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Mysterious Being






Z-City ( Z-City Ghost Town )



Indomitable Will
Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist
Master Swordsmanship
Accelerated Development

Master Swordsmanship

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Superhuman Physical Prowess


Metal Bat
Variety of Swords
Cyborg Body
Metal Knight type of unit



Martial Artist






Hero Association


Saitama ( Teacher )
Genos ( Rival )
lecture Man ( Partner )


Game Debut

One punch man : A Hero cipher Knows

Japanese VA

Mei Shibata
Tamaki Orie
Marie Oi
Shinei Ueki
Teppei Uenishi
Narumi Kaho
Saki Kobari
Emiko Takeuchi
Kento Shiraishi
Takuya Makimura
Wataru Komada
Hayato Kimura
Rina Honnizumi
Hazuki Ogino
Himari Mochida
Yu Wakabayashi
Hinata Tadokoro
Shotaro Uzawa
Arisa Date
Souskue Shimokawa

English VA

Lizzie Freeman
Jennifer Roberts
Julia Mcllvaine
Christian La Monte
Mick Lauer
Bill Butts
Tom Bauer
Joe Hernandez
Reba Buhr
Kayli Mills
Faye Mata
Joe Zieja
Landon McDonald
Mark Whitten
Khoi Dao
Spike Spencer
Alejandro Saab
Erika Harlacher
Michelle Marie
Kira Buckland
Jackie Lastra
Aleks Le
Brandon Winckler
Jason Marnocha
Kevin M. Connolly
Brock Powell
Ted Sroka

The Custom Hero is a non-canon hero character who is the player ‘s customizable character in One-Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows.




The custom hero can have multiple appearances depending on what the actor decides, from appearance to gender to voice. There are many different faces, hair’s-breadth styles and outfits available, many of which are direct references to early characters in the One-Punch Man universe .




The custom hero is a silent protagonist, and does n’t have a lot to say outside of battles other than standard “ yes ” and “ no ” options. The lack of language is to resemble how the actor going through the game would experience scenarios and give relatability throughout the narrative. Despite the lack of words, this character is epic and is volition to help out early heroes .




The custom-made hero is the position from what the player goes through the first season of the zanzibar copal ‘s story line. There are even some moments that go through the second season of the zanzibar copal ‘s floor for smaller details. Example being when the custom hero reaches B-Class, the Blizzard Group harasses you into joining them. This character ‘s friend is a hero known as Lecture Man, who helps out the customs hero through out the originate of their newfangled heroic career.

This quality can progress through the hero rankings fast within the history and get stronger by learning how to fight from the Training Monsterbot, then finally leveling up after defeating mysterious Beings and sparing with other heroes. The character besides starts to follow Saitama around, wanting to learn from him. Though this causes a competition between the player and Genos .

Abilities and Powers



Starting at level 1, the character is very fallible and has a hard time keeping up with Tiger flat threats, though as you level up through out the game and progress. This fictional character finally becomes level 99, the maximal horizontal surface and in S-Class, this makes the custom-made hero the second potent character in the game as they are able to defeat any quality except Saitama. The custom hero has customizable abilities, being able to learn any vogue of fighting making them identical herculean. You can pick many different struggle types that you can learn from a diverseness of characters. Standard Type: Moves from this battle type can be learned from Saitama, Bang, Mumen Rider, Sweet Mask, Sneck, Suiryu, Lightning Max, Watchdog Man and Garou. This gives the player to learn Saitama ‘s serious punch and his consecutive Normal punches, aswell as martial art styles sutch as Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist and Void Fist. Power Type: Moves from this battle type can be learned from Puri-Puri Prisoner, Tanktop Master, Tanktop Tiger and Tanktop Black Hole. Psychic Type: Moves from this battle type can be learned from Tatsumaki and Fubuki. Weapon Type: There are three sub-battle types that can be learned, but despite if you learn A or B, you can inactive use any weapon type moves learned with any weapon :

  • Weapon Type A : Can be learned from Metal Bat, giving the player a replica metal bat to use in battle. You can even learn fighting spirit injection to give you a small power boost for a limited time.
  • Weapon Type B : Can be learned from Atomic Samurai, letting the player learn how to use a sword of any kind. In this style you can also learn techniques from, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Stinger and Spring Mustachio.

Machine Type: There are three sub-battle types that can be learned, note you can entirely use the moves within A, B or C if you have that substitute type equipped :

  • Machine Type A : Can be learned from Metal Knight giving the player a Metal Knight type of unit to put on their back and use in battle.
  • Machine Type B : Can be learned from Child Emperor, giving the player a copy of his backpack to use in battle.
  • Machine Type C : Can be learned from Genos, turning the player into a cyborg.

Monster Type: This makes the custom hero lose their humanity, transforming you into a cryptic being. When in this state, you are able to use abilities that Boros, Melzargard, Deep Sea King, Carnage Kabuto and Mosquito Girl are able to do, though you still can not transform like they can .

Images and Videos



ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS - Closed Beta Announce Trailer PS4, X1, PC ONE PUNCH MAN A HERO NOBODY KNOWS – Closed Beta Announce Trailer PS4, X1, personal computer Introducing the custom bomber into the plot .




  • The Custom Hero has the most voice actors out of any character, since they can have custom voices.
  • The Custom Hero is the only character able to learn so many different abilities from a wide range of characters.
  • Custom Hero is the first non-canon hero and character in the One-Punch Man Series, the second is Lecture Man.




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