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Six years later, The Avengers however holds up as one of the better superhero flicks among a swamp-thick ocean of superhero flicks. It ‘s amusing looking back and thinking screens felt overflowing with fantastic tales about arrogant millionaires in flying iron suits, crabbed green giants sporting some daisy dukes, a god of thunder with dad issues and a military experiment turned WWII bomber. Oh, and we ‘re going to throw into the mix, just for good measure, a former russian spy with deadly warlike arts skills, a highly-talented passkey sagittarius and a cycloptic Samuel L. Jackson as the cantankerous director of a cryptic super-secret government representation. thankfully, what could have been a dispatch calamity actually became a shockingly good time at the movies, wonderfully satisfying on every level. Some of its success could be attributed to Marvel ‘s standalone-yet-interconnected productions centered around the fictional character development of each of the four primary superheroes — Iron Man, Hulk, Thor and Captain America — before uniting them as a team .
personally, I would argue much of the production ‘s victory is besides due to director Joss Whedon ‘s heavy input, sharing co-writing credit with Zak Penn. The stallion movie is showered in Whedon ‘s signature off-beat humor and one-liner wit while still balancing a reasonably corpulent timbre that does n’t feel excessively grave and dense. The plot may be about mischievous Loki ‘s undertake to subjugate earth by using a blue-glowing cube called the Tesseract, which contains one of the six Infinity Stones late sought after by Thanos, but the real joy of the film centers around the odd-couple chemistry of the cardinal heroes. There ‘s a elusive layer of the buddy-cop trope underscoring a lot of the dialogue and interactions, as the come of machismo ego clashes and energizes the Tesseract, threatening Nick Fury ‘s dream team of noteworthy people before it even begins. The drama of them slowly assembling, particularly after the tearful passing of one of their own, is ultimately what fuels the narrative and franchise as a whole. And it wholly started here in Joss Whedon ‘s The Avengers .
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Vital Disc Stats: The Ultra HD Blu-ray
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment brings The Avengers to Ultra HD Blu-ray as a two-disc jazz band carry with a fly for a Disney Digital Copy. When redeeming said code via, MoviesAnywhere or VUDU, it includes both the HD and 4K UHD digital versions while VUDU users will have access to a Dolby Vision HDR interpretation with Dolby Atmos. The dual-layered UHD66 disk sits comfortably opposite a Region Free, BD50 magnetic disk. Both are housed inside a black, eco-vortex case with an brocaded, glistening slipcover. At startup, viewers are taken directly to the originate of the movie, and menu options are only accessible when going to the main menu screen with a even photograph and music dally in the background.

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