 )
Writers : Jim Starlin
Artists : Jim Starlin, Alan Weiss
Cover Artist : Jim Starlin
Editor : Len Wein
STATUS : Unknown
ORIGIN : [ Redacted ] post : The “ Hala ‘s Hope, ” Andromeda Galaxy function : Cadet-in-Training background : Nicholette Gold, AKA “ Nikki ”, is a cadet-in-training in child of Centurion Ko-Rel. Her father remains unknown. Despite a few demerits on her phonograph record — no doubt a solution of her mother being her control officeholder — gold shows great promise and will likely have a successful career in the Nova Corps. NOTES : It has been one cycle since Centurion Ko-Rel and the crew of the Hala ‘s Hope have checked in with the Worldmind. Further monitoring will be required .


Nikki concept concept by Nicolas Francoeur .Nikki concept 2 concept by Francoeur .Nikki render In-engine cadet render by Genci Buxheli .Busted 6 Nikki and Peter found by Ko-Rel in Chapter 2 .MatriarchNikki As the Matriarch .The Matriarch 2 Revealed in chapter 8 .Broken Promises Nikki ‘s Promise in Chapter 15.

Broken Promises 4 Empowered .The MatriarchCharacterPhoto The Matriarch Character Photo


  • She is the only teenager on the Hala’s Hope.
  • Nikki is Lead Character Artist Genci Buxheli’s favorite character in the game. On her cadet model, Buxheli was responsible for modeling her face and overall texturing of the outfit. The outfit and the hair were made by the team at Virtuos.[2]


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