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amphibian, ( class Amphibia ), any member of the group of vertebrate animals characterized by their ability to exploit both aquatic and sublunar habitats. The name amphibian, derived from the greek amphibios meaning “ living a double life, ” reflects this dual life strategy—though some species are permanent wave down dwellers, while other species have a completely aquatic mode of being .Green frog (Rana clamitans melanota). green frog ( Rana clamitans melanota ) .Norman R. Lightfoot/Photo Researchers

approximately 8,100 species of animation amphibians are known. First appearing about 340 million years ago during the Middle Mississippian Epoch, they were one of the earliest groups to diverge from ancestral fish-tetrapod neckcloth during the evolution of animals from strictly aquatic forms to tellurian types. today amphibians are represented by frogs and toads ( order Anura ), newt and salamanders ( arrange Caudata ), and caecilians ( order Gymnophiona ). These three orders of support amphibians are thought to derive from a single radiation of ancient amphibians, and although strikingly different in body form, they are credibly the closest relatives to one another. As a group, the three orders make up subclass Lissamphibia. Neither the lissamphibians nor any of the extinct groups of amphibians were the ancestors of the group of tetrapods that gave rise to reptiles. Though some aspects of the biology and anatomy of the diverse amphibian groups might demonstrate features possessed by reptile ancestors, amphibians are not the intermediate step in the evolution of reptiles from fishes .
Black eyed tree frog (Agalychnis moreletii)
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All About Amphibians
Do you know the beginning degree in the life cycle of most amphibians ? What about the feature that all frogs have ? From poisonous frogs to the ones that turn into princes, determine more about amphibians in this quiz .
modern amphibians are united by several singular traits. They typically have a damp skin and trust heavily on cutaneous ( skin-surface ) respiration. They possess a double-channeled hear system, park rods in their retina to discriminate hues, and pedicellate ( bipartite ) tooth. Some of these traits may have besides existed in extinct groups.

Members of the three extant orders differ markedly in their morphologic appearance. Frogs and toads are anurous and reasonably squat with long, potent back limbs modified for leaping. In contrast, caecilians are limbless, cringing, and highly adapted for a burrow being. Salamanders and newts have tails and two pairs of limbs of roughly the same size ; however, they are slightly less specialized in body form than the other two orders .Follow an amphibian's life cycle from an underwater egg to a land-roving organism Follow an amphibious ‘s life cycle from an subaqueous egg to a land-roving organism General characteristics of amphibians .Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.See all videos for this article many amphibians are obligate breeders in standing water system. Eggs are laid in water, and the originate larva are basically free-living embryo ; they must find their own food, escape predators, and perform other life functions while they continue to develop. As the larva complete their embryonic development, they adopt an adult consistency plan that allows them to leave aquatic habitats for tellurian ones. even though this metamorphosis from aquatic to terrestrial animation occurs in members of all three amphibian groups, there are many variants, and some taxa bear their young alive. indeed, the roughly 8,100 living species of amphibians display more evolutionary experiments in generative mode than any other vertebrate group. Some taxa have aquatic eggs and larva, whereas others embed their eggs in the skin on the back of the female ; these eggs hatch as tadpoles or miniature frogs. In early groups, the young develop within the fallopian tube, with the embryo feeding on the wall of the fallopian tube. In some species, eggs develop within the female ’ south stomach.

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