Titans: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hawk & Dove

Take a search at the history of Hawk and Dove and discover some of the most concern facts about them you might not know. Hawk and Dove in their diverse iterations are two of the most iconic DC superheroes to debut in the ’60s. First appearing in Showcase # 75 ( 1968 ), Hawk was a ace of chaos and war, balanced by his partner Dove, an embodiment of order and peace .
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The characters made their live-action debut in DC ‘s Titans, with Alan Ritchson as Hank Hall ( Hawk ), Minka Kelly as Dawn Granger ( Dove ), and Elliot Knight as Don, Hank ‘s brother and the first Dove. They make everyday appearances working with the Titans in the comics, and have had their dedicated series and miniseries over the years. The premise prompt Hawk and Dove, chaos and order coming together in a celebration of their potency, is as relevant and intriguing a concept as ever. Fans can dive into the history of these characters and explore some of the little-known and interesting facts about the pair.


Differences In Comics

Titans Hank and Dawn are without superpowers, a key dispute between them and their comics counterparts. however, they are excellent fighters, both capable of holding their own in struggle aboard Dick, Donna and the others .
In the comics, Hawk and Dove actually do posse superpowers, gifted to them by the Lords of Chaos and Order. When they don their capes, they can transform by uttering ‘Hawk ‘ and ‘Dove, ‘ becoming superpowered versions of themselves, albeit this alone works when they are in danger. The two embody the Lords ‘ elements and are granted powers that include avian characteristics, super-strength and agility. These powers are n’t exclusive to the original Hawk and Dove, as Dawn Granger inherits Don ‘s abilities right after his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths .

Hawk’s Strongest Form

DC Comics Hawk Dove

Agents of Chaos and Order are granted an align of metahuman abilities and one of the most impressive was demonstrated by Hank in Hawk and Dove Annual # 2 ( 1991 ). He was shown to have the ability to store his baron and unleash it all in one bout of might .
He does this when he faces Monarch in Waverider ‘s bode future and transforms into a massive, bird-like creature, capable of withstanding blasts from Monarch, one of the most powerful villains of that earned run average. Fans may keep in mind, though, that Hank fights Monarch alone, farseeing after Dawn ‘s murder, and that without Dove by his slope, he grows full moon of fury. This massive build-up of office that fans see him use against Monarch demonstrated about all of his persuasiveness. even still, it was n’t enough to best the villain, late revealed to be Hank ‘s future self .

Hank Was Monarch And Extant

Monarch sitting on a chair in the comics

A future Hank Hall was revealed to be the supervillain Monarch in the 1994 crossing event Armageddon 2001, one of DC ‘s darkest future timelines. This followed the leak of Monarch ‘s master intended identity, Captain Atom. Hawk would actually defeat his future self in a battle, discovering and succumbing to his fortune as the villain following Dawn ‘s mangle .
As Monarch, Hall would discover that he had great power concealed within him, in separate caused by inheriting late Dove ‘s powers. Following this, he would become the villain Extant, seeking to control prison term. Extant would finally be defeated for good, and subsequently, his and Monarch ‘s history was retconned then that Hank Hall did not assume the titles. The storyline proved controversial, and Monarch ‘s identity would late be altered back to that of Captain Atom in Battle for Blüdhaven # 6 ( 2006 ) .

Hawk And Dove Had A Child

Arsala using her powers in the comics

Hawk and Dove Annual # 2 ( 1991 ) sees Waverider peering into the futures of the titular heroes. At this point, he was still seeking the identity of the evil Monarch. Waverider learns of Hawk and Dove ‘s future child and their efforts to keep their latent powers hidden from Monarch .
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Hawk and Dove ‘s child, Dr. Arsala, flush as an adult, remains unaware they possess the abilities of their long-gone parents. In fact, by nowadays, Arsala is the concluding metahuman alive besides Monarch. When they unlock their powers from two ‘keys, ‘ one with Dawn ‘s effect and one with that of the villain Kestrel, Arsala becomes Unity. They are empowered by both chaos and order, and to quote, ‘loyal to none. ‘ Arsala goes on to seek out Monarch in an undertake to change his authoritarian ways .

They’ve Had Their Share Of Enemies

Condor threatening someone in the comics

Hawk and Dove have encountered a murder of DC villains and nemeses over the years, some lesser-known and others more so, like the counterparts of the couple tied to the Lords of Chaos and Order .
first, there ‘s Condor, who acts as a potent embodiment of war and partner of the villain Swan. together they feed on the powers of others to grow stronger, and appear to have insight into the origin of their ( and Hawk and Dove ‘s ) powers as avatars. then there ‘s Kestrel, a malicious go created by two Lords of Chaos. Kestrel would target Hawk, subsequently become a extremity of the Injustice Society and even manage to capture Raven ‘s soul-self .

The Characters’ Alternate Versions

Hawke and Dove jumping into action in the comics

The titles of Hawk and Dove have been taken up by many and not fair members of the Hall and Granger kin. A 1997 miniseries, ( The New ) Hawk and Dove, launched two alternate versions of the characters .
Sasha Martens and Wiley Wolverman took up the mantles of Hawk and Dove respectively. These characters appeared unrelated to the Lords of Chaos and Order so big in Hank and Don ‘s origin report. rather, Sasha and Wiley got their powers and a telekinetic connection to one another following experiment done on them as children. During their comics run, Sasha and Wiley encountered versatile other DC characters and groups, such as the Vigilante, Vixen, Checkmate and the Suicide Squad.

Their Various Cameos And Appearances

Hawk and Dove

Outside of Titans and the characters ‘ respective comics, Hawk and Dove have appeared in assorted early DC media, including the animize series Justice League Unlimited and Batman : The Brave and the Bold. They besides had a cameo appearance in the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths crossing tied to the DC multiverse .
As for comics, Hawk and Dove featured in DC ‘s Blackest Night crossing over, where Hank is reanimated as a Black Lantern and late resurrected by a whiten call. Following the events of Blackest Night, Hank and Dawn appear in Brightest Day. ultimately, the duet was seen for a brief here and now in the Watchmen sequel, Doomsday Clock, being arrested on television .

Don’s Death In The Comics

Hank Hall as Dove in the comics

Don ‘s tragic death in Titans follows a different specify of events from the comics, where he was killed off during Crisis on Infinite Earths ( 1985 ). Don was killed by one of the Anti-Monitor ‘s Shadow Demons. Hank could n’t stop this and Don himself was busy saving an endangered child .
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His death is followed by Dawn Granger ‘s introduction as the new Dove in a 1988 miniseries, where she is gifted her powers in decree to save her mother. In Titans, Granger witnesses both Don and her Mother ‘s deaths alongside Hank. The two are brought together following this calamity, and unite as a team for the first base time .

Holly Granger As Hawk

Holly Granger as Hawk in the comics

After comics Dawn Granger is resurrected following her death at the hands of Monarch, her fresh partner arrives in the form of her sister, Holly, who ‘s granted the Lords ‘ powers of war/chaos in Hank ‘s absence .
The new Hawk and Dove then appeared in Teen Titans Vol 3 # 22 ( 2005 ), pitted against Doctor Light. They would go on to face Kestrel, Trigon and join Teen Titans East. In Titans season 3, following Hank ‘s death, Dawn parts with the titular heroes. Should she return and should there be a need for a new Hawk, possibly Holly Granger could enter the affray. That being said, Dawn ‘s a pull to be reckoned with on her own, as reinforced in past episodes and in the comics .

Dove’s Hidden Power

Dawn Granger as Dove in the comics

Waverider, peering into Hawk and Dove ‘s futures, faced unprecedented underground from Dawn Granger in the timestream — that is, countless iterations of dawn from across time combined into one. This Dawn was able to touch and sense Waverider ‘s presence as he tried to determine whether she was, in fact, Monarch .
Dawn reminded Waverider that order is everywhere and that she is ordain ‘s supporter. As such, she was able to override Waverider ‘s powers and use them against him, making him relive his past as Matthew Ryder. It took Waverider incredible self-control in order to hold his own against Dove in the timestream and determine her future, he tied lost his physical shape at one luff. This serves to reinforce that Dawn, as an embodiment of order, is extremely potent and should not be underestimated .
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