‘Harley Quinn’ #1 is an excellent introduction to Harley’s new status quo

Armed with her trustworthy bat, a five-pound software of gluten-free flour, and a brand-new creative team, Harley Quinn returns to Gotham to atone for her sins. unfortunately, after the events of The Joker War, the city ’ s welcoming committee is less than, well, welcoming. Will Harley be able to convince everyone that she has ultimately turned over a new leaf ? Or will her face get smashed into every apology coat she bakes, because…

“ …the past hush lingers like accelerator in a crowd elevator. ”

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wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated, Harley Quinn # 1 is an excellent insertion to the series and the character ’ s new status quo. This topic ’ s success is largely due to Stephanie Phillips ’ expert approach path to Harley ’ south word picture. Phillips manages to perfectly illustrate that Harley has matured as a character, even retains her trademark wag. The writer ’ sulfur use of humor throughout the narrative is a huge sell point for this reserve. however, none of this story would be as successful without Riley Rossmo ’ s gorgeous artwork. From the opening sequence involving Harley ’ mho botched apology to Killer Croc to her eventual team-up with Batman against a group of clowns, Phillips ’ approach to the character is pitch-perfect. In this publish, Phillips ’ presents a version of Harley Quinn that is evocative of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm ’ s original iteration in Batman : The Animated Series. here, Harley is never besides humble to punctuate a affecting moment with a fart anecdote or tied ask her brand-new teammate for cash. The writer allows Harley ’ s humor to adapt situationally without devolving into a parody of a certain red-pants-wearing, katana-wielding mercenary. In this see, Stephanie Phillips ’ take on the Clown Princess of Crime is a breath of fresh air that remains true to her character. so far, for all the humor that Stephanie Phillips injects into Harley Quinn ’ s dialogue, she besides does an excellent job showing the fictional character ’ s growth. At one degree in the topic, Harley and Batman have teamed up to stop an affray at Amusement Mile between some civilians and a group of clowns. As Batman attacks one of the clowns in the Hall of Mirrors, Harley smashes through the maze to prevent any farther bodily damage to the homo. Upon reaching Batman, she says, “ Bashing his face in gain ’ thymine fix this. ” Harley ’ s inclination to reason with the Caped Crusader is in send opposition to her traditional strategy of charging in with guns blazing. Moments like this have me excited for the series ’ future. During this sequence, Phillips ’ besides presents the concept that Harley will be using her psychiatry skills to help the clowns in Gotham City. unfortunately, we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate spectator more than that in Harley Quinn # 1, as the narrative cuts to introduce the first discharge ’ south adversary. Although I will not spoil the antagonist ’ sulfur identity here, I will say that I am excited by Phillips ’ choice because it will potentially challenge Harley to lean into her skills as a repair. This new direction for Harley Quinn has me excited to pick up the following month ’ s topic.

“Gotham sure does have its charms. And despite everything that has happened here…I’m ready to call it home.”

Despite all of Stephanie Phillips ’ excellent character workplace, Riley Rossmo ’ sulfur artwork is the true leading of Harley Quinn # 1. As demonstrated by Dark Nights Death Metal : Robin King # 1 stopping point year, Rossmo ’ mho work is perfect for capturing the energizing energy and brutality of every struggle, american samoa well as a quality ’ s chaotic nature. This makes him the perfect match for Harley Quinn. Rossmo captures the broad roll of Harley ’ s expressions wonderfully throughout this issue. additionally, Ivan Plascencia ’ mho colors and Deron Bennett ’ s inks beautifully complement Rossmo ’ mho artwork by perfectly capturing each succession ’ s shade. My darling page throughout the entire issue is where the creative team uses Batman ’ s silhouette as the big conflict ’ sulfur panels. unfortunately, therefore much of Harley Quinn # 1 is devoted to establishing the title character ’ s raw condition quo so we don ’ thymine get into excessively a lot of the overarching floor. This is only a slight detractor to the overall topic as the stallion creative team is otherwise firing on all cylinders. thankfully, Phillips layers in adequate of a mystery at the end of the exit to provide a glance at where the rest of the history may be heading.

ultimately, Harley Quinn # 1 is an excellent introduction to the series and its newly status quo. This consequence ’ south success is due to Stephanie Phillips ’ technical approach to Harley ’ s portrayal and Riley Rossmo ’ s beautiful artwork. With such an excellent first issue, we can merely hope that, like Harley, the stallion creative team is ready to call Gotham home. ‘ Harley Quinn ’ # 1 is an excellent insertion to Harley ’ s new condition quo Harley Quinn # 1 ultimately, Harley Quinn # 1 is an excellent presentation to the serial and its new status quo. This issue ‘s success is ascribable to Stephanie Phillips ’ adept approach to Harley ’ s word picture and Riley Rossmo ’ s beautiful artwork. With such an excellent first issue, we can only hope that, like Harley, the entire creative team is ready to call Gotham home. reader Rating

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9.3 Stephanie Phillips ’ adept access to Harley ’ sulfur word picture is a breath of fresh air travel. Riley Rossmo ‘s artwork is perfect for this character and her chaotic nature. The page that uses Batman ‘s silhouette for the panels is excellent. The new steering that this title is taking with the character is exciting. We are n’t able to get into much of the fib ‘s depth because so a lot of the offspring is devoted to establishing Harley ‘s raw condition quo. 9 great Buy immediately Comixology/Amazon Become a patron nowadays to get single perks, like access to our single Discord community and our monthly comic reserve club, ad-free browse on aiptcomics.com, a physical deal paperback sent to your house every calendar month, and more !

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