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Jennifer Holland

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The Suicide Squad
Peacemaker once a member of Amanda Waller ’ s team at Belle Reve, the cool-as-December Harcourt acts as Peacemaker ’ s handler in the field. A deadly private detective herself, she ’ sulfur got little patience for newbies like Adebayo and even less for a questionable “ asset ” like Peacemaker. She ’ s reasonably certain that she ’ s only got this spear because Amanda Waller is punishing her and Economos for their actions helping Task Force X in Corto Maltese .


Throughout the series

In A Whole New Whirled, Emilia Harcourt, John Economos and Leota target Peacemaker from all sides, weapons brandished. Clemson Murn approaches Chris from inside his dawdler. Murn informs Chris that he reports directly to Amanda Waller. Later, Harcourt, Economos and Leota move into their jerry-built, makeshift headquarters. finally, Chris meets with his new tax violence team for dinner as agreed upon. Harcourt, Murn, Leota and Economos poke playfulness at Peacemaker for arriving in wide costume with Eagly in the backseat of his car. Afterwards, a lonely Chris follows Harcourt into a local browning automatic rifle. Harcourt lays the smackdown on a few toxic masculine bros and rebuffs Chris ’ offer of asinine arouse.

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In Best Friends, For Never, not wasting any clock time, Peacemaker quickly calls his teammate Emilia Harcourt for serve after he killed the woman who attacked him. Harcourt wakes up Leota and gets her to come along to help Peacemaker, and while they arrive in good time he manages to get the police ‘s care by sticking his head out of the window of the dead person woman ‘s apartment. Harcourt heads out to assist in his safety valve and shoots tranquilizer darts at the police, and they manage to get away despite officers Sophie Song and Larry Fitzgibbon shooting at them. While Peacemaker escapes aboard Harcourt, Adebayo and Eagly, John Economos changes Smith ‘s car registration on the holy order of their team drawing card Clemson Murn. Peacemaker, Harcourt and Adebayo make it back safely, and the group debrief over the case at pass, though no one wants to explain what a Butterfly is to Smith quite however. In Better Goff Dead, Harcourt along with the perch of task power finds out that their current mission includes assassinating a State Senator. While Murn still doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate faith Chris enough to tell him what a butterfly actually is, he does expect him and Harcourt to take up position and shoot a valet and possibly his wife and children with a sniper rifle. All in the name of peace. by and by, when Goff and his syndicate head inside, the pretense of a glad family is dropped and they all walk zombie-like past one of the windows, leading Harcourt to assume that the integral class are butterflies. unfortunately, they have to wait for a authorize tear, which allows time for some minor bind between Chris and Harcourt, and finally the arrival of Vigilante, who has been following Chris around. As it turns out, even though everyone thinks he ’ second farcical, Vigilante arrives in the nick of fourth dimension. As Chris and Harcourt continue to surveil the kin, the butterflies in their human bodies pour chicken sludge into bowl and then start drinking it through purple suckers that emerge from their mouths. Murn orders Chris to kill them all immediately, but he can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bring himself to shoot the kids, so Vigilante takes over and pleasantly shoots all of them except Goff himself. But before he can take that nip he ’ south interrupted by Judomaster. He easily takes out Harcourt, Vigilante, and Peacemaker by himself. The latter two are taken inside by Judomaster and Goff, while Harcourt, is unconscious nearby, is accosted by another of Goff ’ second bodyguards. Leota interrupts them, but she can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate pull the gun trigger, sol Harcourt does so instead.While Vigilante and Peacemaker are being held captive in the basement, Murn, Leota, and Harcourt try to find them. The three takes a brief go through the house where Goff ’ s family is still laying dead on the floor.

In The Choad Less Traveled, As the particular taskforce is returning home from the Goff mission, Vigilante complains endlessly about potentially losing his little finger toe. He tells the group that he needs it for poise. Harcourt and Leota for their part test to dispute this. Back at their headquarters, Murn delegates tasks ; ordering Leota and Harcourt to search important files. interim, Leota and Harcourt commence their assignment, and Leota apologizes again for not shooting Goff ’ s guard. Harcourt securely reminds her she needs a stronger digest in this business. Later, Chris meets Harcourt at the local public house to ask her about his file. She divulges how it dictates his father ’ s abusive behavior. furthermore, that White Dragon trained his sons to kill at a young old age and that Chris ‘ buddy died under mysterious circumstances, but is thought that Chris was probable involvemed with his brother ’ s death. Harcourt then breaks Vigilante out of prison and picks him up. He slides into the passenger seat, formally introduces himself and emotionally informs Harcourt that he “ messed up. ” In Monkey Dory, Vigilante and Emilia head in the back and realize there are thousands of boxes for the alien food. They suddenly come to the realization that this operation is far bigger than they thought. unfortunately, they ’ rhenium spotted and the Butterflies call up, dozens of them in human hosts that screech and throw themselves at the pair.

In Murn After Reading, Emilia confronts Leota about the diary she planted on Peacemaker. finally, Murn implores the copulate to stop bicker and collect their gear. Back at the apartment, Emilia and Leota manage to evade the patrol, who show up and find Murn. After killing him, and the Butterfly inside him, they ’ rhenium left alone to carry out this operation. only, Judo Master suddenly enters, leading to a boastful competitiveness between him and Emilia. He takes his eyes off Leota though, who manages to take him out with a taser. With Emilia now leading the charge, she briefs the team and warns them that this international relations and security network ’ t going to be an easy task. With Goff and the rest of the gang call up at the Ranch, Emilia and the vary set of misfits all join together and prepare for the concluding crusade. In It ‘s Cow or Never, Harcourt bears witness to Peacemaker ’ s interaction with a hallucination of his church father. Later, Peacemaker, Harcourt and Vigilante arm themselves for a confrontation with the butterflies. Harcourt urges Peacemaker to find the cow while she and Vigilante fend off the butterflies topside. unfortunately, he slips on debris and falls to the barn ’ s lower horizontal surface, with said debris burying him. Leota watches Harcourt fall and decides to barrel headfirst into the action. Economos follows suit, but he trips over a wooden fence and injures his branch badly. Leota then notices a butterfly attempting to gain access to Harcourt but she cursorily pulls the extraterrestrial being out in fourth dimension. Harcourt then tells Leota to assist Chris with the overawe situation. Leota puts on Peacemaker ’ s helmet that morphs the wearer into a homo torpedo. After some time, Chris and Leota emerge from the barn wreckage to find Vigilante animated and Economos sitting with Harcourt. It looks like Harcourt might be dead, but Chris cradles her in his arms, and the gang takes her to a hospital. While at the hospital, the staff wheels Harcourt and Economos away. erstwhile after, Harcourt makes progress with her physical therapy .
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  • On January 14, 2022, Jenniffer Holland also went onto mention that the car scene with Emilia Harcourt and Leota Adebayo was the first time that she and Danielle Brooks worked together in the series.[1]
  • On January 15,2022, Holland also mentioned that after filming wrapped for The Suicide Squad, “I didn’t think I was going to play that character again,” Holland tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I just thought I got to do this cool role in his huge movie and have fun with him [Gunn] for a couple of weeks”. So admitedly, it was a bit surreal 11 months later when Holland found herself once again playing Harcourt, this time for a post-credits tag that would lead directly into the Peacemaker (TV series). That post-credits scene, shot in January 2021 on the Vancouver set of Peacemaker, was the opening salvo in six months of shooting for the team.[2]
  • On January 22, 2022, Holland in regards to her character said that, “I had a bit of a challenge trying to meld who Harcourt was in The Suicide Squad into who she was in the series because she’s a very different person than she was in Suicide Squad, I think because James wrote the character as Comms Tech 2, or something like that. She was just a comms hub tech who became sort of a more important character as he was writing The Suicide Squad, and at some point he was like, ‘I’m gonna give her a name from the comics so that when the fans watch the credits they go, oh my gosh, that was Emilia Harcourt! And they have something to be excited about, and it’s a little bit of an Easter egg.’ It was basically why he gave me the name Emilia Harcourt. So my character, when he was writing me in the movie, didn’t really have that much to do with Emilia Harcourt from the comics or anything that was going to be who she is in the series, so she’s a bit different in the film in that she is not as strong of a person as she is in the series”.[3]




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