Joker Vs. Harley Quinn Fan-Made Trailer Imagines an Epic DCEU Showdown

The volatile relationship between the Joker and Harley Quinn comes to a head in the fan-made preview for an unmade Joker vs. Harley film. A fan-made Joker vs. Harley Quinn trailer imagines an epic poem confrontation between two of DC ‘s most popular supervillains. Just recently, Margot Robbie reprised the character of Harley Quinn once again for James Gunn ‘s The Suicide Squad, though Jared Leto ‘s Joker was n’t a part of the vomit. Both were besides seen in new scenes as a part of Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League when it was released on HBO Max in March, but not with one another .
Both incarnations of these characters entered the DCEU together with David Ayer ‘s Suicide Squad in 2016. At this rate, it ‘s hard to say if we ‘ll always see Robbie ‘s Harley Quinn and Leto ‘s Joker come face to grimace in a modern DC project, but it ‘s surely not impossible. Binge Watch This on YouTube has gone the extra pace in imagining a potential Joker vs. Harley Quinn movie by uploading a fan-made trailer, and you can take a spirit at it below .

While Robbie ‘s Harley was an clamant hit with DC fans when she debuted in Suicide Squad, Leto ‘s Joker was a snatch more controversial. many fans criticized the quality ‘s presentation which was far from the Clown Prince of Crime ‘s traditional look. fortunately for Leto, many of these fans have since come around to his accept on the Joker when they saw a redesign interpretation of him in Zack Snyder ‘s Justice League. Some had even campaigned for a fresh Batman movie with Ben Affleck taking on Leto ‘s Joker as the independent villain .
At one point, there were plans at Warner Bros. to develop a movie starring Robbie ‘s Harley and Leto ‘s Joker. Going under the work title Harley Quinn vs. the Joker, the project was announced in 2018 with Glenn Ficarra and John Requa on board to write, calculate, and produce. Though the screenplay was completed, the project was pushed back to be filmed after Birds of Prey, but by 2019, the studio apartment opted to shelve Harley Quinn vs. the Joker wholly .

“ They ‘re great ! It ‘s playfulness working with a directing duet, and I love them, ” Robbie said of the filmmakers in a 2018 interview, via “ I ‘ve obviously done two films with them so I think they ‘re fair brilliant. ”
On why she was excited to do the stick out, Robbie added : “ I ‘m personally a sucker for a beloved narrative. In any iteration. I think people enjoy seeing two characters who, in Harley and Joker ‘s event, would die for one another. It ‘s kind of romanticist in a messed up way. ”
When Harley Quinn debuted in Batman lore on the 1990s enliven series, she served as a patronize target of physical and emotional maltreatment at the hands of the Joker. In more late years, she has emerged as one of DC ‘s most popular supervillains, accomplished with her own alone comic books. She is besides most often depicted these days as having broken free from the Joker, and vitamin a is the case on the animated serial Harley Quinn, the two are enemies more than they are friends.

We ‘ll have to see if Leto ‘s Joker returns to the DCEU someday in one way or another. For more of Robbie as Harley Quinn, you can catch her in the new movie The Suicide Squad. The fan-made Joker vs. Harley Quinn dawdler comes to us from Binge Watch This on YouTube .

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