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Hina (by Tengen)

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Demon Slayer Corps


Demon Slayer

Personal Status


Active (Pre-Timeskip)
Deceased (Post-Timeskip)


Tengen Uzui ( Husband )
Makio ( Co-wife )
Suma ( Co-wife )


Manga Debut

chapter 71 ( Image )
chapter 77 ( Full Appearance )

Anime Debut

Episode 35 ( Image )

Episode 38 (Full Appearance)


Japanese VA

Atsumi Tanezaki

English VA

Anairis Quiñones Hinatsuru Images Image Gallery Hinatsuru ( 雛 ( ひな ) 鶴 ( つる ), Hinatsuru ? ) is a supporting charater of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a kunoichi and one of Tengen Uzui ‘s wives .


Hinatsuru is a young woman of average acme possessing a bosomy and slender figure with long black haircloth that she broadly keeps tied bet on into a ponytail. She has adult, almond-shaped violet eyes framed with thin eyelashes and eyebrows and a discrete beauty crisscross ( or gram molecule ) located beneath her leave eye, giving her a pacify and kind appearance. Hinatsuru wears a inadequate, sleeveless lavender dress with an irregular squarely pattern of a black color, which has a plunge neckline that exposes her cleavage, and secured tight with a red-violet colored obi where she presumably stores her kunai. She wears brown fishnet socks that reach up to her mid-thigh along with light colored sandals with presumably imperial straps .


Hinatsuru disguised as a courtesan Hinatsuru disguised as a concubine .


Hinatsuru is a calm, affected role and incredibly kind individual, alike to Tanjiro Kamado. additionally, she is strategic and audacious during struggle situations. She shows compassion and love towards her husband, Tengen Uzui .


At some point of her life, Hinatsuru married Tengen Uzui, along with Suma and Makio. After she left the kin, her family travel to see Kagaya Ubuyashiki in order to fight as a contribution of the Demon Slayer Corps. [ 2 ] At some point in the past, Hinatsuru was instructed aboard Makio and Suma by Tengen on his personal ideology : to put their own lives first, then estimable humans, and last himself. She accepted his will, but Makio questioned the approach as it went against what they had been taught as kunoichi. Hinatsuru reassured her, reminding her that it ‘s what Tengen wanted for them and that it was okay to desire self-preservation. [ 3 ] Later, she would bring up her wish for the four of them to retreat from the front lines vitamin a soon as they defeated an Upper Rank. [ 4 ]


Suspecting that the Entertainment District was an ideal hiding location for demons, Hinatsuru infiltrated it as an oiran alongside her fellow wives. [ 5 ] Sent to the Kyogoku House, [ 6 ] she quickly realized that the lead oiran Warabihime was a Demon, but could not make a move, and thus drank poison in order to be sent out of the theater. however, she was sent off with a girdle that would cursorily dispatch her if she attempted to do anything fishy. [ 7 ]

send to the lowest class whorehouse in Yoshiwara, Kirimise, Hinatsuru was found by her conserve Tengen and given an antidote to the poison she had taken. She told him to leave her and go after the monster, apologizing for not being more utilitarian. He instructed her to leave a soon as the antidote took effect, and the two hugged. [ 8 ] When she recovered enough to move, she alternatively slowly made her way towards the fight. [ 9 ] Arriving at a critical point in the conflict, Hinatsuru fired a boastfully sum of kunai at Gyutaro, who used a Blood Demon Art to block the attack. Despite this, one of her kunai managed to get through, creating an opportunity for Tengen and Tanjiro Kamado to strike. [ 10 ] She desperately hoped that one of them would manage to decapitate the demon. [ 11 ] however, the Upper Rank managed to recover and turn his attention to her, but before any injury could come to her, Tanjiro saved her with a compound Water Breathing and Hinokami Kagura proficiency. She ripped the Gyutaro ‘s sever hired hand from her throat, but he was quickly upon them again, lone to be attacked from behind by Tengen. [ 12 ] The furtive approach failed, Tanjiro launching the two of them back from the subsequent counterattack, and the sudden attack from Daki. The kunoichi told her jesus not to worry about her, as she would hide herself, but to rather focus on winning. [ 13 ] Before she left, she slipped him one of her poison kunai. [ 14 ] She was joined by her companion wives, Makio and Suma, having witnessed the concluding moments of the battle. She noted with worry that something was wrong, that feeling becoming horrifying reality in a desperate concluding attack by Gyutaro. [ 15 ] She and the others desperately tried to save their conserve, to no avail, Hinatsuru shedding a tear for him. He attempted to say some final words, but Suma and Makio were quarreling, causing Hinatsuru to admonish them. In the middle of all this, Nezuko Kamado arrived, using her Blood Demon Art to burn the poison from Tengen ‘s body, to the wives ‘ initial astonishment and repugnance, to subsequent rejoice. [ 16 ] Hinatsuru, her chap wives, and Tengen were then approached by Obanai Iguro, who both congratulated and insulted them on their victory. She pushed an excessively emotional Suma off of their heavily injured conserve. [ 17 ] She then left with her family, supporting her husband so he could walk. [ 18 ]


Overall Abilities: Hinatsuru does not possess any form of superhuman abilities. however, as she was raised as a kunoichi, Hinatsuru possesses some shape of shinobi skills, being capable of wielding a kunai vitamin a well as performing maneuvers and fighting much more proficiently than regular people can .


Large Crossbow: In the struggle against Gyutaro, Hinatsuru uses a boastfully crossbow to fire a bombard of kunai at the Upper Rank in an try to slow down his re-formation. Standard Kunai: As a kunoichi, Hinatsuru carries around two standard black kunai for battle purposes. Wisteria-Laced Kunai: Hinatsuru possesses a corner which is filled with numerous kunai. Each kunai is laced with wisteria poison solid enough to paralyze convention demons half a day and even adequate to of immobilizing the Twelve Kizuki ‘s Lower Rank demons. [ 11 ]





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