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This page is part of IGN ‘s Guardians of the Galaxy : The Game Wiki steer and details everything you need to know about Rocket, a key penis of the legendary group of misfits, the Guardians of the Galaxy .



Rocket is described as a “ … weaponized critter with a beggarly mottle … and a heart of gold. ” rocket is the mercantile of the group and specializes in bombs that inflict area of consequence damage to enemies. He can besides crawl into small spaces and vents which helps the team become through challenging spots .

Rocket ‘s Abilities

rocket has three particular abilities and one Mega Ability that he can use in fight. The three special abilities can be unlocked by spending Ability Points while the Mega Ability can merely be unlocked by progressing through the report. Rocket has a bombastic arsenal of grenades and guns at his disposal that can cause Heavy Damage and Light Stagger to groups of enemies. Cluster Flark Bomb rocket blasts all enemies caught in a radius around the initial target with moderate damage. ad

  • Cost: 1 Ability Point
  • Target: 2
  • Stagger: 0
  • Damage: 2
  • Cooldown: 2

Gravistack Grenade Rocket tosses a grenade at an enemy, drawing others toward the initial target ‘s situation, and grouping them for a follow-up attack .

  • Cost: 2 Ability Points
  • Target: 2
  • Stagger: 0
  • Damage: 0
  • Cooldown: 1

Glowing Pains Grenade Rocket lobs a grenade that releases several darts on impact. These shock and deal Light Stagger to each foe hit for a short duration. Enemies affected besides take more Stagger damage while under the consequence .

  • Cost: 3 Ability Points
  • Target: 2
  • Stagger: 2
  • Damage: 0
  • Cooldown: 3

Mega Ability: Five Barrel Barrage ad rocket reveals the entirety of his massive armory to bombard the foe area with bullets, missiles, and assorted projectiles. Applies massive damage to area round target .

  • Cost: Unlocked in Chapter 10
  • Target: 4
  • Stagger: 0
  • Damage: 3
  • Cooldown: 4

Rocket ‘s Outfits

Rocket has a assortment of outfits you can find in Guardians of the Galaxy. All of these outfits are for cosmetics only as they do not affect his combat abilities in game .

chapter 1 : Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket ( 2014 ) outfit

GotG Rocket (2014) Outfit 

ad On the transport in the Quarantine Zone, after you slide devour to meet Rocket and Groot, turn right and walk towards the dead end that Rocket warns you about. There is an open on the leave that you can jump down into. The chest of drawers is at the far end on the right .

chapter 4 : Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rocket Outfit – Sell Rocket Route

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rocket Outfit 

In the sewers, follow the team through the tunnels. There will be a major fork in the tunnels and the team will be waiting for you in the right-hand tunnel. Turn left and you will see the chest near a sewer gate .

chapter 4 : Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rocket Outfit – Sell Groot Route

Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse Rocket Outfit 

ad After taking the elevator in Lady Hellbender ‘s Throne Room, exit and vault over the mesa to the right, sidle past a sleeping guard duty and crawl under some crates to the right. The chest will be on the right side .

chapter 7 : Nova Corps Rocket Outfit

Nova Corps Rocket Outfit 

When having to reroute exponent to the elevator, you ‘ll need Groot to lift you onto a chopine and from there you ‘ll have to crawl through a release to get into the next board. In that room, you can reroute baron to a door to the right. Open that door and the thorax is inside.

chapter 10 : bomber of Halfworld Rocket Outfit


Hero of Halfworld Rocket Outfit

After fighting the first set of rock monsters ( the Ogrode ), you will come to an open area. To the back right, near the cliff with the confront, there will be a small opening that Rocket needs to go through. Once inside the cave, shoot the boast holes with your Ice Shot and from there you can see a hoist. You will need Groot to lift you up to the platform above. Out of the cave, take a right and jump up. There will be another sphere you can jump up to on your correctly. Sidle along the correct wall and the breast is on the early side .

chapter 12 : The Smuggler Outfit Rocket Outfit

The Smuggler Outfit Rocket Outfit

After fighting your first group in the Knowhere Market follow Rocket and Gamora. On the wall behind where Rocket is standing, you can use your Wind Shot to make an unfold and the chest is behind it .

chapter 13 : The Stinger Rocket Outfit


The Stinger Rocket Outfit

If you pre-ordered the bet on, this Outfit will already be available to use. Coming out of the caves, you will see a large creature walking through the bamboozle. After interacting with this creature, you will walk out to an open area filled with toxic plants. Move forward and inject these plants with the Plasma Shot. To the right, there will be an area with four toxic plants. Behind these plants will be the chest .

chapter 14 : rocket ‘s Golden Guardians Outfit

Rocket’s Golden Guardians Outfit

After the full-on assail on Sacrosanct, the team will arrive in the landing bay. Once they depart the Milano, they will be mechanically equipped with the Golden Guardian outfits. ad

Rocket ‘s Collectibles

rocket has three Collectibles in the game. These Collectibles unlock extra conversations with Star-Lord that expand on his backstory .

chapter 1 : spinal Control Unit

Spinal Control Unit

After finding your foremost workbench and falling down to punch the Moniscobules, climb back up, look behind you to find a brittle wall. Shoot the brittle thrust on the wall to reveal the Spinal Control Unit on the shock opposite the doorway .

chapter 8 : cryptic Mine Device

Deep Mine Device

ad once you leave the Comm Room, there is a workbench located at the back of the next room. To the correct of the workbench there is a tall silver cylinder that Peter can jump on to get to the platform above. The device is located on the right future to some yellow crates .

chapter 12 : Glarnot Mask

Glarnot Mask

After passing Mantlo ‘s, keep moving forward until you see a rowing of vending machines ahead of you. Following those, turn left, and skid down to an area below the team. double jump up the two platforms until you see another chopine ahead that is blockheaded with green gas. Jump over and plug the holes with the Ice Shot. The Mask will be on the platform.

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