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The Biggest Idiots in the Galaxy ( with Star-Lord, Groot and Drax the Destroyer ) [ 1 ]
Rodent [ 1 ]
Ranger Rick [ 1 ]
Vermin [ 1 ]
Hamster [ 1 ]
The Greatest pilot burner in The Universe [ 2 ]
Dick [ 2 ]
Trash Panda [ 2 ]
Triangle-faced Monkey [ 2 ]
Puppy [ 2 ]
Fox [ 2 ]
Little Rat [ 4 ]
Professional Asshole [ 2 ]
Crabby Puppy [ 2 ]
The Baddest of Baddests [ 3 ]
Stupid Fox [ 2 ]
Rabboon [ 2 ]
Raccoon [ 1 ]
Procyon lotor [ 1 ]
Scruffy Dog [ 3 ]
Talking Woodland Beast [ 2 ]
Rabbit [ 5 ]
Sweet Rabbit [ 5 ]
Captain [ 5 ]
Dad [ 5 ]
Build-A-Bear [ 6 ]
Fur-Face [ 6 ]
Pal [ 6 ]
Boys ( with Bruce Banner ) [ 6 ]
Little Rascal [ 6 ]
Ratchet [ 6 ]
Ragtag Motley Crew Misfit Desperados ( with the Guardians of the Galaxy ) [ 7 ]
Great Heroes of Our Time ( with the Avengers ) [ 8 ]

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Sean Gunn ( on-set actor )
Oreo ( drift and behavior )

Voiced by

Bradley Cooper

“Ain’t no thing like me, ‘cept me.”
―Rocket Raccoon

89P13, chiefly known as Rocket Raccoon, is a genetically enhanced creature and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Alongside his friend and partner Groot, Rocket traveled the galaxy, committing crimes and picking up bounties until they met Star-Lord, who convinced them to assist him in selling the Orb for a massive profit. however, as it was discovered that the Orb being sought by Ronan the Accuser was one of the Infinity Stones, Rocket was convinced to risk everything to stop Ronan ‘s plans to destroy Xandar. During the ensuing conflict, Rocket managed to assist his friends in destroying Ronan, despite Groot being killed. Rocket then became a extremity of the Guardians of the Galaxy alongside the newly planted child Groot. Rocket continued working with the Guardians when they were hired by the Sovereign to slay the Abilisk. however, Rocket took the job as a manner to steal Anulax Batteries with the intention to by and by sell them. This angered Ayesha, causing her to declare war on the Guardians and hire the Ravagers to capture them. Rocket and Groot were soon captured by Taserface under Yondu Udonta ‘s instruction, forcing Rocket and Udonta to work together in ordain to break release and kill Taserface. During his meter with Udonta, Rocket learned how to better himself and wishing to save his Guardians family, joined Udonta during the Battle on Ego ‘s Planet. Four years later, the Guardians rescued Thor after the Asgardians were slaughtered by Thanos, who had resumed his quest for the Infinity Stones himself. The Guardians split up ; while the respite of the team returned to Knowhere to find the Reality Stone, Rocket and Groot accompanied Thor to Nidavellir to obtain the weapon Stormbreaker. Using the Bifrost Bridge, the three traveled to Earth to join the Battle of Wakanda, where he fought aboard Winter Soldier. Their efforts to stop Thanos were abortive, and Rocket was one of the lone Guardians to survive Thanos ‘ subsequent multitude slaughter, along with Nebula. rocket joined the Avengers on their trip to the Garden, where Thor decapitated Thanos. Rocket spent the future five years as a extremity of the Avengers under the command of Natasha Romanoff. In 2023, after discovering how to traverse through time safely, Rocket and Thor traveled back in time to 2013, where he extracted the Aether from Jane Foster on Asgard. With all six Infinity Stones used to resurrect the victims of the Snap, Rocket participated in the Battle of Earth against an alternate Thanos and his army. After attending Iron Man ‘s funeral, Rocket left the Avengers and rejoined the Guardians, preparing to leave Earth and return to their cosmic adventures. skyrocket and the Guardians went on respective missions with Thor, including the Battle of Indigarr. however, following the threat of Gorr the God Butcher, Thor left the team to help the Asgardians while Rocket and the other Guardians returned to the universe to help those in necessitate .


early on life

cybernetic Enhancements

“Well, I didn’t ask to get made! I didn’t ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over and turned into some… some little monster!”
―Rocket Raccoon

89P13 was recovered by extraterrestrial being scientists and brought to the Halfworld planet in the Keystone Quadrant asterisk arrangement, where he was genetically and cybernetically enhanced indeed that he was given sentient levels of intelligence. however, years of mistreat and insistent genetic rewrite caused him to develop a conceited and chaotic personality, driving him into becoming a gun slinging mercantile who called himself Rocket. Rocket ‘s Nova Corps criminal criminal record presently includes thirteen counts of larceny, twenty dollar bill two counts of safety valve from his captivity, seven counts of mercenary natural process, and fifteen counts of arson. [ 1 ]

Deals at the Hub

Partnering with Groot, a Flora colossus from Planet X, Rocket made his way in the galax performing versatile acts of dubious legality. On one such gamble, Rocket and Groot made their way to the Hub without money and desperate for a job in order to buy fuel for their fomite. A caper came their manner via Sqqd’li, under the orders of his employer the crime-lord Zade Scraggot, who hired Rocket and Groot to retrieve a software being held in the highly dependable “ Uptown ” section of the station for 1000 Credits. skyrocket and Groot successfully retrieved the software, but upon discovering that the package contained a family of sentient Scalluscs, a snail-like animal that Scraggot was planning on harvesting for their shells, Rocket and Groot rescued the Scalluscs from their barbarous destiny after a brief shuffle with Scraggot and his men. [ 4 ] Afterwards, Rocket and Groot were on a mission to capture Baldo and bring his to D’Xtar. Upon arriving at D’Xtar ‘s position, he told them he could n’t pay because of the holocene amplitude on Rocket ‘s forefront. Rocket stormed away angry. suddenly a Bounty Hunter recognized him as that valet on the bounty. He attacked Rocket, he ran into an alley with Groot. His partner then tried to grab him, Rocket broke release from Groot, who he believed betrayed him. Rocket locked himself in a construction, but the Bounty Hunter was waiting for him and explained that he set up the amplitude so that Rocket would n’t give him contest. Groot then broke in and scared the hunter into cancelling the bounty. Rocket realized that Groot was alone trying to protect him and he apologized. [ 3 ]

“Put him in the bag. Put him in the bag! No! Not her, him! Learn genders, man.”
―Rocket Raccoon to Groot

skyrocket and Groot traveled to Xandar, where he staked out potential bounty targets in a crowd plaza. While looking at the many Xandarians, Rocket ranted about how absurd the people looked such as insulting a man with a haircut, a child walking with his defender, and a fishy person talking to a womanhood. As Rocket was laughing at the locals, he turned to Groot and noticed him drinking water from a fountain, telling him to stop doing that in disgust .
After Rocket had caught Groot lying about drink, he picked up a signal from device and spotted Peter Quill with Bereet. As Rocket looked over Quill ‘s stats, he noted that Quill was wanted for forty thousand Units and told Groot that they were going to be deep, before looking at Groot drinking the fountain again in despair. Moments before Star-Lord had tried to set up a deal with Broker and Gamora attempted to steal the Orb from him, Rocket intervened at the attack and tackled her with beast pull .
While Rocket tried to tell Groot to capture Star-Lord, he began to yell at Groot for false for Gamora, before he was bitten in the hand by Gamora. As Rocket told Gamora to stay sedate, he was thrown aside for several feet and landed onto an open glass store. Gamora then prolonged her deputation to capture the Orb and went after Star-Lord before they fought each other. As Star-Lord had celebrated his victory of defeating Gamora, Rocket ordered Groot to capture him .
Groot then trapped Star-Lord with a huge bag and Rocket told him to quit smiling so they could act like professionals. Rocket ‘s victory was inadequate lived once Gamora recovered and shoved him away. After Gamora attacked Groot by slicing his arms off, she was then stunned by Star-Lord ‘s Quad Blasters and proceeded to escape. Rocket took note of Star-Lord ‘s escape and proceeded to shoot him down with his Laser Cannon .
As Rocket tease at Star-Lord ‘s defeat, he noticed that Groot was saddened by his passing of arms. rocket then noted that Groot ‘s arms will grow back and told him to stop snivel. abruptly as the Nova Corps arrived at the view, Rocket and Groot were hovered over and was told to drop his weapon. In a minor inconvenience, Rocket dropped his weapon in dissatisfaction and was arrested under the agency of the Nova Corps. [ 1 ]

Held in the Kyln

“I have no words for an honorless thief.”
“Pretty high and mighty coming from the lackey of a genocidal maniac. Yeah, I know who you are. Anyone who’s anyone knows who you are.”
―Gamora and Rocket Raccoon

once they all arrived in their keep cells, Rocket and the others were forced into a line up by the Nova Corps where all of their own criminal histories were presented for Garthan Saal by Rhomann Dey. Frustrated by his have with the intergalactic law, Rocket began to growl while crossing his arms and skewer on the ground .
The group were all sent to the Kyln by Saal to begin their prison term, where they all arrived together and continued their disagreements. After bragging about escaping twenty two prisons and telling Peter Quill that he was golden he was arrested, Rocket was told about being comparable by a normal Raccoon, in which he questioned Quill about it before telling him their is nobody like him. With Quill questioning what Gamora had planned for the Orb, Rocket listened to her plans on betraying Ronan the Accuser and selling the Orb to person else .
As Groot kept talking, Quill wondered why he could only say three words repeatedly, Rocket explained that Groot does n’t speak well enough as the people like him and Quill, as his vocabulary is restricted to I, am, and Groot. Once Quill spotted one of the guards using his own Walkman and promptly stepped through the doorway into the guard ‘s quarters in ordain to ensure it, Rocket watched as the situation escalated with Quill being electrocuted .
rocket and all the others were then processed by the Nova Corps as he was stripped down and washed, abusing him. soon finding himself escorted into a prison cell with Quill, Rocket was given his prison uniform and began dressing up, unwittingly having Quill looking behind his back with his cybernetic implants being shown off. rocket and the other members of the group had finished being processed and stepped into the prison intensify .
As Rocket and the group walked inside the compound, he told Quill that the prison guards are hera to stop prisoners from getting out and do not care for what they ‘re doing inside their cells. As Quill found himself a target in the prison when a monstrous Inmate attempted to start a crusade, Groot saved him from by defeating him as Rocket claimed that Quill was their loot and no one else was to go near them or else their go through them .
Rocket went to sleep in the group quarters while Quill was concerned for Gamora ‘s personal cellular telephone where the prisoners were. With Quill overhearing Gamora being abducted by one of the guards adenine well as some of the other prisoners, Rocket woke up and asked where Quill was going before he escaped from his cell. Rocket followed Quill up until Drax the Destroyer stopped to kill Gamora and Quill intervened, persuading him to kill Ronan the Accuser alternatively .
As Quill left the room and told Gamora that she knows where to sell the Orb, Rocket joined in and confirmed that the group will finally get out of Klyn, despite wanting Quill as his bounty. Gamora confessed subsequently that the Orb was priced by her buyer for four billion Credits and offered to split the profits, and Rocket agreed to formulate a plan to break the four from the prison. [ 1 ]

elude from Kyln

“I got one plan and that plan requires a fricking Quarnyx Battery, so figure it out!”
―Rocket Raccoon

The next day, Rocket came up with a plan to break Peter Quill, Gamora, and Groot out of the Kyln, as a team they would collect a prisoner ‘s prosthetic peg and one of the guards ‘ control devices attached to their arms in order to hack into the security column. Rocket further explained that a Quarnyx Battery can help him escape and remove the prison ‘s emergency lockdown .
Gamora then questioned Rocket of how they should get any supplies, in which he noted that some inmates find her attractive so possibly she could come up with some kind of trade. Quill then expressed his fear that the design would be impossible to pull off, but Rocket angrily insisted that they should figure it out. As Rocket explained the design again, the operation went askew when Groot completed the concluding step inaugural, setting off the alarms and causing him to be frustrated .
As Quill and Gamora retrieved the items needed, Rocket was berated by Kyln Hoverbots that were fired at Groot, causing chaos. As Rocket yelled at Groot ‘s mistake for alarming the guards, Drax fought the guards that attempted to fire at him and Groot. once Drax came to their help and tossed one of the guards ‘ weapons, Rocket began to shoot the Kyln Hoverbots with great pleasure, while laughing maniacally. once Gamora gathered the green wire that was required for the break, Rocket caught the item and told Groot move over to the watchtower .
As Rocket continued his part of the plan until he was finally fix for all of the others to regroup with him, Rocket climbed up onto Groot ‘s roots in regulate to get into the security column. Once the group got into the watchtower and locked the door behind them, Rocket was given a prisoner ‘s leg, in which he then revealed that stealing the leg was merely a antic, annoying Quill due to the money he had spent to get it. The group was soon found by a guard, who had gathered his team as they attempt to shoot the watchtower while Rocket worked .
Rocket then initiated his plan by switching off the prison ‘s artificial gravity and took control of the Kyln Hoverbots, and used these Hoverbots to propel the watchtower room from the cellblock and into the prison ‘s docking bay. now safely out of the direction of the Nova Corps, Rocket gathered his clothing while the others prepared to escape into deep distance onboard the Milano. Quill then went off to collect his Walkman and gave Gamora his pocket, claiming it contained the Orb .
As the group retrieved their effects, Rocket parked the Milano and stayed behind and ordered the others to take his ship out into space while Quill retrieved his Walkman, a lot to the group ‘s annoyance. Rocket grew impatient and asked Gamora if she had the Orb, but was discovered to be nothing. a soon as Rocket and Drax noticed Star-Lord arrive, he and the group let him in the ship to give back the Orb. [ 1 ]

Gathering Materials

“No one’s blowing up moons.”
“You just wanna suck the joy out of everything.”
―Gamora and Rocket Raccoon

On the Milano, Rocket began pulling apart bits of his ship to build weapons, including the Hadron Enforcer. Peter Quill then found Rocket ‘s actions and was furiously telling him to stop. Once Quill noted that he did not want any bombs or lunar month destroying weapons on his ship, Rocket suggested putting the turkey in a box and even tried to use the box of Meredith Quill ‘s present to Quill, to which he insisted to not touch it .
a soon as Quill had a talk to the group about where to sell the Orb, leading to an argument between Drax the Destroyer and Gamora in which Quill was forced to break up as he insisted that cipher kill anyone onboard his embark. once Quill stated that the group needed to trust each other if they were actually going to start working as a team and Gamora showed little interest in having anything to do with any of them, Rocket listened to Quill ‘s title about his embark ‘s filthy history, a lot to his dismissal. [ 1 ]

Meeting the collector

“Blah, blah, blah. We’re all very fascinated, whitey, but we’d like to get paid!”
―Rocket Raccoon to Taneleer Tivan

While piloting the Milano, Rocket informed the group that they were headed to inbound. As Rocket had piloted forward, Rocket was told by Gamora that they ‘re now arriving on Knowhere, a distant mine frontier settlement in space that was built in the colossus severed-head of a Celestial .
As the group explored Knowhere, Rocket listened to Gamora ‘s explanation of her reasoning of picking this particular localization as the home to sell resources. Rocket then questioned Gamora if the Boot of Jemiah is where they would wait for the Orb ‘s buyer to summon them. Accepting the venue, Rocket, Drax, and Groot playfully gambled on creatures lives while there while Gamora and Peter Quill conversed just outside .
As Rocket had a friendly toast with each other, he soon became toast enough that he started to pick a battle with Drax for his aweless personality, which soon escalated into involving Groot in the fight. Intoxicated, a distraught Rocket accused Gamora and Drax of mocking him and seeing him as a monster, threatening to kill the others. Quill intervened before any damage was done and told Rocket put up with one night before he could be rich, but the outburst had caused Drax to leave .
While the group let Drax walk away, they were then greeted by Carina who finally invited them into the Collector ‘s Museum, in which it was housed by several species and items in cages. While Taneleer Tivan summoned them to his museum ; Rocket and a astronaut frank, Cosmo, snarled at each other as they passed. Tivan found himself matter to in Groot, and asked for permission in displaying his cadaver as an parade, while besides referring to Rocket as Groot ‘s pet, which about caused another outburst .
After formalities were over, Tivan revealed what was inside the Orb : the Power Stone, one of the Infinity Stones, a powerful elemental objects created by the Big Bang ; therefore powerful that lone the most powerful of beings were able to wield it, tied if the charge of the ability was separated among multiple people. Rocket was unimpressed by the explanation of the Stone ‘s power and demanded that Tivan pay them .
As Tivan was withdrawing the money to pay the Guardians, his enduring adjunct Carina, seeing a way to end her misery under Tivan ‘s dominance, grabbed the Power Stone and shouting about how she will no long be Tivan ‘s slave. The consequence was a knock-down explosion that disintegrated her and destroyed Tivan ‘s entire museum. Groot managed to pick up and rush Rocket outside before the ensuing purple fireball could harm them, while Quill and Gamora barely survived by hiding from the savage and Tivan escaped with merely an hurt frontal bone. [ 1 ]

“We’re wanted by the Nova Corps! Just give it to Ronan!”
“So he can destroy the galaxy?”
“What are you, some saint all of a sudden? What has the galaxy ever done for you? Why would you wanna save it?”
―Rocket Raccoon and Peter Quill

Escaping away from the power that the Orb had carried, Rocket noticed Gamora had caught it, causing him to be frightened by the detail inside it. As Gamora told the group that they should give the Power Stone over to the Nova Corps, Rocket objected her decisiveness and suggested giving the Power Stone to Ronan the Accuser ; however, Star-Lord abandoned the idea. Rocket asked why he chose to protect the Galaxy, only to be responded by Quill that he chose to protect the Galaxy for inhabitance .
Before they could continue arguing, Ronan and Nebula arrived with their entire army of Sakaarans behind them. Having learned that Drax the Destroyer had called his enemy for a luck to kill him to avenge his syndicate. The group then noticed the Yondu Ravager Clan appeared, with the former having been called here by a revengeful Drax. Rocket and Gamora attempted to fight off Ronan ‘s forces using Mining Pods while Drax tried to fight Ronan and Groot stayed behind. Rocket managed to use his Mining Pod ‘s lastingness to his advantage by crashing through Ronan ‘s Necrocrafts .
Pursued by her sister Nebula and respective early Necrocrafts, Gamora attempted to flee into open distance, but her pod malfunctioned due to its inability to function outside of Knowhere and was promptly destroyed by Nebula. Once Nebula destroyed Gamora ‘s Pod and retrieved the Orb, Rocket and Quill caught up with her unconscious body. As they watched from afar, as their Mining Pods did not have the baron to get closer, Rocket sadly informed Quill that Gamora would not survive and to go back into Knowhere .
once Rocket recommended they turn back before they got trapped, Quill announced his coordinates to the Ravagers in arrange to reveal his placement and exited his mining Pod. Just as Star-Lord proceeded to exit his pod and flew through deep space to reach Gamora, Rocket protested that he would not be able to survive in the extreme conditions of deep space, but Quill placed his helmet onto her, causing him to leave before they were rescued by the Ravagers .
rocket returned to Knowhere, angered at Drax for allowing Gamora and Quill to be captured and Ronan to retrieve the Infinity Stone. once Drax accepted his mistake by being overtaken by his vengeance of his family, Rocket insensitively mocked Drax ‘s class ‘s death, telling him that it is no excuse for his actions. Wanting to leave Drax behind, Rocket told Groot that they should leave while they can to the farthest parts of the galaxy and possibly live in peace before Ronan finds them. however, Groot offered to aid Quill and Gamora with Drax wanting aid, causing Rocket to angrily kick a patch of eatage in reception .
Rocket then confronted the Ravagers in the Milano, gaining their attention by harmlessly firing upon the Eclector, and used a voice amplifying microphone, threatening to do greater damage. Rocket then ordered the criminal to release Quill and Gamora while Drax aimed a Hadron Enforcer at them. The latent hostility was resolved when Quill announced that they were fine and had temporarily resolved their conflict with the Ravagers. [ 1 ]

Accepting the mission

“Aw, what the hell, I don’t get that long a lifespan anyway. Now I’m standing. You all happy? We’re all standing up now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle.”
―Rocket Raccoon

As the group had reunited inside the Milano, reviewed holocene events and decided that it was astir to them to prevent Ronan the Accuser from destroying Xandar with his Infinity Stone, Rocket was doubtful that they would succeed, upon hearing that Quill ‘s plan for stopping Ronan was rob him despite the risk. Star-Lord berated Rocket for about blowing him and Gamora inside the Eclector after giving the Yondu Ravager Clan a count of five .
Listening to Quill ‘s bombast, Rocket tells Quill that he did n’t think about the consequence of his plan, blaming what will happen if he became altruistic yet never giving the clock time to be thanked, having Groot agreeing with him. Gamora then tells the group that they ‘ll have the Ravagers ‘ help to save Xandar. however, Rocket rebuttal her title that it they ‘ll just give the Stone to Yondu Udonta so he could sell to somebody even worse .
once Quill tells that they figure something out with Udonta and the Stone, Rocket listened to Gamora ‘s about stopping Ronan with Quill telling him that has a design. Rocket questions if Quill has a plan in which he tells him that he has separate of a design, giving Rocket less hope. As the group had continued discussing a plan, Rocket asked Quill about what percentage, in which he expressed twelve percentage. Rocket laughed hysterically at Quill, making sarcastic remarks along with it .
As Groot told Rocket that the plan is higher than eleven percentage, he angrily questions on Groot ‘s think. Quill then tells the team that they know they had lost many things in their life but now it is the prison term give a stool about the people in the galaxy. Rocket tells Quill that what they ‘re doing to stop Ronan is impossible lone for the group to come along and agree to fight along side each other. Being dumbfounded on how they would die fighting for the galaxy, Rocket had no choice but stand up, admitting that he does n’t have a long life .
As the group had then proceeded to stand together, Rocket tells that team is standing in a lap like a bunch of jackasses. Rocket then got his weapons quick and disposed for struggle, including his Laser Cannon. With the whole team onboard with each other, Rocket joined them in a cable and promptly adjust to himself before meeting up with the Ravagers with the plan in-store for them. As Ravagers had huddled up, Rocket and the pillow of his team were equipped with bantam capsules in case of the Power Stone has been released .
With the Yondu Ravager Clan, the group outlined a plan to prevent Ronan from destroying Xandar ; they would contact the Nova Corps and convince them to aid them, Quill and Yondu Udonta would enter Ronan ‘s ship, the Dark Aster, through a breach created by Rocket and Quill, and they would kill Ronan upon entering his chambers. Rocket attempted to get Vorker ‘s cybernetic eye removed as separate of the plan, but was cursorily denied by Quill, much to his deep denial by covering up his laughter afterwards. Rocket then went over to pilot the Warbird for parody. [ 1 ]

Protecting Xandar

“Keep Ronan up there, Saal. We’ll take care of the people down here.”
“I can’t believe I’m taking orders from a hamster.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Garthan Saal

As the plan had settled in, Yondu Udonta sends multiple M-Ships through a transgress, along with Rocket and his team flying into Xandar. As the Dark Aster began to fly into Xandar ‘s atmosphere, Udonta ordered his kin to fire at it and tells remainder of the team to submerge under Ronan the Accuser ‘s ship .
With a few Ravagers by his side, Rocket began firing at the side of the Dark Aster, Kraglin Obfonteri had started to do massive damage, making a trap on the transport. Rocket ordered Star-Lord and Udonta to come forward to his location ; however, due to being hit by Ronan ‘s ships, Udonta had to abandon the deputation. As Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, and Groot fight off Ronan ‘s army with aid of the Nova Corps, they enter the through the fix of Ronan ‘s ship .
With Quill, Gamora, Drax, and Groot inside the Dark Aster, Rocket aided the Nova Corps and Ravagers in preventing Necrocraft from attacking Xandar. Once the Nova Corps had formed a obstruct to prevent the Dark Aster from going any far, Rocket started to fire at multiple Sakaarans attacking Xandar and told Garthan Saal that he would take worry of the situation. As Ronan ‘s united states army grew larger, Rocket and the rest of the Ravagers submerged toss off and destroyed the many incoming ships .
precisely as Ronan decided to destroy the obstruct with the Power Stone, Rocket witnessed the attack and told Quill to hurry up on heading towards Ronan after having the civilians evacuated but started to lose the battle. In despair, Rocket crashed the Milano into the new hole in the Dark Aster, hard damaging both his and Ronan ‘s ships and knocking himself unconscious. [ 1 ]

Losing a friend

“No, Groot. You can’t, you’ll die. Why are you doing this? Why?”
We are Groot.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Groot

once the price from both Ronan the Accuser ‘s practice of the Infinity Stone and Rocket ‘s crash caused the Dark Aster to begin falling towards the city below, Rocket was seen by Star-Lord and was picked up to meet with rest of the team. As the ship began crumbling down, Groot had the estimate of creating a sphere of branches around his team .
Seeing what was about to happen, Rocket woke up from getting knocked out and see Groot creating a celestial sphere of branches around him. As the spores had lit up the board, Rocket realized what Groot was doing and tearfully begged Groot to reconsider, however, Groot gently wiped a tear from his friend ‘s eye before telling him “ We are Groot ” moments before the ship crashed to the footing. [ 1 ]

Killing Ronan the Accuser

“You killed Groot!”
―Rocket Raccoon to Ronan the Accuser

once the Dark Aster had crashed onto Xandar, Rocket and the others survived, but Groot perished in the crash. A devastate Rocket managed to recover a twig from Groot ‘s remains, recalling of what he had said about telling him that he was an idiot. however, Ronan the Accuser besides survived the crash, and as he emerged from the fallen vessel Rocket flew into a rage and charged at Ronan but was easily swatted away .
As Star-Lord distracted Ronan ‘s speech on how he will destroy Xandar, by singing and dancing to O-o-h Child, Rocket quickly repaired the Hadron Enforcer as Drax the Destroyer went along with behind Ronan ‘s back. As Ronan became furiously caprice by Quill ‘s dance, Rocket began to blast the purple Infinity Stone out of Ronan ‘s Cosmi-Rod before Quill told that he was trying to distract him .
Quill quickly grabbed the Power Stone, resulting in all its department of energy coursing through his torso, lento killing him. As Quill was slowly disintegrated by the Infinity Stone ‘s world power, Gamora, Drax, and Rocket linked hands to share the load. As they reversed the Stone ‘s power, the team successfully channeled the Power Stone ‘s energy. Quill then opened his hand, releasing some of the Power Stone ‘s energy, killing Ronan. Gamora then sealed the Power Stone in a containment ball, freeing them of its deadly power .
Quill relinquished the fresh Orb to Yondu Udonta, though in world, he switched containers. Rocket then sat alone on a rock, clutching some of Groot ‘s remaining twigs and sobbing bitterly over his best ally ‘s end. Drax approached Rocket and lightly pet him between the ears, surprising him and causing him to slightly wince, as he was used to others acting violent towards him and bringing him pain, but was comforted. [ 1 ]

defender of the Galaxy

Joining the team

“Question: What if I see something that I wanna take and it belongs to someone else?”
“Then you will be arrested.”
“But what if I want it more than the person who has it?”
―Rocket Raccoon and Rhomann Dey

In the aftermath of the Battle of Xandar, the newly formed Guardians of the Galaxy discovered that Peter Quill was not fully human, as his founder was a member of an ancient alien species, frankincense giving a possible explanation to why Quill managed to hold an Infinity Stone. Rocket had placed the musical composition of Groot in a plant toilet, from which an offspring began to sprout .
With his and the others ‘ condemnable records expunged, Rocket joined all the Guardians as they were led outside by Irani Rael to find that as a give for defeating Ronan the Accuser, the Milano had just been repaired. Rocket then lamented that Rhomann Dey had informed him and the other that they could no long steal anything or they would all be immediately arrested. Rocket tried to question what he could get away with but found fiddling satisfaction from this .
now onboard the embark, Rocket strapped himself in the seat and then nodded towards Drax the Destroyer before noticing that Baby Groot was ultimately waking up. As they all prepared to leave, Quill and Gamora discussed what they should do future, agreeing that they should aim to do a bit of well and bad. They then left Xandar to continue their work as the Guardians of the Galaxy, seeking new employment wherever they could. [ 1 ]

Hired by the Sovereign

“I’m finishing this so we can listen to tunes while we work.”
“How is that a priority?”
“Blame Quill! He’s the one loves music so much!”
―Rocket Raccoon and Drax the Destroyer

After a couple of months of being in a team, the Guardians of the Galaxy became well known across the galaxy. The team traveled to Sovereign, where the Sovereign hired the Guardians to take down the Abilisk that was eating their batteries. When the Guardians arrived on the satellite, Rocket and the team search for the Abilsk with Star-Lord ‘s Inter-Dimensional Tracker .
While Gamora asks Drax the Destroyer about not wearing one of the Aero-Rigs, Rocket listened on about Drax ‘s uncomfortable to wear it due to his sensitive nipples, causing him joke and mock Drax for it. Being asked to what he ‘s doing from Drax, Rocket noted that he was setting up a speaker system so they could listen to music as they battled, in which Drax told him how that was insignificant, causing him to blame it on Quill .
Despite of Quill ‘s regards on the humbleness of music in battle, Rocket insists that he was being sarcastic. After being exposed for lying and failing at sarcasm, Rocket noticed Groot beating up one of the creatures out of cattiness of them looking at him fishy, to which Rocket had to clarify that it was n’t the shell. The Abilisk then arrived from Inter-Dimensional Portal, much to Rocket ‘s sandbag observation. As the Abilsk had settled in the platform, the Guardians began to fire at it while Groot danced to music .
As Rocket began to fire at the Abilsk with Gamora by his side, the Guardians began to have troubles with fighting it while besides giving warnings to Groot to get out of the way before he gets hurt. Rocket then noticed Groot trying to eat a vanish, he began to tell him to spit it out, knocking him at the pass and leaving at in disgust as he left Groot on his own. While Groot was off riding a creature on its second, Rocket began firing at the Abilisk with little progress .
once Drax had entered the Abilisk mouthpiece, Star-Lord tells Rocket to get it to look up so that Gamora could kill it from the neck up. Rocket began firing at the Abilisk before it became angry enough to burp up bubbles from his mouth, causing a minor malfunction his firearm. While Rocket was even shooting at the Abilisk and Star-Lord was grabbed by it, Gamora then observed its neck and began cutting its neck with her Godslayer to murder the Abilisk for effective .
After having Drax evasion from the Abilisk ‘s insides and looked questionably upon him, the Guardians settled down from the heedless battle as Quill explained to Drax about the Anulax Batteries and how they are worth thousands of Units a man in which is the cause why the Sovereign needed the team to protect them while warning them about the Sovereign people. Despite of Quill ‘s specific orders, Rocket stole a few of the Anulax Batteries .
The Guardians then talked to Ayesha and were welcomed by her gratitude for there righteousness to defeat the Abilisk alternatively of risking her own people. Gamora then requested to release Nebula for her captivity and be handed over to them as payment. When Ayesha talked about Quill ‘s church father, Rocket told her that he heard the Sovereign were conceited douchebags but told them it was n’t true at all before sarcastically winking at Quill. As the Sovereign became aggressive, the team left the planet before revealing to Drax that he stole Anulax Batteries. [ 2 ]

“What were you thinking?”
“Dude, they were really easy to steal.”
“That’s your defense?”
“Come on, you saw how that high priestess was talking down to us. Now I’m teaching her a lesson.”
―Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora

As the Guardians left Sovereign and flew away into with the Milano, Rocket tells the team that they ‘ll have to get Nebula back to Xandar and collect that bounty. As Rocket piloted the ship while playing Lake Shore Drive, the team imprison Nebula below the transport .
The Guardians were promptly followed by the Sovereign evanesce, who were angered with Rocket for stealing their Anulax Batteries. As Gamora had questioned the team on why the Sovereign had followed them, Drax the Destroyer by chance revealed to them that Rocket had stolen their batteries, much to Rocket ‘s anger of being caught. As the Sovereign began to fire at them, the team maneuvered around the field of space to escape the incoming lasers .
As the team began to avoid the Sovereign fleet, Star-Lord angrily questioned Rocket on what was he thinking on stealing from the Sovereign, to which Rocket told him that they were slowly to steal their possessions, causing Gamora to become angered with his petit larceny excuse. Rocket defends his decision by telling the team that the High Priestess Ayesha had talked down to the team and now he is teaching them a example .
While Star-Lord was talking to Rocket about his actions were in effective intentions, he took it as an agreement, only for Star-Lord to tell him that he was being sarcastic, much to Rocket ‘s frustration. Once the argument had been put into placed, the team discovered more autonomous spaceships incoming, as Rocket began to be in the temper to kill them and started to shout at the top of his lungs while firing them one by one within shooting range .
Despite on attacking the Sovereign fleet with ask to kill, Rocket was informed by Gamora that the Sovereign ‘s ships were remotely piloted. To escape from the Sovereign fleet, Star-Lord asked Gamora where is the nearest habitable planet, as she noted that it was Berhert and in order to fly to towards the jump item is to fly through an asteroid field. As Star-Lord and Rocket flew through the asteroid field, Drax told Quill that this skill requires to be the greatest fender in the population, both pilots told Drax that they were the best simultaneously .
As Rocket began to change the piloting positions in ordering to maneuver around the asteroid field a quickly as possible, he then asked Quill what was he doing switching to pilot the ship, noting to him that he has been piloting the Milano since he was ten-spot years previous. Rocket began to argue with Quill that he was cybernetically engineered to pilot a spacecraft, escalating into shouting insults at each other .
As Gamora tried to tell the co-pilots to stop bicker, Rocket threatened to put a crap inside Quill ‘s case, causing Quill to promise him to be in full shaved, to which Rocket noted that wo n’t be his crap but Drax ‘s. As the bicker started to continue by switching each flight situation, the ship was damaged from an asteroid that had caused a hole in a embark. As the ship recovered for full strangle, Rocket still began to insult Quill ‘s navigation skill .
once Rocket was hit by and object from Gamora, he was told that a Sovereign craft is behind them. As the particular Sovereign craft tried to attack the Milano, Drax began to reached down the copilot compartment and used one of the Holographic Space Suits to destroy one of the Sovereign spacecrafts that was piloted by Zylak. once out of the asteroid field, more sovereign fleets approached from both sides of the team, causing them to fall under heavy attacks .
As the team was under attack and had no way of defending themselves bet on, they were suddenly rescued by an unknown ship that destroyed the entire fleet within seconds. As Gamora told the group that they ‘re near to a alternate point, Rocket noticed a ship fly past with a world riding on top of it, causing him to question what it was, before knowing it was a guy. Once the team had ultimately reached to Berhert, the transport was badly damaged, causing it to crash. [ 2 ]

Ravanger Conflict

Getting Put In charge

“I hope Daddy isn’t as big of a dick as you, orphan boy.”
“What is your goal here? To get everybody to hate you? Because it’s working.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Star-Lord

After crashing on Berhert, the Guardians began to argue about the end of the Milano. Gamora angrily shouted at Rocket and Star-Lord for their actions on who should dominantly pilot the embark. With Gamora putting her half of the blame towards Quill ‘s arrogance, Quill put the blasted on Rocket stealing Anulax Batteries .
once Rocket decided to speak for himself, he foully told Quill that he stole the batteries because he wanted to, much to Quill ‘s anger, and restfully called him a dick. As Rocket began to rant about their position, he noted that he saw a man that effortlessly destroyed an stallion Sovereign fleet, using an inaccurate measurement of him. When Quill told Rocket that his affirmation of his eyesight does n’t work, he furiously told Quill not to call him a raccoon, merely to get insulted again .
As Rocket became bitter towards Quill ‘s insults, Nebula warns the team that incoming transport had followed them to Berhert. When the claim like strange transport that saved them from the Sovereign was about to approach the team, Rocket then started to prepare for an attack by equipping himself a blaster rifle, as the unknown transport became closer to the area. Once the unknown ship had landed with the Guardians properly prepared for battle, they were greeted by a world named Ego and his servant named Mantis. Ego then revealed to Quill and the remainder of his team that he the founder of Quill .
At the night of which the Guardians were informed of Ego ‘s announcement, they learned more about where he has been for all of Quill ‘s life, having to give Quill up to Yondu Udonta in order to return to him only for Quill to be kept under the hands of him. As Quill told the argue of his custody for Udonta, Drax the Destroyer told Quill that he thought Udonta was his blood proportional, having Rocket explained to Drax that one of them was amobarbital sodium .
While Ego told Quill that he wanted to be the father he was meant to be, Ego invited the team to his planet and went away from the campfire to urinate before calling Rocket a triangled-face putter. When Mantis and Drax began to talk to each other about their social interactions, Rocket took the time to lick his hands, leading to Drax tricking Mantis into petting him, about causing him to bite her hand .
As the following morning had passed, Gamora, Quill, and Drax decided to leave Berhert to go to Ego ‘s planet. rocket was told by Gamora to keep an center on Nebula while repairing the Milano with an Nanobot Welder. While repairing the ship, Rocket told Quill that he hopes his father is n’t big of a dick as him. After Quill questioned his batch of getting people to hate him and working at it, Rocket witnesses the group leaving the planet before getting into Ego ‘s ship .

“Hey there, rat!”
“How’s it goin’, you blue idiot?”
―Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon

Having the Yondu Ravager Clan being hired by the Sovereign to hunt the Guardians and managed to track them down in Berhert, where Rocket was presently inhabited from, he prepared on setting traps for any incoming threats. Rocket then settled back on top of one of the trees while setting up loudspeakers of some of Star-Lord ‘s music .
once the Yondu Ravager Clan had started to come closer to the destroyed Milano, Rocket sat in a corner humming to Southern Nights on a speaker to lead the Ravagers to the transport only for Halfnut and early Ravagers fell into a trap, having multiple discharged needles that quickly injected them, knocking them out immediately. Making make noise from the eminent treetops, Rocket was noticed by one of the Ravagers and avoided the many ammunition that fired upon him .
As the Ravagers still fired him with their firearms, Rocket used his especial device that turns on the anti-gravity mines, sending multiple Ravagers up in the air from each direction they came from and doing it repeatedly with each clitoris input signal. Rocket finally move complete to a group of Ravagers in a individual file line and planted electric disks on each one of their heads. once Rocket was done setting up the device implants on the Ravagers, Rocket then presses the button to activate the device that would electrocute them simultaneously, as they painfully scream from their death .
As Rocket settled down in the grind, he was approached by Brahl and another Ravager, telling him that he was n’t thus ruffianly without his gadgets. Rocket took this advantage by attacking Brahl and punched him in his throat, while the early Ravager incidentally fired at Brahl. Rocket backflipped onto the Ravager and defeated him by punching his side multiple times, merely to be overcome by the respite of the Ravagers, including Yondu Udonta and his Yaka Arrow .
While being surrounded by many Ravagers with the threat of Udonta ‘s arrow, Rocket greeted Udonta and was informed that Ayesha had approached him with a deal to get paid by sending the Guardians to her people and kill them. Udonta noted that he tracked Rocket and his with his tracer and planted on the Milano during the Battle of Xandar. Worried for Groot ‘s safety, Rocket decides to give his word out for Udonta to not hurt Groot and would tell him where the Anulax Batteries are .
fortunately for Rocket ‘s position, Udonta decides to not keep his discussion for Ayesha and steal the batteries for himself in order to sell them for a quarter-million Units. Just as half of the Ravagers had a massive disagreement with Udonta ‘s decision, they drew their guns at each other, and Udonta prepared to whistle his Yaka arrow ; as they continued to yell while holding their weapons closer. Rocket tried to withhold the entire Ravager kin as they kept yelling at each other, distracting their attention for one another .
rocket then used the time for the Ravagers ‘ attention and told them there must be some kind of peaceful resoluteness to their disagreement, lone to backtrack his idea and suggest that he stands away from the dispute. Before any violence had been put into display, Nebula, who was released by Groot, knocked out Udonta by shooting off his Yaka Arrow Controller with a blaster and then guess Rocket, leaving him knocked out from his inevitable imprisonment. [ 2 ]

Taserface ‘s Mutiny

“What was your second choice, Scrotum Hat?”
“New plan. We’re killing you first.”
“Well, dying is certainly better than having to live an entire life as a moronic shitbag who thinks Taserface is a cool name.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Taserface

After getting knocked from being shocked by a electric blaster, Rocket, Groot, and Yondu Udonta were taken to the Eclector where Ravagers who sided with Udonta were being executed. once Rocket recollect his conscious while being tied up, he witnessed Tullk and Oblo, who were forcefully sent into space and Taserface declares his leadership, much to his laughter .
When Taserface noticed Rocket was laughing out loudly at the announcement of the newly leadership of their Ravager kin, Rocket questioned Taserface about his name, learning he only chose it because he thought it sounded intimidating ; only to be far questioned, resulting on having Taserface ‘s allies started to lose sum laughter and replace it with some confusion. While Taserface tried to torture Udonta, Rocket still snickered at Taserface ‘s name, much to aggravation .
Taserface then questioned Rocket on what he was laughing at, to which Rocket responded that he thinks Taserface made up his name in order to sound cool. Further angering Taserface, Rocket guessed Taserface ‘s moment choice of his name by calling him scrotum hat, making the entire gang laugh. immediately threatened by Taserface, Rocket makes playfulness of him, calling Taserface a moronic shitbag who thinks his name was cool, before Nebula tells them enough .
As Nebula insisted to pass the group over to the Kree, who would be wanting retribution for Ronan the Accuser ‘s death, the Ravagers decided to leave Rocket and Udonta inside of a cell where Rocket continued to insult Taserface for his name. Speaking out against Udonta ‘s employees, Rocket sat down had a talk with Udonta, resulting into having them parcel stories of their by. rocket listened to Udonta about he was Kree conflict slave and Stakar Ogord took him in as share of his Ravager Clan but was excessively young and greedy that he departed from them .
Udonta then informed Rocket of the reason for his exile due to child traffic, but despite of sharing their feelings, Rocket tells him that they need to find a way to get out of the transport. When Udonta asked of Star-Lord ‘s whereabouts, Rocket noted that Quill was with Ego ; before he insulted Udonta ‘s tooth. Rocket then questioned Udonta for why he did n’t give Quill to Ego, to which he responded that he was skinny and used him for thieving, leading into an escape plan. [ 2 ]

“Where’s Quill?”
“He went off with his old man.”
“Yeah, it’s a day for dumbass names.”
―Yondu Udonta and Rocket Raccoon

When Groot walked past the two in the cell after getting tick and drenched by the remaining Ravagers, Yondu Udonta called him over and instructed him to retrieve his Yaka Arrow Controller, instructing him to find in one of his drawers. Groot, happily excited to escape with his allies, went off to do was he thought Udonta wanted, much to Rocket ‘s doubt .
Groot went to retrieve Udonta ‘s underwear and showed them to the pair. Udonta again told Groot to find his prototype fin but still misunderstood him by bringing in an Orloni. With Udonta asking Rocket to instruct Groot, he attempted to explain where to get the item but Groot brought Vorker ‘s eye, making him laugh at the prospect of leaving out the eye. As they tell Groot where to find the fin, he begins to bring faulty items, such as a desk and a flick .
When Udonta gave him a Ravagers badge to help him locate the control, Groot mistook it for Udonta wanting him to wear it as a hat, which Rocket translated to him that Groot was relieved to not where it as hat since he hates hats because he sometimes mistakes that they are separate of person ‘s head, much to his storm. With Udonta having bring them into focus, they told Groot where to find the prototype fin, only to be brought by Kraglin Obfonteri who felt blue for Udonta and wanted help him for the murder of his friends .
once Obfonteri brought the restrainer to the two and went to go disconnect the third Quadrant, Rocket told Obfonteri to turn on some of Star-Lord ‘s music to alert the other Ravagers. When Obfonteri turned the music on, the two Ravagers were on the spur of the moment curious and approached the cell where Rocket was attaching the Yaka Arrow Controller onto Udonta ‘s head. Udonta killed the two Ravagers but as they proceeded to exit the cell, Rocket took the two Ravagers weapons, much to his satisfaction .
The three proceeded to get out of the cell through mansion of the Eclector where Udonta eliminated all of the Ravagers with his Yaka Arrow before they could react to shooting at their prisoners. When the three make their way to the big post where the Ravagers were alerted, Udonta used his Yaka Arrow to kill the stay of them one by one, as they drop all the way to ground. Groot then attacked Retch and dropped him to the ground. Rocket then met Groot on his shoulder once he killed Retch with no compunction .
They finally made their way to the operate room where Udonta noticed security system camera footage of where to find entrance Ravagers and began to kill them one by one. Rocket then began to look up one of television camera footage and noticed one of the Ravagers and shot him through the doorway. Having playfulness with killing the stay of the Ravagers, Rocket fritter at the walls with Udonta, as they laugh together at this moment. While Rocket continued firing at the Ravagers, Udonta spotted Taserface and summoned his Yaka Arrow and ignite it at him .
once Taserface spotted the Yaka Arrow and dodged it, causing it to hit the ship and blow up some of the open, Rocket called Udonta a maniacal believe that he had doomed their chances of escape, but Udonta told him that Obfonteri will release the Quadrant for their escape. Udonta then led them to the Quadrant which Obfonteri was detaching from the rest of the Eclector. The three then joined Obfonteri in the Quadrant and departed from the Eclector as it blew up .
As they flew away, unaware of Taserface ‘s short survival and informing the Sovereign of their placement, Rocket told Obfonteri that he ‘ll set the Quadrant to make the jump to Ego ; however, Udonta told him that should n’t have done that. unaware that it required seven hundred jumps, Rocket was told by Udonta that he ca n’t jump into another location for less than fifty jumps at a prison term, despite of Rocket knowing that. [ 2 ]

Confronted by Yondu

“I know you steal batteries you don’t need and you push away anyone who’s willing to put up with you, because just a little bit of love reminds you of how big and empty that hole inside you actually is.”
―Yondu Udonta to Rocket Raccoon

Despite of Yondu Udonta ‘s warnings of going foster many jump points for health reasons, the group began to suffer some disfigurements with each orifices of their bodies are starting come apart. Rocket and Groot started to scream loudly as they go to many alternate points to reach over to Ego .
After recovering from their defacement, Udonta questioned what was Rocket doing, to which he told Udonta that Ego was bad newsworthiness and needed to rescue Peter Quill. With Udonta questioning his motives for trying to save Quill, Rocket told him that it was n’t for love and merely wanted to save Quill to tell that he is better than him, much to Udonta ‘s laugh at Rocket ‘s true feelings. After Udonta laughed at Rocket ‘s face, he expressed that he knows who Rocket in truth is .
rocket then told Udonta that he does n’t know anything about him but Udonta went far into explaining that he knew why Rocket was so defensive toward his feelings. Udonta revealed that he knew who Rocket was knowing that a little bit of love would let him know how empty his heart is. As Rocket kept telling Udonta to shut up, he was told that he was alike to Udonta, resulting into him know their circumstances. rocket was then informed that they were going to fight a satellite, which made him hesitate from not understanding that planet was Ego. [ 2 ]

Saving His Friends

Rescuing Peter Quill

“She tried to murder me!”
“I saved you, you stupid fox!”
―Rocket Raccoon and Nebula

nowadays understanding that Ego is a planet and now has to fight against him to save his allies, Rocket walked over to a Laser Drill with Yondu Udonta, getting ready to battle along with this task. Gamora then contacted Rocket where he was, telling her where he was located and keep themselves close at true laurel .
Rocket, along with Udonta and Groot, took the Laser Drill and flew polish to Ego where they crashed veracious into his own palace, crushing his human mannequin and saving Peter Quill. Once Rocket ‘s team had finally united inside the Laser Drill, he expressed his sarcastic gratitude when Drax the Destroyer told them they could have been closely killed them all. Despite of Drax telling Rocket about having the site under control, Mantis told the group that Ego will return .
After learning that Nebula was accompanying them merely to hitch a ride off-world, Rocket told everyone how she attempted to murder him, to which she insisted that she saved his life, calling him a flim-flam. Groot, in an attempt to correct her, called Rocket a “ raboon, ” before changing it to the raccoon. The Guardians of the Galaxy proceeded to fly straight towards Ego ‘s congress of racial equality to destroy it before Ego ‘s expansion could destroy the universe as they know it .
As they flew down to Ego ‘s kernel, Rocket activated the embark ‘s laser system to drill through the coat so they could make their way inside. Rocket then asked if they were saving the galaxy again, thinking they could raise their prices if they ‘re two-time galax savers. Quill was annoyed by Rocket ‘s avarice, to which he defended was a random thought, claiming to care about the planets and buildings and animals on them ; Quill pointed out he left out the people who live on them vitamin a well, much to Rocket ‘s apathy. [ 2 ]

Destroying self

“The metal’s too thick. For the bomb to work, we’d actually need to place it on Ego’s core. And our fat butts ain’t gonna fit through those tiny holes.”
―Rocket Raccoon

When they Guardians arrived at the kernel of Ego ‘s center, they began to drill into it until Yondu Udonta was contacted by Kraglin Obfonteri about Ayesha ‘s arrival, only to be bombarded by a Sovereign fleet causing them to redirect their fuel to the fleet. While the Laser Drill was flying aside from the Sovereign, Rocket noticed that the generator was damaged .
With the generator damaged by the Sovereign, Rocket retrieved a detonator to use for a fail and tells the team that he can build it with the Anulax Batteries he stole to blow up the core. once Rocket was done explaining how to plant the bombard and setting the timer for it, he flew out of the ship with Star-Lord and Groot as they move towards the core where they noticed that they could n’t get to the center as it was besides small for them. They then realized that only Groot could fit through and plant the bomb, despite of Rocket ‘s impression on being a severe theme .
Being charge with Groot, Rocket explained to him how to activate the fail and which button to push. When Rocket tells Groot to repeat what he said, he observed Groot ‘s think of pushing the release that immediately blew the bomb calorimeter up. Rocket then tells Groot what button to press and repeat back what he said, lone to get it wrong again. angry at Groot ‘s learning capabilities, Rocket tells which button is supposed to press but Groot placid got it incorrect .
When Quill came to check on them, Rocket asked him if anybody had any magnetic tape so that he could put it over the death button. After Quill asked the team from respective locations on if they had any tape, Rocket was then told that cipher had any record, leading into an argumentation with Quill about having to do everything making him, unaware of Groot taking the turkey and running off with it, much to his discouragement. [ 2 ]

“How long until that bomb goes off?”
“In the unlikely event that Groot doesn’t kill us all, about six minutes.”
―Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon

Rocket then joined the pillow of the Guardians of the Galaxy as they all assembled together after destroying all of the Sovereign fleets. While Drax the Destroyer took Mantis binding to the Quadrant after being knocked out, the perch of the Guardians stayed on the planet and fought off Ego ‘s attacks while Groot planted the turkey .
The Guardians were separated leaving Rocket, Star-Lord, and Yondu Udonta to be confronted by Ego, attacking them with his energy tentacles. While the group began to fight against Ego ‘s tentacles, Rocket used a few of his weapons to destroy all of Ego ‘s tentacles including a bunch of miniskirt explosives when he was surrounded and then using a bubble shield to protect himself. once Rocket detonates Ego ‘s arms, he then equipped himself with a blaster rifle with a satisfying smile, entirely to be swept up by one of Ego ‘s incoming attacks .
finally, Ego apprehended all of the Guardians, including Rocket who was trapped under some debris, before he began firing at the many energy tentacles. With Quill ‘s urged to use his heart to entree the powers within him to fight Ego, Rocket and the Guardians was released from Ego ‘s clasp. While Quill fought Ego, Rocket went to retrieve Groot and tell him to get off of the planet before Groot successfully activated the fail. [ 2 ]

Leaving Yondu Behind

“No, I’m not leaving without him.”
“I’m sorry… I can only afford to lose one friend today.”
―Gamora and Rocket Raccoon

As they were approximately to depart Ego ‘s Planet with just moments left to spare, Rocket noticed Yondu Udonta, who was silent on the planet. Rocket flew towards him and told him that he has to get off the planet but Udonta told the to get to the Quadrant, before Rocket told Udonta that they ‘ll not go without him. With person needing to stay behind and rescue Peter Quill, Udonta told Rocket that he did not believe he had done anything good in his life .
Udonta then told Rocket to let him stay, much to Rocket ‘s aroused price. Rocket gave Udonta an Aero-Rig and a holographic Space Suit, which he lone had one of each. As he was about to leave, Rocket attempted to say something to Udonta until Groot spoke. Rocket translated to Udonta about welcoming him to the team. Rocket and Groot flew off of the planet and onto the Quadrant before he tells Groot to discuss his lyric .
Seeing Rocket return without Quill, Gamora asked where he was, but Rocket was unable to acknowledge being personally affected by Udonta ‘s sacrifice. Gamora then prepared to rescue Quill but was stopped by Rocket who knocked her out with his Laser Cannon as he could not afford to lose another friend. Rocket then ordered Kraglin Obfonteri to leave the planet. finally, they found Quill and a dead person Udonta in space and helped them up onboard. [ 2 ]

Yondu Udonta ‘s Funeral

“He didn’t chase them away.”
“Even though he yelled at them. He was always mean. And he stole batteries he didn’t need.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Peter Quill

After the Guardians retrieved Quill, they held a funeral for Yondu Udonta who sacrificed himself for him. Quill gave Udonta a encomium comparing him to David Hasselhoff, saying his peace with Udonta and how he became his pretty cool church father all along. As the funeral went silent, Rocket listened to Groot recalling his memory of being called a branchlet by Udonta, much to his agreement .
When the funeral was over Rocket sent out a message to the early Ravagers, telling them of Udonta ‘s actions and then repaired his Yaka Arrow, which he found break back on Ego. Rocket then witnessed the Ravagers arrived to give Udonta a funeral. As the Guardians watched the ships salute Udonta in traditional fashion, Rocket realized that Udonta did n’t chase them aside or steal batteries, which Quill realized he was talking about himself. [ 2 ]

Groot ‘s portrait

“A bomb did go off? What? How did you get… Hey! Don’t give me that look. Don’t think you’re getting out of this by being cute. Why are you handing me this? What is this? More trash? It better be a written apology. Let’s see this.”
―Rocket Raccoon to Groot

sometime by and by, Rocket woke up after hearing a little explosion within the Quadrant. He ran to where it went off, and believing Groot caused it, called out to him asking if he was all right or if he was dead. He found Groot in a room, that was presently on fire and wet. He then saw Drax ’ s soap bar and stated he had been looking for it. He then asked Groot what he had done, in which Groot handed him a paper .
Rocket put on his glasses and looked at it, thinking it was methamphetamine, and saw Groot had made an aesthetic drawing of the time when he saved the team during the Battle of Xandar. Rocket was touched and noted it should be framed and put on the refrigerator. As he questioned why a nibble of his buttocks fur was on the draw, a hole opened up below him, pulling him into space, but Groot used his vines to save him. sometime that year, the team obtained the Benatar, which they used interchangeably with the Quadrant. [ 9 ]

Distress Call

“Why are we doing this again?”
“It’s a distress signal, Rocket. Someone could be dying.”
“I get that, but why are we doing it?”
―Rocket and Gamora

In 2018, Rocket and the Guardians of the Galaxy, using the Benatar, traveled in space for the insurgency of a straiten predict sent out by the Asgardians. Rocket asked the team why are they ‘re answering the signal, in which Gamora told him that person needs saving .
mantis then alerted the team that they were arriving and Peter Quill told them to be prepared and put on their mean faces. Groot forte played Defender on his hand-held gaming console, causing a mental disorder. After Groot affirm at Quill for telling to put away his bet on device, Rocket started to yell at him for being natural and warned if he does n’t put away his comfort he ‘ll smash into pieces .
Upon their arrival, the team witnessed the wreckage of a ship that had been recently destroyed, leaving the Asgardians to die in space. As the team looked around in horror, Rocket commented on the likelihood of any survivors that ‘ll get them paid for their rescue. When Thor suddenly smashed onto their front window of their ship, Rocket obstreperously complained and called for wipers before realizing that he was distillery alive .
once the Guardians of the Galaxy took Thor onboard the Benatar, the team tried to figure out how he was still alive, while Drax the Destroyer commented on his good looks. Upon having Drax and Rocket spill the beans about Quill ‘s weight increase, the team discovered through Mantis that Thor had feelings of anger and fantastic passing. Quill then ordered Mantis to wake Thor up, as he rushed out of the table and heavily took a deep breathe. Rocket and the Guardians cursorily prepared for an attack, merely for Thor to calmly asked who they are .
Having Thor settled down and eat soup, Gamora told him about Thanos ‘ finish using the Infinity Stones. Thor then attempted to take one of the Benatar’s Space Pod, merely for Quill to tell him to not take their pod, much to Rocket ‘s confusion on Quill ‘s deep voice. As the team keeps commenting on Quill ‘s deep voice as an imitation of Thor, Gamora broke off their care for Thanos .
thor then informed the Guardians about where the Reality Stone is and how Thanos had both the Power Stone and Space Stone, far telling them the other two were dependable on earth with the Avengers. As Thor tells them they should travel to Nidavellir, Rocket was in incredulity on how the space was real all along, identical much like to go. Thor told the team that Rocket was decline and smartest person, before calling him a rabbit. Rocket was confused by what Thor called him .
After Thor informed the Guardians that Eitri the shadow could create a potent weapon he needs, Rocket was offered to go with him, complementing him on being a noble drawing card. Rocket happily accepted Thor ‘s offer and prepared to travel to Nidavellir. As Rocket took Quill ’ s backpack, they were stopped by him and asked what kind of weapon Thor was talking, to which he explained that it was one capable of killing Thanos. After a dispute telling them to not have any destructive weaponry, Rocket was more shudder to be on their quest .
once Rocket settled their quarrel on splitting up into groups, he was told by Quill that he knows he is going to a place where Thanos is n’t, much to his parody of being a captain. Rocket told Groot to travel to Nidavellir with him while Groot was playing his game. As Rocket settle inside the Space Pod, Thor bids the other Guardians a farewell before they departed. [ 5 ]

Traveling to Nidavellir

“It’s the birth place of my hammer. It’s truly awesome.”
“Okay, time to be the captain. So, dead brother, huh? Yeah, that can be annoying.”
―Thor and Rocket Raccoon

Making their way to Nidavellir inside the Benatar’s Space Pod, Rocket tried to tell Groot where to go to the toilet in the cup but was nervous to show where he would, leading to Thor tell Groot pour anything out of the cup then go in it again. To Rocket ‘s unbelief, he asked Thor if he spoke Groot, listening to his joke about learning as an elective course .
Thor told the group that Nidavellir was the give birth place of Mjølnir, and that he intended to make a weapon that is evenly brawny. After a abruptly conversation, Rocket turned to see Thor sitting sadly beside the window and started to talk to him about his family members, who are deceased. Rocket asked if Thor was prepared and listened to Thor having ramp against Thanos, despite being beaten from his first brush. Listening to Thor about killing his enemies more than his age numeral but none had succeeded and is lone populate by destiny, Rocket asked if Thor would be incorrectly, getting reception of passing hope .
Feeling that he could give up something to help Thor on his quest, Rocket gave him a Prosthetic Eye, noting that he got it from a world back in Contraxia. With Thor questioning Rocket about the center, he told Thor that he got a hundred credits from the bet and then snuck into the man ‘s room to steal his eye. Being thanked by Thor, Rocket then looked at Thor putting the Prosthetic Eye in his socket, telling that he should ‘ve washed it inaugural before getting a signal .
After getting a sign of the Space Pod, Rocket had observed Nidavellir as a dark metallic star, as he and the group headed over to the post where they settle inside its room. now inside the room of Nidavellir, Rocket realized that the place was filled with a pile of trash and late discovered a prototype of an Infinity Gauntlet, leading thor to tell the group to get back to the pod. however, despite the Dwarves being absent, Eitri remained alive and attacked both Rocket and Groot until Eitri was calmed down by Thor .
As Eitri settled down and explained that he was forced by Thanos to forge the Infinity Gauntlet to harness the power of the Infinity Stones, before being crippled and forced to watch his people executed, Rocket and the group found the Uru determine that can be used to make a King ‘s weapon in which he explained that it could even summon the Bifrost. together, Rocket, Thor and Eitri worked to repair and restart Nidavellir, in order to forge a powerful weapon called Stormbreaker .
While inside the Space Pod, Rocket was told by Thor that he needed him to start the engines, much to his doubt. Thor then threw the pod with a bowed stringed instrument and told Rocket to start the engine, starting the mechanism of Nidavellir ‘s iris. As the iris had last brightened Nidavellir ‘s mechanism, Thor told Rocket that is what the ace actually looked like. Rocket was greatly amazed by it until it was shortly combusted and stopped working, Rocket then drove the pod near the iris and let him open up the gears, leading Eitri to forge the weapon .
As Thor collapsed from the estrus of the star, Rocket rushed to his side and proclaimed that Thor was dying. With Eitri knowing that the ax had no manage, he madly searched for it so he could revive Thor back to health, calling for Groot to help. Groot saw the opportunity to help Thor and stepped improving to use his own wooden arm as a wield to complete Stormbreaker. [ 5 ]

“How much for the gun?”
“Not for sale.”
“Okay, how much for the arm? Oh, I’ll get that arm.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Winter Soldier

rocket and Groot were then transported by Thor using Stormbreaker ’ s Bifrost Bridge to Wakanda on Earth. They arrived in the middle of a conflict between the Avengers, Wakandans, and the Outriders. Rocket instantaneously joined the fight .
During the estrus of the fight, Rocket encountered Bucky Barnes while being surrounded by many Outriders. As he fired at many of his enemies while calling them “ space dogs ”, Rocket was picked up by Barnes from one of the attack creatures and was spun in a lap, with both firing their weapons. Rocket perfectly aimed at the many incoming Outriders, shouting at them while firing each rung of his blaster rifle .
After defeating the Outriders, Rocket was dropped onto the crunch, leading to him asking Barnes on the price of his firearm although Barnes replied that it was not for sale. Becoming even more curious, Rocket then proceeded to ask about how much of Barnes ’ prosthetic weapon is worth. Barnes threw Rocket a admonitory search and walked off, leaving Rocket muttering to himself that he would still “ get that weapon ”. [ 5 ]

“I… am… Groot…”[10]“No, Groot… no, no, no, no! Oh… Groot. No…”
―Groot and Rocket Raccoon

concisely, Rocket witnessed, from afar, Thanos ’ s arrival and his victory in achieving the Mind Stone from Vision. suddenly, Thor arrived and unleashed a annihilating attack with Stormbreaker. however, Thanos, despite being injured, used his nowadays completed Infinity Gauntlet, to snap his fingers and teleported away. To Rocket ’ sulfur horror, he watched as Groot, who was calling out to him, disintegrated into dust .
ineffective to do anything else, Rocket gathered with Thor, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, and James Rhodes and sat down on a log in get the better of. [ 5 ]


“He thinks he failed. Which of course he did, but there’s a lot of that’s goin’ around, ain’t there?”
“Honestly, until this exact second, I thought you were a Build-A-Bear.”
“Maybe I am.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Tony Stark

Rocket stayed with the Avengers and departed Wakanda with them in the Quinjet to the Avengers Compound in New York. He stayed there and along with the others, met Carol Danvers. Three weeks subsequently, he witnessed Danvers ’ rejoinder with Tony Stark and Nebula. Rocket, in particular, approach Nebula and held her hand in repose mourn for the loss of their team .
They all then gathered inside where they informed Stark of the Snap ‘s effects on the global, displaying pictures of luminary people that had fallen victim to it. When Stark asked what was incorrectly with Thor, who was sitting mutely entirely in another board, Rocket told him that he felt guilty about fail, which was shared by all of them. Rocket ‘s presence shocked Stark as he thought that he was barely a Build-A-Bear, although Rocket scantily corrected him, not caring about others calling him other names. Rocket then witnessed Stark ’ s outburst against Rogers due to prior tensions, before falling onto the floor. [ 6 ]

“What did you do?”
“I went for the head.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Thor

The future dawn, Nebula revealed she knew where Thanos was, and Rocket showed them a planet that had just experienced the same power billow that earth did when the Snap occurred. The group discussed what they should do, ultimately decided to go after Thanos .
They all then boarded the Benatar, with Rocket flying and Danvers co-piloting, and departed Earth. As they went into distance, Rocket asked who had never been to space, and saw Rogers, Romanoff, and Rhodes raise their hands. Rocket then instructed them to not throw up on his ship before the Benatar then traveled to the Garden where Danvers left the ship to do recon. When she returned, she informed them that it was only Thanos polish there. They then went depressed to the surface of the planet where Danvers, Banner, Rhodes, and Thor ambushed Thanos .
Rocket, Rogers, and Romanoff walked inside momentarily. Rocket then went to collect the Infinity Gauntlet, which Thor had chopped off Thanos ‘ arm. however, when he turned the gauntlet over, Rocket discovered the Infinity Stones were gone, much to his and everyone ‘s corporate shock. They all then interrogated Thanos, who revealed that he had destroyed the stones. Thor then aggressively sliced Thanos ‘ oral sex off and Rocket questioned what he had done, to which Thor replied by saying that he went for the read/write head, as Thanos told him moments before the Snap. The group then returned to Earth, having lost once again. [ 6 ]

Member of the Avengers

A New team

“We boarded that highly-suspect warship Danvers pinged.”
“It was an infectious garbage scow.”
“So, thanks for the hot tip.”
―Rocket Raccoon and Nebula

With the only family he ever knew gone, Rocket decided to stay with his newly found allies and became a penis of the Avengers under Natasha Romanoff ‘s leadership. Rocket would by and large operate with Nebula from the Benatar, reporting back in with the rest of the team from time to time .
In 2023, Rocket was messaged by Carol Danvers about a highly-suspect warship, so he and Nebula went to check it out as they were closer. however, the ship turned out to be an infectious garbage scow, causing them to smell like drivel. They then had a merging with Romanoff, Danvers, Okoye, and James Rhodes via holographic call, where Rocket reported about the late mission, which he openly complained to Danvers about. When she said that she was n’t going to be seen for a while, Rocket teased if it was to get another haircut, but she corrected him about the workload she has to cover beyond Earth. [ 6 ]

Bringing in Thor

“You all right?”
“Yes, I’m fine. Why? Why, don’t I look all right?”
“You look like melted ice cream.”
―Bruce Banner, Thor and Rocket Raccoon

When the Avengers discovered a way to potentially resurrect the victims of the Snap, Rocket and Nebula were called in to return to Earth so the hale team was in concert. When they landed on the lawn of the Avengers Compound, Rocket asked Scott Lang where Bruce Banner was, as they were tasked with lend in Thor .
Banner then walked out, giving Lang taco before joining Rocket in the workshop. They then flew to Norway, where they were driven in the back of a cartridge hand truck for the remainder of their travel. When they arrived, Rocket commented how New Asgard was not arsenic dainty as a aureate palace. Banner implored Rocket to show some compassion since the Asgardians had lost their home and then half of their people. They then came across Valkyrie at the docks, and Rocket introduced himself before Valkyrie told them that Thor would not see them and comes out for “ supplies ”. Rocket and Banner went to Thor ‘s house, and when they entered, they discovered that Thor had gained a distribute of weight, much to their surprise .
Excited to see them, Thor hugged them both, much to Rocket ‘s discomfort. Rocket and Banner were then introduced to Korg and Miek, who invited them to use their free wireless local area network and drink their beer. They then watched as they saw their friend yelling at person through an on-line video game, which they felt embarrassed by. They then informed Thor of the find they had to fix everything, but Thor declined, as he had fallen into a deep department of state of natural depression and did not believe he was worth any help oneself to them. however, Rocket was able to convince him by revealing that there was beer on the Benatar. He then went with them and they returned to the Avengers Compound. [ 6 ]

Locating the Infinity Stones

“Ratchet, how’s it going?”
“It’s Rocket. Take it easy. You’re only a genius on Earth, pal.”
―Tony Stark and Rocket Raccoon

With all the Avengers at the Avengers Compound, they all began working the means of travel safely through the Quantum Realm. Rocket and Tony Stark worked on a bigger Quantum Tunnel inside the airdock. When Stark called him the wrong appoint, Rocket corrected him and then reminded him that he was only a brilliance on Earth. After they did a quiz run with Clint Barton, they were successful in achieving and harnessing clock time travel .
They then focused on locating the Infinity Stones throughout time, due to them appearing in the past for about all of the Avengers. They started with the Aether, which they had Thor explain its history. however, Thor soon started to get off traverse due to it bringing up past trauma he never got over, in which Stark had to calm him down. The adjacent day, they moved to the Power Stone, Rocket explained to them how Peter Quill stole it from Morag, and then Rocket started to tease Scott Lang due to him getting excited about space .
future, Nebula informed them about the Soul Stone and Vormir, where Thanos murdered her sister to get the gem. By the third base day, the Avengers had finalized their insight and planned when and where they would travel to, to get all six stones Stark, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner and Lang going to 2012 to get the Space Stone, Mind Stone and Time Stone, Thor and Rocket to 2013 to get the Reality Stone, and Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Nebula and James Rhodes to 2014 to get the Power Stone and Soul Stone. [ 6 ] They all then suited up in their new Advanced Tech Suits, and made their way to the Quantum Tunnel. When Steve Rogers gave a motivational actor’s line, Rocket commented on how good he was at that, in which Scott Lang agreed. Rocket then handed the shrink Benatar, as it had been shrunken down by Pym Particles, to Clint Barton for him to travel to Vormir in, which he made him promise to return in estimable stipulate .
rocket and Thor then traveled to an interchange 2013, to retrieve the Reality Stone from Asgard, which was infused in Jane Foster. Once they arrived, they followed Foster to her room, and Rocket layer out the plan for Thor to distract her as he extracted the stone from her body using a device they built for the deputation. however, Thor started to get distracted, wanting to raid the wine root cellar .
They then spotted Thor ‘s beget walk by, which reminded thor that she died that day. This made Thor become incredibly stress and startle to have a panic fire. Rocket then slapped him to get him concenter, reminding him that he has lost people, besides, and unlike Frigga, they can get them back, so long as thor sticks to the mission. They then went to Foster ‘s room, but as Rocket turned around, he discovered Thor had disappeared, so he went in solo .
Rocket then entered Foster ‘s room, where she was asleep, so he snuck up behind her. When she woke up, Foster got up and Rocket followed her from behind, and then used the device to extract the Aether from her body. This caused his presence to be alerted to the Einherjar, who pursued him through the palace. rocket rushed through the palace, looking for Thor and trying to lose the soldiers chasing him .
He soon came across Thor, who was with his mother. Rocket told him they had to go, then Thor hugged his beget adieu. But, before they left, Thor reached out his hired hand, to Rocket ‘s confusion, in which Mjølnir came to him, making him happy that he was calm worthy, although Rocket was not that matter to. They then traveled back to the deliver, having successfully completed their mission. [ 6 ]

“Alright, the glove’s ready. Question is, who’s gonna snap their frickin’ fingers?”
―Rocket Raccoon to the Avengers

once they all returned to their universe, they noticed Natasha Romanoff was not there, and learned she had sacrificed herself for the Soul Stone. After they mourned her, Rocket, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner started working on creating a Nano Gauntlet, capable of possessing the Infinity Stones. When they inserted the stones, Rocket made a forte noise to startle the early two, who were tense, much to his please .
When Rocket completed the gauntlet, he then asked who was going to be the one to wield it, which Thor immediately volunteered, but it was Banner who told them all that he had to be the one to do it, due to the levels of Gamma Radiation. They all then suited up as they stood around Banner, preparing for him to snap his fingers. Rocket stood behind Thor for auspices against anything that could happen when he put the gauntlet on. Banner then put on the gauntlet, and they watched as it hurt him, but he was able to snap his fingers. [ 6 ]

“I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!”
―Rocket Raccoon

As they checked on Bruce Banner, the Compound was abruptly attacked by an air assume, destroying the foundations. Rocket, James Rhodes, and Banner fell through the floor and became trapped under the debris. Banner was able to hold up the build, but Rocket found himself trapped and struggling to breathe. Rhodes then made his way to Rocket and tried to lift the debris off of him .
Rhodes was able to free Rocket, but they were not able to go anywhere. suddenly, water rushed through, taking them under as it filled up the area. They tried to call out for avail but the comms were n’t working and could n’t get any responses. As the water rises up to their necks, Rhodes farewelled his ally, believing this to be their final moments, much to Rocket ‘s fear. however, they were saved by Scott Lang, who got them aside from the flood area and to safety. [ 6 ]

“Oh, yeah!”
―Rocket Raccoon

Lang then grew to giant size and carried Rocket, Rhodes, and Banner out, joining in with the rest of the meet heroes preparing to face off against an alternate Thanos and his army. Rocket jumped on Rhodes ’ back and cocked his artillery as Rogers led the epic lineup .
They then charged at Thanos ‘ forces, with Rocket riding on Rhodes as he flew towards the opposing united states army, protecting him from the fast paced and chaotic battle. Rocket finally joined the conflict on the ground, picking off incoming enemies side by side again with Bucky Barnes. Rocket by and by reunited with Groot, and the two fight in concert .
When Thanos ordered an airstrike, Rocket attempted to shield Groot from the attack. however, the rap suddenly stopped, and when Rocket looked up, he discovered Carol Danvers arrive at the battlefield. She then destroyed the Sanctuary II, a lot to Rocket ‘s enjoyment .
Rocket finally found himself facing off against an approach Leviathan, which was about to eat him, until it suddenly turned to dust. This was because Stark obtained the Infinity Stones and used them to snap all of Thanos ‘ forces out of being. however, this natural process came at the monetary value of his liveliness, ascribable to the ability of the stones. [ 6 ]

Guardians Reassembled

Tony Stark ‘s Funeral

“Move it or lose it, hairbag.”
―Rocket Raccoon to Thor

Rocket, retentive with the lie of the reunify Guardians of the Galaxy, attended the funeral have for Tony Stark at Stark ‘s house. Rocket stood alongside the team as they watched Stark being memorialized. Although only knowing Stark for not that long, Rocket was identical upset by his evanesce, as hated losing more people close to him. [ 6 ]

Departing worldly concern

Before the Guardians of the Galaxy departed from Earth, they decided to let Thor join them, as he was now without a path, much like all of them. They waited for Thor on New Asgard to say his goodbyes to Valkyrie, but Rocket hurried him up as he stood outside the Benatar .
When Thor boarded the Benatar, he and Peter Quill had a little conflict over leadership, which the others joined in on. When Drax the Destroyer suggested they fight each other for the function of leader, Rocket revealed that he had blasters they could use, unless they wanted knives, much to Mantis ‘ excitement. The conflict was brushed aside, but the military position of leader was still left uncertain. [ 6 ]

Return to Space

Adventures with Thor

soon after returning to space, Rocket and the Guardians of the Galaxy were joined by Kraglin Obfonteri. The adjacent few months into 2024, they helped Thor in his weight loss coach. They returned to many adventures throughout the galax, although Thor barely contributed in his quest for self-discovery. In one gamble, they were in a swamp like territory battling aquatic aliens. [ 11 ]

“You said this would be a relaxing holiday.”
“I said it would be like a relaxing holiday.”
―Rocket and Thor

Receiving a straiten shout on Indigarr, Rocket and the Guardians agreed to go because Thor said it was like a restful vacation for them. On the planet, the Guardians battled the forces of Habooska the Horrible. Rocket got into a fight with Groot over his vinoculars, angering him for filling them with his sage, and was surprised to see Thor ultimately join in. Rocket snapped at Thor for saying that the planet would be like a relax vacation, and Thor defended himself because the satellite was beautiful, asking what would be more slack than that, and Rocket, yelling at him, replied that vacation very are more relax. After Thor ‘s actor’s line, the Guardians watched him finish off all of Habooska ‘s minions, unintentionally destroying the palace. [ 11 ]

Answering Distress Calls

At the Benatar, Rocket and the Guardians argued with Thor for bringing Toothgrinder and Toothgnasher, as they ate control of the straiten calls, with Rocket mentioning that he was n’t going to check in the crap of the goats, getting scared because one of the goats hits him. The Guardians watched the calls for help in horror, discovering that several gods were being killed by Gorr the God Butcher, shocking Rocket. Before answering the calls, Rocket and the Guardians saw a straiten shout by Sif. Thor told them he needed to help her and Rocket and the Guardians said adieu to Thor and Korg before leaving. [ 11 ]

Respected bomber

Following Rocket ’ sulfur time on Earth as a member of the Avengers and his role in the Blip and Battle of Earth, he became popular among humans. In 2025, he was honored with the early Avengers at the New Jersey AvengerCon with an expose dedicated to him, with a life-size ignite statue and an interactional game where fans could scavenge to win prizes. [ 8 ]


“I know everything about you. I know you play like you’re the meanest and the hardest, but actually, you’re the most scared of all.”
―Yondu Udonta to Rocket Raccoon

due to the inhumane experiments done to him, Rocket became piercingly, even piercingly sarcastic, foul-mouthed and cynical, adenine well as by and large misanthropic, but in holocene years seems to have adopted a more composure and moody demeanor. He is besides easily enraged and highly aggressive, which, in turn, makes him extremely fierce with an congenital desire for violence. Despite his huskiness, he besides possesses a barbarous and slightly ghoulish sense of wit. Rocket has an obsession with prosthetic limbs, finding it humorous to steal them – particularly without the owner knowledgeable as shown when he asked Peter Quill to get a guy ‘s prosthetic leg to bust them out of jail, lying about the leg to see if Quill would do it and asking him whether the ridicule was hopping around on one peg, laughing all the while. He late tries pulling a exchangeable stunt with Vorker, one of the Ravagers, saying that he needed the cybernetic eye off for his design, although he is stopped by Quill. When Groot actually did steal the eye, Rocket burst out laughing into tears. In the Battle of Wakanda, after being assisted by the Winter Soldier in killing a horde of Outriders, he inquired if he can purchase his custom-made machine gun. When he declines the crack, he then offers to purchase Barnes ‘ vibranium weapon, which is besides declined. He chuckles to himself as he leaves the offer to buy it on the table. He appears to pride himself on his abilities and professionalism, which is indicated by when he spoke harshly to Groot when Groot childishly drank out of a fountain then smiled about it. A true criminal, Rocket has a higher common sense of self-preservation and interests than the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In the conflict against Thanos he volunteered himself and Groot to go with Thor to Nidavellir as opposed to going with his colleague Guardians to confront Thanos directly, and Star-Lord points this out. He will cave into pessimism and panic in a position that is out of his depth as he was the first to consider plainly giving the Infinity Stone to Ronan the Accuser after realizing its destructive purposes and rather of fighting the Accuser after coming into the possession of the Stone, planned to run away to “ the furthest corners of the galaxy ” with Groot. Though he displays a slightly expansive personality, such as defending Xandar from the kamikaze Necrocrafts, Rocket still has a distorted view of the logical and ethical boundaries of the law as he believes if he wants a possession more than the current owner of such an token, it was acceptable to steal it from him. skyrocket was driven by money before he joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and that trait still remains with him, but he has shown himself to be more compassionate and less avaricious as fourth dimension goes on. Although he does not resort to stealing as like he used to and opts for more acceptable methods by noting if they saved the galax doubly, they could increase the tip for their services. rocket is besides spectacularly intelligent, as he is a lot more healthy than a normal raccoon. He is able to conceive very complexly, intricate plans in a very short circuit period of time, such as his plan to escape the Kyln. however, his genius is occasionally superseded by his emotions which appear to be extremely impregnable such as his anger over Quill going back to get Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and his gloominess over Groot ‘s apparent demise. however, deep down, Rocket is incredibly lonely and carries overwhelming annoyance over the experiment that was performed on him before he was a Mercenary. He covers his insecurities well, but once he is drink, he becomes identical emotional and if potential, even more fierce, talk of how he did not ‘ask ‘ to be made into what he believed was a “ little monster, ” implying that the experiments done to him were agonizing. It is possibly because of this forlornness and pain that he despises being derided as a rodent or vermin, going so army for the liberation of rwanda as to attack Gamora and Drax the Destroyer over the slender. Despite Rocket ‘s apparent disfavor of people, he is extremely attached to Groot, and is the inaugural known individual who was able to understand Groot when he spoke, even while everyone else only heard ‘ I am Groot. ‘ He is obviously extremely attached to Groot, as seen when he started crying when Groot was apparently killed and pleading with Groot to not save them because he knew that Groot would die if he did then. His grief over Groot ‘s apparent death lead him to angrily charge at Ronan, who was armed with his Cosmi-Rod and the Power Stone, while completely unarmed. It was besides in this here and now of vulnerability that he was comforted by Drax the Destroyer, which he initially flinched at before accepting the care gesticulate, showing that he was not used to such gentleness or forgivingness. He besides became very protective of Groot ’ s offspring, caring for him in a fatherly manner and collapsed to his knees sobbing when he was erased from being by the Infinity Gauntlet. As he got to know his fellow Guardians better, he became much more protective of them. An example of this was when he, Groot and Yondu Udonta escaped the Eclector and were going to save Quill. He initially insisted that he wanted to save Quill strictly because he wanted to prove that he was “ better than him. ” Udonta managed to break through to the effect of what Rocket is sincerely like on the inside, saying that they are the same type of person in the sense that, while they truly care about the people around them, they refuse to show it out of fear and insecurity. Quill ‘s preference in music seems to have rubbed off on Rocket as he seems to enjoy listening to songs from Star-Lord ‘s earned run average, particularly while working such as making certain the Guardians had music to listen to whilst battling the Abilisk, when the Ravagers attacked him on Berhert and escaping the Ravagers with Udonta, the early even Quill found to be distracting.

While prisoner with Yondu Udonta, Rocket cursorily bonded with him due to their exchangeable backgrounds and the fact that they love people without saying it. A great example of his newfound bond with Yondu is when he refused to leave Ego ‘s Planet without him, even though it would mean his end since the satellite was about to explode. His bind with Yondu besides caused him to call the remainder of the Ravagers during Udonta ‘s funeral. While watching his funeral, Rocket stated the his previous team never abandoned him even if “ he yelled at them, and was constantly mean, and he stole batteries he did n’t need ” intelligibly comparing himself to Udonta. Four years after the Battle on Ego ‘s Planet, Rocket has become slenderly more empathic, showing a growing horizontal surface of maturity, as seen when he consoled Thor over his multiple losses and became concerned for him after he about died activating the damaged neutron star, though he calm has his money-driven personality, as seen when he stated they could ask for fiscal compensation when traveling to respond the Statesman distress call. Following the events of the Snap, Rocket has grown more affectionate to those he considers family, sitting beside Nebula and holding her hand upon reunify. He has besides grown wiser and more altruistic, trying to console Thor after everything he has been through but besides reminding him of their duty to the people they could still save .

Powers and Abilities


“Subject 89P13. Calls itself “Rocket.” The result of illegal genetic and cybernetic experiments on a lower life form.”
―Rhomann Dey
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology/Bionic Enhancement: 250?cb=20141126112528 Rocket, as a Halfworlder, is a cybernetically engineered creature. His enhancements include a cybernetic skeletal structure, enhanced phalange, and metacarpal bones, and a genetically augmented cerebral cortex. He can walk and talk like a humanoid creature while remaining (what appears to be) a raccoon.
    • Enhanced Strength: Due to his augmentations, Rocket is able to use weapons that are designed to be wielded by normal sized humanoids with ease. He was also able to swiftly tackle Gamora to the ground when she attempted to assassinate Star-Lord to get the Orb and easily stun many human-sized Ravagers using his strength.
    • Enhanced Durability: Due to his cybernetic implants, such as a cybernetic skeletal structure, Rocket is capable of surviving damage that would normally be sufficient to kill an animal of his size, as well as injure a normal sized human. He has been attacked with enough force to knock him back several meters and only suffered minimal injury, as well as withstood being thrown by Gamora and blasted by the Cosmi-Rod. Even more impressively, he survived being pinned under an enormous amount of debris when Thanos attacked the Avengers’ headquarters, albeit he had trouble breathing.
    • Enhanced Agility: Rocket’s entire skeletal structure is cybernetic, allowing him to move more like a human and still be as agile as a raccoon. He narrowly avoided rapid gunfire during the Escape from the Kyln and escaped the Einherjar after extracting the Aether from Jane Foster.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Rocket is able to quickly respond to high-intensity situations, such as piloting the Milano through a Quantum Asteroid Field.
    • Enhanced Senses: Rocket can see, smell, and hear better than any raccoon possible. This potentially helps him detect approaching enemies, as he was able to hear Yondu Ravager Clan footsteps so that he could put on traps for them, as well as using his sense of smell to detect Brahl and another Ravager approaching him while hiding.
    • Enhanced Intelligence: Rocket’s cerebral cortex was genetically enhanced meaning that unlike other members of his species he has a cognitive and intellectual equivalent or superior ability to the most sensitive species in the galaxy. He can talk and communicate with other species, as well as perform extremely complex tasks. Even though he has only known him for a short time, Thor claimed that Rocket is the most intelligent member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rocket has an affinity for using and forging galactic artillery, piloting spacecrafts, and quickly devising strategies. He also possesses a level of emotional intelligence, as he was able to get through to a traumatized Thor and convinced him to return to help with the Time Heist. Rocket told Tony Stark that he is “only a genius on Earth,” pointing out that he is a galactic genius by comparison.


  • Expert Combatant: Although Rocket may not look like it due to his small size, Rocket has been known to pack a punch. Able to shoot many security hoverbots at the Kyln and help take down the Abilisk using weapons he built, he can also fight with his bare paws. He was also able to easily stun two human-sized Ravagers while jumping onto them and attacking them and was able to knock out one of them by punching him repeatedly in the head.
“Let’s see if you can laugh after five or six good shots to your frickin’ face!”
―Rocket Raccoon
  • Master Marksman: 250?cb=20161019173309 Rocket has a great skill in handling various weapons throughout the Galaxy, with the preference of high-powered artillery. Rocket also has excellent precision, enough to shoot Quill with a non-lethal electrical round with his cannon while the latter was running away. During the flight of Kyln, Rocket destroyed many Hoverbots with a weapon of a Nova Corps soldier. During the escape from the Sovereign’s fire, Rocket destroyed many of the Sovereign’s drones with the ship’s turret. Rocket even shot a Ravager through a door from observing the surveillance screens of the Eclector.
“That was a pretty good plan.”
  • Master Tactician: Rocket is a brilliant strategist. He is able to formulate strategies of advanced combat and escape, even with minimal resources, and to change them according to the needs of the situation. Rocket already said he fled from twenty two prisons. In the Kyln, Rocket quickly devised a plan to escape using only a power source and security band. On Berhert, he quickly laid out a series of traps for the Ravagers.
  • Master Engineer: 250?cb=20191115071821 Rocket is highly skilled in handling, modification, and construction of equipment and high-tech weaponry. Rocket was able to modify a power source and security band to break into the control tower of the Kyln, disable the security system, unlock doors, and hijack the security Hoverbots. Using scrap from the Milano, Rocket built several high-powered weapons, including the Hadron Enforcer. Rocket was also given the task of fixing the ship when they crash landed on Berhert. Rocket’s engineering skills are comparable to the likes of Tony Stark and Bruce Banner when he helped them in forging a new Infinity Gauntlet, the Nano Gauntlet.
“I was cybernetically engineered to pilot a spacecraft.”
―Rocket to Star-Lord
  • Master Pilot: 250?cb=20140809161244 Rocket is an excellent pilot of various starships. On Knowhere, he took down several Necropods using only the high durability of his industrial pod. During the Battle of Xandar, Rocket was responsible for leading the attack of the Ravagers and Nova Corps, in the Dark Aster, destroying many Necropods in the process. Rocket also proved capable of piloting improvised vehicles, like the Kyln’s security tower. Rocket is even said to be a greater pilot than Peter Quill.
  • Bilingualism: Rocket is fluent in English, and has the ability to understand what Groot is saying, though others; including Star-Lord’s Translator Implant only hear “I am Groot.” This is due to Rocket’s connection with Groot.[12]



“You have priceless batteries and an atomic bomb in your bag. If anybody’s gonna have tape, it’s you!”
―Star-Lord to Rocket Raccoon
“That’s for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons.”
―Rocket Raccoon

other equipment

  • Aero-Rigs: Another invention of Rocket is jet-pack devices that are materialized onto the user and allow them to seamlessly fly through the air and potentially even reach space.
  • Anulax Batteries: Anulax Batteries are powerful energy sources that serve as the main provenance for the Sovereign and its people. Rocket stole several of these in his battle with an Abilisk. During the Battle on Ego’s Planet, Rocket used the batteries to create a bomb to kill Ego.
  • Nanobot Welder: A highly-technological device that can create or repair space vessels using nanotechnology.
  • Advanced Tech Suit: This suit was designed in order to time travel through the Quantum Realm safely. It is a white, red and black suit that materialize around the wearer’s regular clothes, managing to be summoned when time travel is required again, and disappear when no longer in use. It has size-shifting adaptability down to subatomic levels and a wrist gadget that allows for displacement through time and space.
  • Aether Extractor: A device capable to extract the Aether from its hosts.




  • Kyln: Rocket and Groot were captured by the Nova Corps and sent to the Kyln. With the help of Peter Quill, Drax, and Gamora, they all broke out.




  • In Avengers: Endgame, Rocket wears a uniform that looks like his classic uniform from the comics.
  • Rocket is the only member of the Guardians of the Galaxy to have never died in some form at least once.
  • Rocket claims that his lifespan is the normal lifespan for a raccoon, i.e. at most 20 earthly years. However, this is inevitably incorrect, as even if he was abducted as a newborn, he has spent at least several years in captivity, later has been a criminal for at least several more years, and is one of the Guardians of the Galaxy for nearly a decade now, making him at least 20 earthly years old. Thus, his lifespan was likely enhanced as well by the experiment that “made” him.
  • Rocket is a fan of Glen Campbell.
  • In a deleted concept, a variant of Rocket Raccoon was supposed to make an appearance in the first episode of Loki.

Behind the Scenes


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