20 Things Only True Fans Know About Naruto And Hinata’s Relationship

Though the character of Hinata Hyuuga didn ’ thymine debut in the Naruto manga until the one-fourth volume, she was a pillar in the animate projects, appearing in every personification of the zanzibar copal and movies. finally, the meek and balmy girl who admired Naruto Uzumaki from afar became the love of his animation – though many fans never would have imagined that possible during their early on interactions .
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Hinata ’ randomness interest in Naruto wasn ’ thyroxine born of romantic puppy love. alternatively, she admired his committedness to educate : no matter how many mistakes he made he constantly continued on in his missions. She looked to find a way to stand up for herself the same way Naruto did. With closely 500 episodes of zanzibar copal in the two original Naruto series, and respective movies as companion stories, the two fell in love, but for fans who might not have devoured every aspect of the Naruto canon, there ‘s a lot to learn about their relationship .

Updated on March 21st, 2022 by Amanda Bruce: Though Hinata does n’t have as big of a role in the Boruto series as her conserve Naruto, it does n’t mean fans are n’t still intrigued by their kinship. Though the two seem to have identical different personalities, they both besides plowshare a stubborn stripe that makes them persevere despite the odds being stacked against them .
It ‘s no wonder that they gravitate toward one another and understand each other ‘s decisions when they raise their kin – Hinata leaving the shinobi life style behind while Naruto leads the village as Hokage. Their kinship is a fascinating one .

Boruto And Himawari Are Recognized Hyuga Clan Members

Hinata, Naruto, Himawari, and Boruto celebrate in the Boruto series family linage is an authoritative part of good how the shinobi global works in the Naruto franchise. That ‘s because a distribute of forte jutsu, and even chakra levels, are inherited. Each kin in the Naruto world has its own specialization, some of them are observe secret from outsiders, and most much, children end up in the kin of the don if distant relatives do n’t keep their relationships in the like kin .
Because Naruto is said to be the last of the Uzumakis ( though Karin is even out there and shares his kin name ), Boruto and Himawari might partake his family appoint, but they belong to the Hyuga kin. Boruto and his little sister even train with their Aunt Hanabi once in a while. Considering Himawari has the Hyuga Byakugan, it makes perfect sense for her to maintain membership in her mother ‘s kin anyhow .

Hinata’s Perfect World Included Naruto

Neji and Hanabi see Naruto and Hinata in the Infinite Tsukoyumi When the Infinite Tsukuyomi was unleashed during the Fourth World War, the merely ones not caught in the genjutsu were Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto, as they were left to free the shinobi world. The genjutsu was n’t just a delusion, however, it was meant to suck those affected by it into their ideal earth .
For Hinata, that world included Naruto. In fact, her dream is a relatively simple one at the meter. She and Naruto spend time in concert, sitting on a bench, while her cousin Neji and her sister Hanabi witness how in love they are. The three most significant people in the world to her are condom and felicitous. She does n’t entirely get that dream to come true as Neji is killed in the way, but Naruto does finally realize he feels the same .

Naruto And Hinata’s Zodiac Signs Are Considered Incompatible

Hinata hides her scarf from Naruto in her bag in The Last Naruto The Movie Naruto, the charmer and detached spirit, is canonically a Libra in the franchise with his October tenth birthday. Hinata, on the other hand, is born on December 27th, making her a virtual and goal-oriented Capricorn. On wallpaper, Naruto and Hinata ‘s zodiac signs make them one of the least compatible couples .
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Astrology enthusiasts will know that both Libra and Capricorn tend to be leaders. Hinata does n’t constantly show her leadership abilities in the series until she ‘s coerce to take a stand. Naruto takes the precede on a regular footing, whether others want him to or not. In theory, that should make them clash. Hinata, however, admires Naruto besides much for that to happen when they ‘re growing up. Capricorns besides tend to see things in black-and-white, favoring one side of a site. Libras are the zodiac sign most probable to understand both sides of an argument, making them effective peacemakers. All of these different traits could put them at odds on newspaper, but Hinata and Naruto do n’t let their differences stop them from growing together .

Hinata Has Used Her Byakugan To Check Naruto’s Wallet

Hinata and Naruto sit and talk in The Last: Naruto The Movie Hinata and Naruto might have taken a long time to get on the same page as a couple, but once they did, they both wanted to make the other person comfortable in the relationship. According to one of the Naruto companion books, the Naruto Official Movie Guidebook, Naruto, who had no experience go steady, decided to get a hand from Sai. Sai, raised in Root to ignore his own emotions, had books on human behavior to help him reintegrate into society. It was there that Naruto learned he should be the one to pay on a date with Hinata. He took her to a visualize restaurant for one of their first official dates but did n’t anticipate precisely how much it would cost .
fortunately, Hinata could see through his predicament – literally and figuratively. When she realizes that Naruto is slenderly uncomfortable at their date placement, she uses her Byakugan to take a peek into his wallet, noting that the restaurant is decidedly out of their price range. She suggests the two go to Icihiraku Ramen rather, a staple in the series, and Naruto ‘s front-runner place .

Sakura, Naruto, and Sasuke stand together during the Fourth Shinobi World War in Naruto Shippuden Naruto and Hinata might be beloved by a big count of the consultation, but they actually are n’t the most popular match in the Naruto franchise. It ‘s easy to see which match is the most popular by checking out fandom works on sites like Archive Of Our Own. Fans can search relationship tags, and the phone number of works for each relationship is listed. Across sites that catalogue fandom works, there are a couple of pairings that stand out a much more popular .
canonically, the most popular match is actually Sasuke and Sakura. Fanfiction, fanart, and cosplay for the two are prolific in the on-line community. The most popular pair that does n’t occur in canon besides features Sasuke, but not Sakura. It ‘s the relationship between Sasuke and Naruto .

Naruto And Hinata First Met When Hinata Was Being Bullied

A young Naruto and Hinata sit together in the snow in The Last Naruto The Movie
Though both the Naruto manga and zanzibar copal series begin with the title character already entrenched in ninja train and knowing all of the other supporting characters, the movies have fleshed out much of their backstory. In The Last: Naruto the Movie, fans got to see barely how Naruto and Hinata met. In the middle of a white street, Hinata found herself the prey of a group of bullies. The boys called Hinata a monster because of her Byakugan eyes, tormenting her while she cried, and that was when Naruto stepped in .
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Naruto, excessively new to have had any of the prepare seen former in the series, stands up to the three other boys and is beaten thoroughly for it. In fact, Naruto winds up unconscious, and it ’ s his actions attempting to save her that first base cause Hinata to admire his courage. Neither of them has the skills necessity to stop the bullies at that point, but the two go on to train for the rest of their childhoods, saving one another repeatedly. Hinata might spend much of her formative years being saved by Naruto and other friends, but she grows into a combatant precisely a solid as him .

Naruto And Hinata Both Had Troubled Childhoods

Hinata and Hanabi spar for the Hyuga heir title in a Naruto flashback One of the many similarities Hinata and Naruto plowshare is that they didn ’ t have the easiest childhood. Though their experiences were different in many ways, their crude breeding drew them to one another. Naruto ’ s childhood was more brutal than most. With the spirit of a demon sealed inside his body, the majority of his greenwich village looked at him as an outsider and a menace. Add to that the fact that he lost his parents and had no early syndicate to help him, and Naruto lived a animation of isolation and loneliness. He spent much of his time acting out, being the most vocal one in the board, and drawing attention to himself .
While Hinata grew up with her kin, her childhood was barely as difficult. She was the successor to the Hyuga Clan, a big ninja class. More ennoble than the rest of her family, she didn ’ t take good to their difficult coach regimen. Her church father was besides intemperate on her, criticizing her diffident personality and pushing her to change her ways. The more he drilled his own ideas into her head though, the promote Hinata flinch into herself. Unlike Naruto, who longed to stand out on his own terms, Hinata tried to make herself blend in. The two grew to balance one another out .

Naruto Was The First Person To Have Faith In Hinata

Naruto cheers Hinata on during her chunin exam match against Neji Hinata spent a lot of her childhood with everyone telling her that she wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate solid enough to become a ninja. She spent a batch of time internalizing everyone else ’ second public opinion of her, allowing their ideas to influence how she acted in a confrontation, losing every fight as a resultant role. Naruto was the first one to have any faith in her abilities .
When Hinata was selected to conflict her cousin Neji in the chunin examination, none of the early ninja in train believed she has what it took to beat him. Neji spent the entirety of the match talking down to her and reminding her that she ’ south not equally knock-down as him. It ’ s only Naruto, watching from the sidelines, who cheers Hinata on and has faith in her. Naruto ’ sulfur faith in her keeps her from backing down, and it ’ s the first time she stands her ground in a fight alternatively of giving up, surprising all of those who have trained with her .

Hinata’s Hairstyle Has A Very Special Meaning

A split image depicts a younger Hinata with shorter hair and an older Hinata with longer hair in the Naruto franchise When Hinata is introduced in both the manga and the anime, her hair is cut identical short compared to the early female characters, and particularly the characters in her own family. The reason here is double. In ancient japanese culture, when a charwoman brought discredit to their syndicate, they were made to cut their hair. Hinata ’ mho don, who considered her a failure as his successor to the main house of the kin Hyuuga, basically disowned her and placed her little sister in line to run the kin one day. Fans have theorized that he made Hinata cut her hair shortstop before he washed his hands of her .
On the other bridge player, there ’ mho another cause that links back to her quixotic interest angstrom well. In the manga, it ’ randomness revealed that Sasuke has a thing for long hair, and so many of the girls attending the Academy want to get his care that they spend a fortune of time styling their hanker hair. To show that Sasuke isn ’ t the one who holds her attention, Hinata ’ s hair’s-breadth is cropped unretentive. It ’ s a subtle means of making sure Naruto knows she international relations and security network ’ thyroxine interest in person else. As the manga ( and the anime ) series grew, Hinata ’ s hair’s-breadth became longer over prison term. not entirely did this score her growing up and growing closer to Naruto, but it besides marked her learning not to place banal in what early people think of her .

There Was A Fake Hinata

Hinata and Naruto together during the Fourth Shinobi World War During the Fourth Shinobi World War in the manga, the ninja that readers watched grow up were put into even more parlous situations than common. The anime did the like. It wasn ’ t all massive battles, though. There were besides some pretty matter to schemes in hopes of getting residents of the Hidden Leaf Village to reveal their secrets .
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One bow, in particular, saw Zetsu imitate many of the beloved characters. Zetsu were, for all intents and purposes, shapeshifting walking zombies. The Zetsu used to be ninja with clear-cut personalities, but their lives were lost during experiments that left them as part of the mystic god tree. They were able to emerge from it and masquerade as others. Hinata was one of them. The foreman way the Zetsu decided to convince residents of the greenwich village that it was Hinata ? That would be by making it very clear merely how much affection she held for Naruto. finally, her teammates figured it out, but Kiba couldn ’ thymine resist teasing her that the biggest privy the Zetsu about got was how much Hinata cared about Naruto .

Hinata Could Always See Tell The Real Naruto From Any Fakes

Naruto protects Hinata in The Last Naruto The Movie The addition of the Zetsu to the confrontation made everyone in the battles leery of who could be friend or foe. After Hinata was impersonated by one, she was besides attacked by others. Naruto saved her from the attack, but her friends weren ’ t indeed surely he was the real Naruto. alternatively, her cousin Neji insisted that the Naruto that saved her and joined their ranks could be a Zetsu trying to earn their believe. Hinata, however, disagree. According to Hinata, all she had to do was look into Naruto ’ s eyes to know it was him .
Throughout the arc, that estimate became a recurring root for the two. Hinata believed that, even with her especial power of sight, it was Naruto ’ s eyes that would tell her the accuracy. Naruto echoed the sentiment later : he could always see the truth in Hinata, which was fresh but didn ’ triiodothyronine avail him when people suspected him of being a shapeshifter. Hinata spent some meter apologizing not entirely for others mistrusting him but besides for Naruto having to save her again. By that point in the serial though, Naruto no long saw himself as saving a damsel in straiten, but by “ returning the privilege ” since Hinata had saved him american samoa well. It was a very moment of increase for their relationship .

Naruto Inspired Hinata

Hinata tells Naruto she shares his ninja way in the Naruto manga Despite his imperativeness that he will become the adjacent big Hokage repeatedly in the series, Naruto tends to make a set of mistakes. He frequently winds up placing himself and his friends in damage ’ s way. That, however, doesn ’ metric ton count to Hinata. She finds him inspiring. It ’ s not merely Naruto ’ s boost of Hinata in her first major confrontation that inspires her, though. Hinata draws forte from him long before that, even back at the Ninja Academy. She calls him a “ proud failure ” during the series because she watches him get knocked down sol many times only to climb binding to his feet and try again .
It ’ s his perseverance that makes Hinata believe that she besides can become a great warrior, despite what her syndicate thinks about her, even commenting that he made her believe she was “ worth something ” in the manga. Hinata besides adopts Naruto ’ s nindo — his creed or his “ ninja way ” as he calls it – for her own. In turn, when Naruto discovers this about Hinata, she besides inspires him to keep going when he loses religion in himself. The few times in the zanzibar copal when Naruto thinks he might be outmatched, it ’ sulfur Hinata ’ s faith in him that allows him to continue. He ’ sulfur inspired to beat Neji in an examination round after watching Hinata garbage to give up, despite winding up in the hospital. He ’ s besides belated inspired by her on the battlefield after she stands up to his opponents when he can ’ t .

Naruto And Hinata Weren’t Originally Going To Be Together

Naruto argues with Sakura in front of Hinata in the Naruto anime Given Hinata ’ s connection to Naruto so early in her presentation, some fans might have thought that she was constantly meant to be Naruto ’ s love concern, but that ’ s not the case. It wasn ’ metric ton decided that the couple would end up together until halfway into the writing of the manga series .
Sakura was primitively written as the heroine of the fib, the one who trained with Naruto and grew along with him, but she wasn ’ t inevitably written as his love concern despite his crushed leather on her. Writer Masashi Kishimoto did a serial of promotional interviews in 2015 as the kinship between Naruto and Hinata came to the vanguard of the anime and movies. He revealed that he made the decision to have Naruto and Hinata find their glad ending together because of Hinata ‘s faith in Naruto. Hinata believed in Naruto ’ mho abilities even before his trainer Iruka did. Her faith in Naruto never wavered throughout Kishimoto ’ second stories, and that put her in a unique status compared to the rest of his characters. That faith led Kishimoto to decide the two were meant for each other .

Sakura Gave Hinata A Push

Naruto and Hinata watch Sakura work in The Last Naruto The Movie many series would pit their ladies against one another when it comes to being the center of attention. While Sakura and Ino frequently compete for Sasuke ’ sulfur attention, and there are a few instances where Sakura seems to reciprocate Naruto ’ s break down angstrom well, Sakura doesn ’ triiodothyronine let boys get in the way of her friendship with Hinata. rather, she actually encourages Hinata to tell Naruto how she feels. Hinata finds herself teased about her feelings by her teammates Shino and Kiba during the enliven series, but they never actually help her work up the courage to interact with Naruto .
alternatively, it ’ randomness Sakura in The last : Naruto The Movie who tries to get Naruto and Hinata to stop dancing around their feelings for one another. Sakura encourages Hinata to give Naruto a scarf joint she has been knitting for him. She besides takes the time to explain to Hinata that, although Naruto shows an affection for her, he besides doesn ’ triiodothyronine differentiate between his love for people and his love for early things, like food, something Hinata needs to hear. It allows her to realize that Naruto doesn ’ thyroxine however understand the like depths of emotions that she does. It ’ s not just Hinata that Sakura attempts to explain things to, though. In an feat to get her two friends closer together, she besides encourages Naruto to walk Hinata base, trying to get him away from his shallow fans, but he doesn ’ thyroxine. It takes the duet a long clock to reach the lapp emotional point .

Hinata Stepped Up To Save Naruto From Pain

Hinata stands in front of Naruto to defend him from Pain in Naruto Shippuden When pain attacks the greenwich village, it ’ second Naruto who attempts to take the villain on alone, but Hinata comes to his aid. Hinata ’ s engagement in the fight causes a transformation in Naruto. Because Naruto has the nine-tail flim-flam boundary inside his body, there are times when his power actually comes from the demon that tried to destroy the greenwich village when he was a baby. The dodger tries to take over Naruto ’ s body from time to clock time, but he normally fights back, doing his best to stop it from using his body. During the fight with Pain though, Naruto allowed the nine-tail flim-flam to take over his body for one identical specific reason : to avenge Hinata .
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When Naruto became pinned during his competitiveness with Pain, Hinata took over for him, trying to protect her friend from the villain tied though Naruto told her to run. Pain send one of his rods through Hinata, leaving her sternly injure and unable to keep up the fight. so angry at seeing Hinata in such badly shape, Naruto embraced his ramp and allowed the fox inside him to come out. It led to the confuse about destroying the entire village in the competitiveness. The devastation he caused left him guilt-ridden, though that was ephemeral as he was more excuse that he was able to save Hinata .

Naruto Calls Hinata Beautiful

A split image depicts two views of Hinata as she trains in a waterfall in the Naruto anime For a long time before Naruto admits how he feels, the audience doesn ’ triiodothyronine get an inclination of whether he might return Hinata ‘s feelings. He spends much of the first gear series with a crush on his supporter Sakura while Hinata admires him from afar. On one mission when they ‘re young, however, he calls her beautiful for the first time .
During the zanzibar copal, Hinata convinces her team to take on a newly mission. They aid Naruto in his bay to find a bikochu beetle in a filler arch. The particular insect will help track down their miss ally Sasuke. The mission itself is a difficult job for the group. Hinata spends clock time on her own education in regulate to be able to master a skill that would save them late. She chooses to spend her time away from the boys coach in a waterfall. Naruto sees her in the waterfall from a distance, but he has no mind that it ’ second Hinata. He sees her discipline in a dance-like fashion amongst the water system, and he recounts to the team former how beautiful the cryptic girl was. Though Hinata knows that Naruto must have seen her, she doesn ’ t admit that out loudly. alternatively, she ’ s embarrassed that he saw her in the urine since she left her clothes on the bank to keep them dry .

Naruto Makes Hinata Laugh

Hinata laughs with the sky in the background in Naruto Shippuden Throughout the zanzibar copal and manga, artists tie Hinata as identical reserved. She might smile to herself once in a while, but to openly joke is rare. The entirely one who seems to be able to get a actual laugh from her is Naruto. In fact, while Hinata laughs behind her hand at a few points in the series, it ’ sulfur normally hiding her overplus. If fans don ’ triiodothyronine watch the fillers ( scenes made to fill time following episodes on japanese television receiver ), they missed the handful of times Hinata laughed .
A few fillers saw Hinata interacting with Naruto and his friends, giving the hearing a surprise laugh. For case, one scenery shared with fans featured Naruto and Hinata enjoying ramen with Sakura and Kiba. While discussing Kiba and his sunglasses, Naruto and Hinata share a laugh. That doesn ’ t happen in the series itself as Hinata is normally excessively self-conscious when she interacts with Naruto. In the early episodes, she even faints. The first time audiences get to see Hinata openly laugh during an episode is in her marry arc. Naruto ’ s former sensei Iruka tracks Hinata down after spending time agonizing about what to say in a marry video recording. He actually apologizes to Hinata, thinking his raise of Naruto somehow played a region in her future husband upsetting her, though it ’ s a misinterpretation. Hinata gives a full laugh for the first ( and only ) time in the series .

There Is An Alternate, Aggressive Version Of Hinata

Sakura And Naruto Meet A New Hinata In Road To Ninja
It takes Naruto and Hinata so long to get together because he ’ south clueless and she ’ sulfur excessively shy. In another population, though, they ’ ra very unlike. One movie decided to explore just what the characters would be like if there were slightly different circumstances surrounding them. In Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie, Sakura and Naruto are transported to a different reality. There, Naruto finds that his parents are still alive, though his name is Menma alternatively. Sakura discovers that with her father as a greenwich village drawing card, she has more freedom. It seems like the two could have it made if they stayed, but they find some differences that worry them .
One of those differences was actually Hinata. rather of her meek and shy personality, Hinata was much more aggressive. She was quick to jump into a crusade, evaluate others, and put her own needs first. She provided a austere contrast to the Hinata fans knew. She ’ s indeed different from herself that when she suspects that Sakura has feelings for “ Menma, ” she doesn ’ t take kindly to it. In addition to exhibiting typical jealousy, she threatens Sakura ’ mho life multiple times. While a fiddling aggression could have benefited Hinata, this version was more dangerous .

Naruto And Hinata Are Tied Together By The Red String Of Fate

Naruto and Hinata entangled in the red scarf while in a genjutsu in The Last Naruto The Movie The theme of the bolshevik weave of fortune originates in chinese legend. Kishimoto adopted it for the story of Naruto. In the legend, the gods tie those destined for one another with a bolshevik weave. It ’ south one of the many takes on how soul mates are connected from around the global. Of course, Naruto and Hinata are not tied in concert by a literal thread, but alternatively, the symbolism of a bolshevik scarf in The Last: Naruto The Movie .
The movie provides an gamble, but besides acts as a more traditional love fib, providing Naruto and Hinata with more scenes together. The consultation knew how Hinata felt, but the movie spelled out Naruto ’ s feelings for them angstrom well. In flashback, Hinata and Naruto met as youthful children and bullies destroyed Naruto ‘s crimson scarf when he defended her. Though Naruto deemed it trashed, Hinata kept the scraps. As she aged, she decided to knit him a successor for the one he lost when he defended her. She knits it throughout the movie. Rather than trust on Hinata knitting the scarf joint as symbolism, though, the writers and animators got a little more obvious with it. Caught in a ambush that caused them to relive erstwhile memories, Hinata ’ sulfur red scarf tangled around Naruto, allowing Naruto to see her memories as well. Their souls were quite literally tied together. Kishimoto admitted in conventionality interviews his wife inspired this particular symbolism when she knitted him a scarf joint !

Naruto And Hinata Might Have Decided To Marry Before Dating

Naruto kissing Hinata in The Last Naruto The Movie One issue with having manga, zanzibar copal, and movies about the like characters is they don ’ t follow the same continuity. As a consequence, just when Hinata and Naruto actually went from friendship to date is different across the circuit board. One novel acted as a manner to bridge the opening between some of that continuity. It only made their relationship timeline more confuse. In the fresh Sakura Hidden: Thoughts of Love Riding Upon a Spring Breeze, Sakura got the foreground. In the years following the great war seen in the anime, Sakura founded and worked in a clinic dedicated to the mental health of children impacted by struggle .
She besides searched for Sasuke, whom she had been infatuated with since she was a child. In the background of Sakura ’ mho fib is a little detail for fans to pick up on : Naruto and Hinata went on their first date. Of run, when the novel lines up with the events of the anime timeline, things get slippery. At that point in their story, Naruto and Hinata were already planning their wedding. Given that Naruto informs Hinata he wants to spend the rest of his animation with her during the events of The Last: Naruto the Movie though, the couple deciding to marry before trying to date doesn ’ metric ton seem all that far-fetched.

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