Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (animated series)

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

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Animated, television



Rocket Raccoon

Played By

Will Friedle

Trevor Devall
Kevin Michael Richardson
David Sobolov
Vanessa Marshall


Marty Isenberg


22 minutes

Executive Producers

Alan Fine

Dan Buckley
Joe Quesada
Jeph Loeb
Cort Lane
Eric Radomski
Stan Lee
Stephen Wacker
Marsha Griffin


United States


Disney XD

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Number of Episodes


First and Last Episodes
First Last
“Road to Knowhere”
(September 5, 2015)
“Just One Victory”
(June 9, 2019)


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


This series was primitively set in the same reality as Ultimate Spider-Man, designated as Earth-12041. Despite referencing events from former seasons, and including child appearances of the Avengers of Earth-12041, Mission: Breakout! appeared to take topographic point in the continuity of the new series Marvel’s Spider-Man that premiered in 2017, evidenced by the guest-appearance of that testify ‘s adaptation of Spider-Man in “ Back in the New York Groove ” and “ Drive My slaughter. ” it was later confirmed that all three seasons were set the lapp universe as Marvel’s Spider-Man .

Season One

The newly-formed Guardians of the Galaxy find a foreign artifact keyed to Peter Quill ‘s DNA. Inside is a map leading to the Cosmic Seed, a mighty weapon able of creating a new population. It ‘s up to the Guardians to find and destroy the Cosmic Seed before it can wind up in the hands of Thanos, the Collector, the Grandmaster, the resurrect Ronan, the prankster Loki, and anyone else who would abuse its power to threaten the population. [ 2 ] While tracking down the Cosmic Seed, the Guardians come closer into finding the truth about Peter Quill ‘s forefather and inheritance and uncovering a hidden conspiracy .

Season Two

Following Thanos ‘s kill and a team up with the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy get their hands on a strange sarcophagus that was found on Thanos ‘s asteroid base that has strange abilities and belated stolen by Yondu. The Guardians of the Galaxy work to find the sarcophagus while competing against Mantis and the Universal Believers. This sarcophagus later hatches into Adam Warlock where the Guardians of the Galaxy were able to get him to follow his own destiny on the right path. They besides discover screen the truth of the Nova Corps secret black ops unit and converge Sam Alexander on the way, they then must stop Star-Lord ‘s forefather who had take a few Nova helmets for his own purposes.

Season Three : mission Breakout

A third season has been announced at the D23 Expo. In this season, the Guardians of the Galaxy go on the campaign when they are framed by Collector .

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