50% Of Wonder Woman 1984 Viewers Unsubscribed From HBO Max Within 6 Months

According to a holocene report, HBO Max lost about 50 % of the newfangled subscribers it gained from the release of Wonder Woman 1984. 2020 was a ambitious year for Warner Bros. as they had just launched a fresh streaming service, HBO Max, that was set to compete with players like Disney+, Netflix, and Amazon. however, the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the startle of many newly programs that were set to premiere with the service and the app being launched without Roku devices being compatible with the serve, meaning many people could n’t get the service .
With a murder of releases delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a pour service in trouble, the studio made the bold decision to release their stallion 2021 slate in theaters and day and date on HBO Max, and it would kick off at the end of 2020 with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 on Christmas Day. The decision was a controversial one, with many filmmakers like Christopher Nolan speaking out against it, but it besides did do what Warner Bros. wanted as Wonder Woman 1984 got HBO Max 41 million new subscribers .
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It appears that not all of those 41 million subscribers stayed on as, according to The Wrap, 50 % of people who signed up for HBO Max because of Wonder Woman 1984 dropped the service. The measurement ship’s company Antenna besides found 31 % of those new subscribers were gone within one calendar month. This same six-month-later loss besides happened with Disney+ with the let go of of Hamilton adenine good as Apple TV+ and its Tom Hanks World War II movie, Greyhound .
Wonder Woman 1984 Diana running While Wonder Woman 1984 was not american samoa well-received as the first base film, it is unfair to place all of the blasted with subscriber passing on the performance of one movie. The audience still seemed to like the film as it was the best-selling film on home video in 2021 and made the top 10 of most commandeer movies in 2021. It appears to be a vogue among streamers, where a high-profile liberation describe in a big audience, but then a miss of material finally makes the subscriber drop off. even losing half of those initial 41 million subscribers means that HBO Max still has more subscribers than when they premiered the movie, so it is still a win for them.

interestingly the six months slump besides coincides with the opening of movie theaters and the wider handiness of the vaccine to the public. In the first six months, audiences stuck around with HBO Max for the releases of Godzilla vs. Kong and Mortal Kombat, which had the biggest premier of any movie on the serve. For many, HBO Max was the only way to see those movies, but former in the year, audiences could choose between staying at home or going out to a theater to see Dune or The Suicide Squad. While Warner Bros. 2022 slate will wait for 45 days to come to the service, the streamer is ramping up product on several high-profile projects to bring in audiences .

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informant : The Wrap

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