5 ways we need to adapt to climate change — or pay the price

To avoid the worst consequences of ball-shaped warming, report after report has stressed the importance of cutting emissions. But with unusually acute weather events wreaking havoc all over the world — from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas to estrus waves in Europe — newfangled findings suggest that the world needs to devote an equally pressing effort to adapt to the changes that are already on the horizon .
The 81-page report, released Tuesday by the Global Commission on Adaptation, argues that big investments in adaptation measures will not only avert environmental catastrophe but besides reap significant returns : Researchers found an investment of $ 1.8 trillion from 2020 to 2030 could generate $ 7.1 trillion in entire net income benefits .
“ Mitigation and adaptation are actually two sides of the very same mint, ” Christiana Figueres, former administrator repository of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and a member of the adaptation deputation, told the AP. “ If we delay extenuation any further we will never be able to adapt sufficiently to keep humanity safe. And if we delay adaptation we will pay such a high price that we would never be able to look at ourselves in the mirror. ”
thus what kind of adaptation measures are we talking about ? The new report recommends five specific areas in which to invest.

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Early warning systems
early warn systems are technologies that can accurately forecast when a storm, heatwave, or other adverse weather event is incoming. According to the report, equitable 24 hours ’ warning can reduce the result wrong by 30 percentage, and investing $ 800 million in such systems in developing countries would prevent $ 3–16 billion per year in losses .
Climate-resilient infrastructure
The report ’ s authors suggest that upgrading living conditions in vulnerable communities — which might mean improving housing, water, sanitation, drain, and waste management — will build resilience and strengthen their adaptive capability. More climate-resilient infrastructure adds about 3 percentage to upfront costs but provides $ 4 in benefits for every $ 1 of price .
To support our nonprofit organization environmental journalism, please consider disabling your ad-blocker to allow ads on Grist. here ‘s How
Improved dryland agriculture
Investing in drought-resistant crops and modernizing irrigation systems could help protect small-scale farms from rising temperatures. If nothing is done, the reputation says, ball-shaped crop yields could shrink by 30 percentage by mid-century .
Mangrove protection
Mangroves — trees that grow in coastal swamps — reduce the affect of storm surges that endanger coastal communities. According to the report, mangrove forests prevent more than $ 80 billion per year in losses from coastal flood and protect 18 million people. They besides contribute just over $ 40 billion annually to sustain local fisheries. ( Incidentally, mangrove forests are besides an incredible natural carbon sink. )

Making water resources more resilient
Investing in water infrastructure and natural watersheds could expand access to clean water. today, 3.6 billion people don ’ t have enough water system for at least one calendar month out of the year. Failing to act could expose an extra 1.4 billion people to water shortages by 2050 .
Who ’ south gon na foot the bill for all this, you may ask ? The report recommends a combination of public sector, private sector, and international fiscal support in developing countries, though it adds that “ money is not flowing at the pace or scale needed. ”

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