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Before Gyomei was a Demon Slayer and Hashira, he lived with nine children who were orphans and raised them in a synagogue. The area was well known for devil attacks therefore Gyomei had constantly burned Wisteria Incense to ward off any demons that would harm him and the children. One nox, one of the nine children disobeyed the temple rules and traveled beyond its borders. He is immediately accosted by a demon, and in arrange to save his own life, he tells the demon to eat the other children deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as Gyomei. After night fell, the child invited the demon into the temple after putting out the Wisteria Incense. Four children were immediately killed by the devil and the remaining children insisted on escaping the synagogue, ignoring Gyomei ‘s orders. His frail stature and blindness fueled the distrust the children had in Gyomei ‘s ability to protect them, which led them to abandon him and ultimately getting killed by the devil. In the end, only one child—the youngest, Sayo—had listened and stayed behind in fear of the demon.

Though it is unknown how the exchange went depressed, Gyomei had been cut across the frontal bone by the monster but soon reversed the situation and began attacking the devil mercilessly after realizing he had a “ terrorization total of power. ” [ 1 ] He went on and beat the devil ‘s head until the sun rebel. soon after, people came to the scene of the incident to help but due to a misconstrue with Sayo saying ” That man is a monster! Everyone… he… killed everyone! “ [ 2 ] the villagers thought she meant Gyomei and not the devil. He was late imprisoned and charged with the murder of the seven children but Kagaya Ubuyashiki, a.k.a “ Oyakata-sama “, intervened and released him before he would ‘ve been executed for his false crimes. later on, Gyomei became a Demon Slayer and after lone two months, the Stone Hashira .


Gyomei was present with the other Hashira when Tanjiro Kamado wake up .
As the Hashira discuss what to do with Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado, Gyomei takes pity on Nezuko ‘s form and calls her deceptive, saying it was a compassion she was born into the universe. Upon hearing Tanjiro ‘s determination, he says that it is a feel for how obsess Tanjiro is and that they should kill him to release him from his suffer. [ 3 ] When Kagaya Ubuyashiki arrives, Gyomei kneels to greet him alongside the rest of the Hashira and is the first gear to speak after the Oyakata announces that he has given his blessing to Tanjiro and Nezuko. Gyomei says that despite the Oyakata ‘s wishes he was loath to accept the pair. He is shocked as his leader revealed that Tanjiro had come into contact with Muzan Kibutsuji. He and his chap Hashira are then halted from flush more debate by a childlike gesticulate from their leader, with the Stone Hashira remaining silent as Kagaya explains more of his reasoning for pardoning Tanjiro and Nezuko. [ 4 ] Gyomei looked on as Sanemi attempted to test Nezuko with his blood and took compassion on Tanjiro, who was being restrained by Obanai Iguro for being a decrepit child. [ 5 ] After Nezuko refuses to drink Sanemi ‘s blood and Kagaya declares that the pair may leave in peace, he commences the Hashira Meeting with Gyomei besides in attendance. [ 6 ] Gyomei appears at the very end of the bow, where it shows him receiving the news of the Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku ‘s, death. Gyomei is visibly saddened, tearing up, and offers up a prayer .
Gyomei was present at the meet held at the Ubuyashiki Estate in the aftermath of the attack on the Swordsmith Village. He stops Sanemi Shinazugawa from getting into a contend with Giyu Tomioka over the latter ‘s refusal to participate in the grand aim of all the Demon Slayer Corps in rate to find as many people who were able of manifesting the Demon Slayer Mark as potential. [ 7 ] When Tanjiro Kamado and Zenitsu Agatsuma arrive at Gyomei ‘s education camp in the mountains, they are shocked to find all the trainees, including Inosuke Hashibira meditating under a waterfall. They turn around as Gyomei greets them and are shocked to see him standing tiptoe on burning ground while balancing logs and boulders on his shoulders. [ 8 ] Gyomei says that the most crucial thing is the soundbox ‘s core, the limbs and that his educate was geared to strengthening the limb. He explains that his coach consists of lone three things : educate underneath the waterfall, carrying three logs on one ‘s shoulders and pushing a large boulder through a nearby township. Inosuke, who had passed out underneath the waterfall and been resuscitated by Tanjiro, noted that he could sense that Gyomei was the strongest Demon Slayer and Tanjiro agreed with this, stating that the Rock Hashira was the only one who had a different odorize from the others.

He is late seen pushing a giant star boulder, bigger than the one the trainees were to use across the batch. The train was quite unmanageable but besides not compulsory, which meant quite a few of the trainees quit midway, left aghast at the feat required. Genya then reveals to Tanjiro that the chant Gyomei would repeat often was in fact a series of insistent actions designed to maximize his focus and that allowed him to pull off feats such as pushing the boulders. [ 9 ] meanwhile, Gyomei looked on at the two from a distance as Genya continued to explain that while chant, both him and Gyomei would remember their anger and afflictive memories which made their heart pace and temperature rise. Later on, when Tanjiro successfully completes the Rock Hashira coach but is left badly dehydrated, Gyomei pours water on him to save the boy. He then continues on and says that due to completing his train and for his actions in the Swordsmith Village of prioritising the villagers over his sister he believes Tanjiro is a true fencer. however Tanjiro states that the choice was made by Nezuko and not himself and thus he could not accept Gyomei ‘s acceptance and upon seeing this the Stone Hashira is left further impressed at Tanjiro ‘s honesty. Saying that all his doubts are now gone, Gyomei states that he has fully accepted Tanjiro regardless of what the other Hashira may say. He continues and reveals that when he was younger he raised nine orphan children in a temple and that one day one of the children broke their curfew and stayed out till after sunset, leading to the child being chased by a demon. however, the child attempted to save himself and told the devil to eat all the children and Gyomei at the temple rather of himself, going ampere far as to put out the wisteria cense Gyomei would burn outside the synagogue at night to ward off demons. The devil sneak inside and immediately killed four of the eight children, Gyomei, who at the time was tight-fitting and weak with a soft articulation, attempted to protect the other four but three of them disobeyed his orders, believing their blind caretaker would be of no use. All three of them were besides killed, leaving only the youngest, Sayo, alive as she hid behind Gyomei. Determined to protect Sayo at all costs, Gyomei fought the demon and managed to pin it down and beat its head in with his denude fists until dawn. He thoroughly disliked the know of hitting another be being but persevered to protect Sayo. As the sun ultimately rose the devil died and Gyomei who had lost many things that night had at least managed to protect her, however when people arrived and were shocked at the slaughter, they asked Sayo what happened and said that the man was a monster who killed all the children and since the demon ‘s cadaver had disintegrated in the sun, everyone assumed she had been speaking of Gyomei and he was sentenced to death. This was heartbreaking for Gyomei who had wanted for Sayo to be grateful to him for fighting for her, however he understood that the child would have been thoroughly confused due to all the chaos and would not have meant to unintentionally frame him. He was saved from performance due to an treatment from Kagaya Ubuyashiki and had been deeply paranoid of all people ever since, however he said that Tanjiro had nowadays proven himself and that he would do everything he could to make Tanjiro would make no missteps in his animation and pats the young Demon Slayer on the head, proud of him. [ 10 ] As he hurried to the Ubuyashiki residence, Sanemi thought back to when the Hashira held another meeting amongst themselves, with Sanemi declaring that they should have at least two Hashira guarding the Oyakata at all times and asked Gyomei if he could do something to make that potential. The Stone Hashira had responded by saying this was impossible, going on to tell the others that he became a Hashira when he was nineteen years old and had been asking the Oyakata about this claim matter for eight years directly. Each time, he adamantly refused by saying person equally hard as a Hashira should not be wasted on him. After the Ubuyashiki residence explodes, Gyomei is there to provide backup to Tamayo after she successfully injects Muzan Kibutsuji with her medicine and cleaves the Demon ‘s head clean off. [ 11 ] Gyomei mournfully remembers the first time he met Kagaya, when he had been but eighteen years previous and the Oyakata fourteen, as Kagaya told him that he knew Gyomei was not a murderer but had fought to protect the early children at his monastery. He then remembers when the Oyakata requested that he be used as a decoy to allow Gyomei to behead Muzan, besides telling the Stone Hashira that he believed the sun was the lone way to defeat the Demon.

As Muzan regenerates his head and uses Blood Demon Art: Black Blood, Brambles to attack Gyomei, the Stone Hashira counters with a Stone Breathing, Third Form: Stone Skin to protect himself. He is then transported inside the Infinity Castle alongside the other Demon Slayers. [ 12 ] Inside the Infinity Castle, Gyomei is aboard Muichiro Tokito at first and the both of them slice through a ten thousand of weaker demons with ease. After being prodded by the Mist Hashira, Gyomei confirms that Kagaya had intended to use himself as bait after his illness had worsened to its final stages, showing great rage at the pass of the Oyakata. While Shinobu Kocho fight with Doma she remembered the time when she and her sister, Kanae Kocho had been saved from a demon by Gyomei. [ 13 ]



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