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Consuela [ 1 ]
other Aliases :
The Queen of Norns, Mistress of Magic, Mistress of Mysticism, Queen of Enchantment, Enchantress Supreme, Empress of Evil

Nicknames:ConsuelaOther Aliases:The Queen of Norns, Mistress of Magic, Mistress of Mysticism, Queen of Enchantment, Enchantress Supreme, Empress of Evil

Affiliation and Relationships




Hela (wife)

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics[19]




6′6″ ( 1.98 thousand )


475 lbs (215.46 kg) (216 kg)



  • Purple



Origin and Living Status


Norn ; Nornheim [ 2 ] Asgardian (apparently) sorceress and Queen of the Norns

Living Status




Place of Birth


Presumably Nornheim

Place of Death

Nornkeep, Nornheim, Asgard

Personal Information


No Dual


Nornheim, Asgardian



Queen of Nornheim

Queen of Hel, sorceress

Base of Operations



Nornkeep, Nornheim, Asgard

Creators and Appearances


Stan Lee, Jack Kirby



Journey into Mystery # 107
( June, 1964 )
Mighty Thor ( Vol. 2 ) # 700
( October, 2017 )



The parturition and early life of Karnilla were shrouded in mystery. All that was truly known is that she had hanker lived in Nornheim, the Asgardian state where the Three Norns brood, the goddesses of destiny, and she became one of the most accomplished practitioners of the arts of sorcery in the Asgardian dimension. Although Nornheim lay on the Asgardian landmass within Asgard ‘s own dimension, and although Karnilla was apparently of the Asgardian race, she did not consider herself to be subject to Asgardian convention. preferably, Nornheim was an freelancer area, of which Karnilla was absolute sovereign. [ citation needed ] Karnilla lived sumptuously in the ancient fastness of Nornkeep, attended by her handmaid, the aged minor sorceress Haag, and troops of defender demons. Although there were many demons among her subjects, Karnilla ‘s kingdom was besides populated by android immortals, just as was Asgard proper. Karnilla ‘s relationship to the goddesses of destiny was nameless, although they were distinctly beyond her jurisdiction. [ citation needed ]

Balder the Brave

In the past, Karnilla often proved to be an enemy of Asgard, and acted in alliance with the Asgardian idol of evil, Loki. [ 3 ] however, Karnilla was long in beloved with Asgard ‘s noblest warrior, Balder the Brave. On Balder ‘s request ( on behalf of Asgard ‘s sovereign Odin ), Karnilla allied herself and her united states army with Asgard in the war with Surtur. After years of resisting Karnilla ‘s advances, Balder last became Karnilla ‘s lover. Some of Balder ‘s Asgardian friends disapproved of the relationship, regarding Karnilla as a figure of evil. Karnilla regarded herself, however, as a harsh but good rule. [ 4 ] bald was called away from Nornkeep to join the Asgardian prince thor in his mission to rescue souls of Earth human beings from Hel. During Balder ‘s absence, Karnilla was taken prisoner by the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, who were preparing an invasion of Asgard and first intended to eliminate Asgard ‘s allies. The Frost Giants besides transformed Karnilla ‘s subjects into stone. On his refund, Balder set out to rescue Karnilla, and was ultimately met with success thanks to the help of Tiwaz. Karnilla and the people of Nornheim then helped stop Hela ‘s invasion of Asgard with the Valkyries. [ 5 ] [ 6 ] Karnilla continued to both antagonize and help Asgard. She would often aid it against a common threat, but continued to seek Balder ‘s affection or seek the lives of Thor and Odin to try and make Balder king. [ citation needed ]


Since the return of the Asgardians after Ragnarok she at some point made an alliance with the troll king Gerridur. She enchanted a charm that disguised Ulik as an Asgardian Tanarus and altered everyone ‘s memories so Tanarus was always the champion of Asgard and everyone would forget Thor. Ulik was to use his placement to assassinate the All-Mothers of Asgard at the appointed fourth dimension to throw Asgard into chaos for a troll attack. Karnilla formed a trio of outcasts witches called the Weird Sisters along with Kelda to spy on Asgardia and help Ulik. Despite the spell, Heimdall finally saw through the spell and destroyed the charm fair as the trolls attacked. Karnilla joined in the battle in a desperate try to turn the tide. She battled and was promptly defeated by Freyja. Freyja then sealed Karnilla and Gerridur within the skull of Ulik. [ citation needed ]

The New Thor

Karnilla was separate of the list of women Odinson suspected to be the new Thor. [ 7 ] She was one of the many women warriors ( Asgardians and Avengers alike ) Odinson and Freyja brought to help Thor in her fight against Cul Borson, as he commanded the Destroyer armor under Odin ‘s arrange. [ 8 ] They fought him off until Odin aborted Cul ‘s mission. [ 9 ]

fagot of Hel

Karnilla requested Odinson to help defend Nornkeep from a massive army sent by Malekith to kill the Norns and prevent them from determining their destinies. When the assail occurred, Karnialla had the Norns evacuate while she remained behind to defend the Nornkeep. She immobilized many of the attackers by taking control condition of their destinies. however, the army was able to sever Nornkeep ‘s connections to the roots of Yggdrasil, causing the massive structure to crumble. Karnilla was caught in the collapse and mortally wounded. Before dying, Karnilla told Odinson that she had witnessed visions of many things, including the death of the modern Thor, Jane Foster. She tried to warn Odinson to protect Jane but died before she could. [ 10 ] Karnilla ‘s spirit was sent to Hel, the kingdom of the absolutely, where she reunited with Balder, who had become the region ‘s new ruler. Moments afterwards, Hel was attacked by an army of Fire Demons from Muspelheim on behalf of their queen Sindr, one of Malekith ‘s allies. [ 11 ] Balder ‘s forces were overpowered, but he received help in the form of Thor and Loki, who teleported to Niffleheim to put an end to Malekith ‘s plans. Tyr tricked Balder and his allies into liberating Hela, who was being returned to Hel as a prisoner of the Queen of Cinders. [ 12 ] Loki convinced Balder and Hela to marry despite their hostility for tactical purposes to unite the kingdom against Sindr. Karnilla was displeased with this growth, but wished the best for the kingdom. [ 13 ] Before the marriage could be sealed, Sindr ‘s forces attacked. The Queen of Cinders was defeated by Thor, who had besides recruited the Einherjar and the Valkyries to fight for Niffleheim. After Sindr and her forces retreated back to Muspelheim, Hela refused to continue the ceremony, arguing that Balder never got to say his vows. Having stolen Balder ‘s wedding gang from him, Karnilla slid it in her finger and said “ I do ” in his rate, sealing the marriage to spare Balder of the sacrifice. Karnilla subsequently requested Loki ‘s aid in arrange to return Balder to the land of the populate. [ 14 ]


Power Grid[20]


Karnilla possesses the conventional attributes of an Asgardian woman ( “ goddess ” ) angstrom well as command of the mysterious arts of Asgard. Like all Asgardians she is highly durable ( though not immortal like the Olympians ), superhumanly strong, immune to all diseases, and resistant to conventional injury ( Asgardian pulp and bone is about 3 times denser than Earthly pulp and bone, accounting for Asgardians ‘ greater intensity and weight ). Her Asgardian metabolism gives her far greater immunity than human endurance at all physical activities, though she rarely deigns to indulge in unnecessary practice. Her powers are ranking or leveling through Asgardian “ gods ” and “ goddesses ” Karnilla possesses huge charming powers that are peer to Loki [ 15 ] [ 16 ] and is surpassed entirely by Odin [ 17 ] Karnilla ‘s charming powers derive from two major sources : her congenital capacity to manipulate charming energy, which she has honed through hanker drill, and her grow cognition of spells and enchantments of Asgardian origin. Her ability to wield charming energy for personal use is only travel by among inhabitants of the Asgardian proportion by Odin. Through sorcery she is afforded a horde of abilities : the enhancement of forcible and centripetal abilities, the power to assume different forms and attributes, and the ability to deploy mystic energy for offensive and defensive purposes, in the class of charming ability bolts and shields. Karnilla ‘s huge cognition of arcane lore enables her to cast spells with a variety of particular effects. The many spells she has utilized include magic trick molding, irregular paralysis or sleep, deflection of oncoming matter and energy, inter-dimensional teleportation, and elemental conversion. These spells derive their potential from the ambient mysterious energy of Asgard ‘s dimension or power-objects found therein. ( Of course, she can besides use her charming abilities with fully potency when she is in Earth ‘s dimension. ) Karnilla is capable of casting inter-dimensional spells, and of casting spells that have permanent effects. For model, once while she was physically in Nornheim, she cast a go upon Oswald Garth, the human criminal calling himself the Wrecker, which permanently gave him and his weapon extraordinary properties. With Loki, she created Durok the Demolisher. [ 18 ] Allspeak: Thanks to the Allspeak she can communicate in all of the languages of the Nine Realms, Earth ‘s dialects, and versatile alien languages .


Has extensive cognition of ancient and arcane charming .



Possesses a horde of charming items, such as the Norn Stones. besides wears Asgardian garments.


Asgardian horses, teleportation, possibly flight .

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