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Victor Stone is a former college athlete and football headliner. Following a hideous accident that resulted in the death of his mother, Victor was gravely hurt and was highly close to death. His forefather, Silas Stone, was able to save him via the use of a Mother Box that crafted cybernetics onto his consistency, managing to save his life but leaving him alienated and detached from the rest of humanness due to respective complications with his new form. He would finally be recruited by Wonder Woman to become a extremity of the Justice League, to help defend Earth against the at hand foreigner invasion of Steppenwolf and his Parademon army. shortly after joining the team, Victor assisted the Batman and the Flash in resurrecting Superman from the dead. With the team now fully assembled, Cyborg contributes to the successful offense against Steppenwolf, forcing the alien invasion into retreat. Following this, Victor last reveals himself to the populace, officially becoming a superhero and dub Cyborg, having further plans for the newly-founded Justice League alongside Batman .



Victor Stone was born on June 29, 1994, in Gotham City, New Jersey, to Dr. Silas Stone, a scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, and his wife Elinore. [ 1 ]

Victor attended Gotham City University, and played on the Gotham City Wildcats as a football quarterback. One night, he won a game for his mother while his founder was absent. Silas ‘ constant absences anger Victor leading into arguments with his mother. [ 1 ]

Becoming Cyborg

That same night, Victor and Elinore get themselves into a car accident resulting in Elinore ‘s death. Although, Silas, the head of S.T.A.R. Labs, manages to save Victor ‘s life using the Mother Box. however, rather than restoring his wide body, the Mother Box transformed him into a Cyborg. [ 2 ] Since then, Victor went into obscure and kept the Mother Box hide at his apartment. winner resents his father for being largely absent in his life and for rebuilding him into a “ freak ” and blames him for Elinore ‘s death. Silas leaves him a magnetic tape which Silas called “ A Father Twice Over ” that serves as guide on how to discover his newly-gained powers, which include the ability to remotely bypass encoding and manipulate computer systems at will, but Victor destroys the videotape when the record becomes more personal. Though Victor was “ restore ”, he was declared dead to the public, with his gravestone reflecting his date of death as 2015. [ 1 ]

Fight against Steppenwolf

One night, after Silas was kidnapped by a parademon that was searching for a Mother Box, Victor joins Batman, and Wonder Woman ‘s team of Metahumans to save him by breaking through the New God Steppenwolf ‘s free-base of operations where he has already obtained 2 Mother Boxes from Themyscira and Atlantis and using them to form the integrity that would result in Earth ‘s terraformation into Apokolips. Victor unveils the Box ‘s abilities to the team which it can either restore or destroy life, calling it a “ transfer machine ”. Inspired by this, the team decide to use the Box to revive Superman. [ 1 ]

Resurrecting Superman

Victor and Barry exhume Clark Kent ‘s body from his grave and take it back to his ship in S.T.A.R. Labs where Victor and Barry activate the Mother Box and successfully animate Superman ; while doing therefore, Victor gains a agile glimpse of the future in which Darkseid kills Diana, and Arthur while takes control of Superman. however, Superman becomes amnesic and attacks the team. Victor ‘s armor ‘s refutation launches a missile towards Superman, but he dodges the misslie before it could hit him. Superman responds back and attacks the team. finally, Lois Lane arrives and calms Superman down. Following this, Steppenwolf attacks S.T.A.R. Labs and retrieves the last Mother Box, which Silas placed a hotness tracker on at the monetary value of his biography. winner tracks down the heat key signature and besides discover Steppenwolf ‘s nucleotide using one of Bruce ‘s six satellites. [ 1 ]

Battle of Pozharnov

The team, late joined by a now mindful Superman, then formulate a plan to breakthrough Steppenwolf ‘s base and break the Unity with Victor separating it and Barry assisting Victor. however, the plan fails when Barry is injured by a Parademon and the Unity forms, causing an explosion, killing the team. just as the Unity causes the explosion, Barry uses his abilities to reverse clock time. When doing so, Victor enters a dreamstate where he sees himself with his parents alive as they attempt to convince Victor to stay in it, although Victor refuses and claims he is home and complimentary as Cyborg. [ 1 ]


Following the fight against Steppenwolf, Victor decides to remain on the team and listens to his father ‘s commemorate again and farther explores his abilities. [ 1 ]

conversation with Barry

At some degree Victor had a conversation with Barry about the possibility of a multiverse which Victor stated was impossible .

80?cb=20201223031037 “I had a dream. It was the end of the world. I think it’s something more… something darker.” ―Bruce Wayne, Zack Snyder’s Justice League
Knightmare future. This is a potential future that may not necessarily follow the primary timeline. This article or section is about the. This is a potential future that may not inevitably follow the elementary timeline .

Beginning of the end

At some decimal point in a possible future, Lois Lane would be killed, with the Batman having been unable to prevent it. Consumed with grief, Superman was left susceptible to Darkseid ‘s Anti-Life equation and allied himself with the forces of Apokolips, becoming a black, authoritarian rule of the planet. [ 3 ] Earth was successfully terraformed by the Mother Boxes and the Regime was founded to aid Superman in his totalitarian seduction of Earth, mercilessly killing anybody who opposed him. With his remaining Justice League allies, Cyborg and the Flash, the Batman promptly founded the Insurgency in order to combat this new menace, frankincense beginning a long dispute. Cyborg stood alongside the Batman to recruit the Joker to get a Mother Box to build the cosmic treadmill, a device capable of tearing holes in fourth dimension when combined with the Flash ‘s speed. [ 2 ] [ 1 ]

The admonition

After Batman was ambushed and killed by Superman, Barry and Victor got ready to put the Insurgency ‘s backup plan into action. Cyborg gave Barry some rough calculations, [ 4 ] and, with this cognition, the Flash was able to use his cosmic treadmill to run back in meter to warn Bruce Wayne of the dangers that Superman could pose. [ 5 ] however, as Flash was journeying through time, some stranger event occurred that Victor was unable to prevent, and Barry was pulled violently from the timestream. [ 2 ]


Before his tragic accident and cybernetic transformation, Victor Stone was an affirmative football enthusiast and academician overachiever, frankincense managing to gain a scholarship to Gotham City University. After the accident, however, Victor abandons football and becomes blue, secluded, depressed, and flush reasonably robotic. Cyborg can besides be quite numb and robotically starchy, sternly pointing out to a person that the latter should have moved out of the path of the Humvee flying good at him. [ 6 ] This all stems from the fact that after becoming a cyborg, Victor no longer feels amply homo, thinks of himself as a monster, and even Wonder Woman herself was initially unable to persuade him otherwise. however, when his beget Silas Stone gets kidnapped by Steppenwolf, Cyborg joins the League without hesitation, and even personally attacks the awful New God to save him. Despite his disenchantment with the universe, Victor retains his altruism after his accident, hacking into school databases and changing the grades of students who are suffering from family hardships prior to his transformation, and assisting a hard up individual mother by manipulating her bank account as Cyborg. After fighting aboard the Justice League for some time, however, Cyborg seems to have warmed a bit to all of his teammates, as he bonds a sting with Flash over their unexpected metahuman baron gain ( though he placid found the latter ‘s humor a bit annoying [ 7 ] ), he reasonably bonds with Batman over their engineering expertness, he notably reassures the previously disbelieving Aquaman that “ the drive ai n’t over so far ” ( before helping the Atlantean fight a group of Parademons ), he comes to appreciate Wonder Woman ‘s emotional support, and even shares a laugh of easing with resurrect Superman ( after they successfully pry apart the 3 Mother Boxes ). indeed, Cyborg is the first member of the League to have befriended every individual one of his teammates during their first base major battle. Superman ‘s return and the defeat of Steppenwolf last grants Cyborg the assurance to reveal his cybernetic self to the world, and begin mending his labored relationship with his father, as he is seen beginning to work with Silas at S.T.A.R. Labs .

Powers and abilities


Organic and biomechatronic body parts. He’s a cyborg.
―Diana Prince[src]

Technorganic physiology : After surviving a atrocious accident and becoming a cybernetic organism with the help of an Apokoliptan Mother Box, Victor Stone has gained respective superhuman abilities .

  • Superhuman strength: Cyborg’s armored cybernetic body grants him considerable superhuman strength, making him the fourth-strongest member of the Justice League (after Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman). Hence, Cyborg was able to easily stop and knock back a flying Humvee mid-air, smash right through the Knightcrawler’s roof, as well as catch and hurl Aquaman 30 feet through the air, and he even helped Superman pry apart the 3 Mother Boxes with his bare hands, though doing so visibly strained Cyborg. However, Cyborg was no match for either Steppenwolf, though he was still strong enough to send him flying with a punch empowered by the recoil of his cannon, or an angry resurrected Superman, albeit he did briefly and barely held him back using the full force of his cybernatic body before being swiftly overpowered and pummeled.
  • Superhuman durability: Cyborg’s cybernetic body is extremely durable, capable of withstanding immense blunt force trauma, as well as flight at extremely high altitudes. However, beings considerably stronger than him can still wound Cyborg, notably when resurrected Superman painfully beat Cyborg to the ground, and later when Steppenwolf cut through the former’s shoulder with his battle-ax, and later tore off several of Cyborg’s limbs.
  • Superhuman speed: While nowhere near as fast as Superman or the Flash, Cyborg is considerably faster than humans, with him able to appear and disappear in a blink of an eye.
  • Superhuman stamina: Cyborg has incredible stamina, with him never tiring or needing to sleep. Indeed, Cyborg doesn’t need to consume food, or even breathe if he were to choose not to.
  • Superhuman reflexes: Due to the bio-cyber interface of his brain and nervous system, Cyborg possesses exceptional reflexes.
  • Longevity: Being more machine than flesh and blood, Victor is immune to aging and illnesses (although he is possibly susceptible to computer viruses), and has unlimited lifespan.
  • Self-modification: 250?cb=20180817002946 Cyborg’s cybernetic body appears to be in a constant state of self-modification, which leads to him discovering new abilities every so often, suddenly learning one day that he could fly, for instance. He was also able to generate weapons and a Kryptonian command key.
    • Self-repairing: Cyborg, due to the Mother Box healing him, is capable of repairing his biomechatronic and regenerating his organic body parts if they become damaged. This way Victor notably managed to heal his body and regrow lost organic body parts with biomechatronic parts after his horrible accident, thereby becoming Cyborg. Even after Steppenwolf cut through his left shoulder and tore off his right leg, Cyborg managed to recover and weld himself back together within seconds with Batman’s help.
    • Plasma cannon: Cyborg can swiftly alter the shape of his arms into a cannon, which generates extremely powerful concussive blasts of blue-hot plasma. These blasts are powerful and hot enough to instantly disintegrate a huge piece of falling debris mid-air, and one blast was even able to momentarily hurt Steppenwolf himself.[6] The cannon was powerful enough to even briefly stagger a resurrected Superman, knocking him back slightly, but did not harm him and only caused him to grunt in annoyance.
    • Rocket launcher: Victor can just as spontaneously morph his left arm into a missile system, having done so on accident after integrating with the Mother Box.[6] His armor’s defense system having conjured it up in the presence of the revived Kryptonian.
    • Flight: Cyborg can achieve sustained flight, via thrusters located along his body, and can achieve great velocities. He also has a collapsible face plate which protects his organic part of his face when in flight.
    • Shield: Victor can morph his arms into a shield capable of withstanding and deflecting the heat vision from a revived Superman. He was only overwhelmed was by the sheer, continuous force of the beams, which only knocked him back.
    • Extra arms: Victor can manifest extra, cybernetic limbs for situations requiring greater strength or dexterity.
Your physical strength is just the tip of the iceberg. The tip of the tip. In a world of ones and zeroes, you are the absolute master. No firewall can stop you. No encryption can defy you. We’re all at your mercy, Vic. From our power grids to our telecommunications, everyone’s lives are controlled and dominated by complex digital networks that will bend, without effort, to your will. The fate of the world will literally rest in your hands. Its entire nuclear arsenal, you could launch with a thought. The world’s monetary systems and its complex interactions will seem as easy to manipulate for you as a child’s plaything. The question– no, the challenge… won’t be doing it. It will be not doing. Not seeing. It is the burden of this responsibility that will define you and who you choose to be.
―Silas Stone[src]
  • Technology manipulation: Victor, as a cybernetic organism, can interface and control any system he has access to, allowing him to manipulate data seamlessly. He was able to access the highly sophisticated Batcomputer when attempting to communicate with Batman and Wonder Woman, and integrate with the Knightcrawler in the fight against Steppenwolf. He is even able to interface with advanced technology from other worlds, such as Scout Ship 0344 and the Mother Boxes. Cyborg remains constantly plugged into the Internet, taking in and processing vast amounts of code and data. However, Cyborg admits to not having fully mastered this power. He even has the ability to repair non-digital devices without even making any form of physical contact.
    • Holographic projection: Cyborg can make holographic projections of data that he discovers on the Internet.
    • Technological enhancement: Through his mechanical interfacing, Victor can bolster the efficiency of any mechanical or cybernetic apparatus he comes across. Such as he did with Bruce Wayne’s Flying Fox when the former said it couldn’t get to Russia in time to stop the terraforming.[6]
    • Technology assimilation: Victor can integrate other pieces of technology, such new weapons, into himself to further increase the range of his own capabilities.
You talk to machines?”
“I speak to intelligence.
―Aquaman and Cyborg[src]
  • Technopathy: Cyborg can communicate with technology; he knew the Flying Fox could not take flight because of a software issue.


Your son may be captain of the football team and a certified genius, Mrs. Stone–“
“Doctor Stone.”
“But that doesn’t mean he can hack into our system to change his friends’ grades.
―Gotham City University Dean and Elinore Stone[src]
  • Genius-level intellect: Victor Stone was already a genius before his accident, but his mind was enhanced even further after he became a cyborg, due to his mind absorbing vast amounts of data from being constantly connected to the Internet.
    • Master engineer: Cyborg, due to his technopathy, has become an engineering genius, even more so than Batman, with him therefore swiftly understanding how to use the Batcomputer and Knightcrawler, and when confronted by unfamiliar technology such as that on Scout Ship 0344 or the Unity, Cyborg can familiarize himself with it very quickly, hence he was quickly able to deduce Lex Luthor’s process of creating Doomsday, as well as the upcoming process of resurrecting Superman with a Mother Box. As a result, his father Silas Stone consistently asked Cyborg to work with him and his scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs, which Cyborg eventually does.
  • Expert athlete: Victor Stone had originally been a highly skilled college athlete and football star before his horrible accident, even gaining a football scholarship to Gotham City University.
  • Stealth expertise: Cyborg, despite his mechanical body, is exceptionally stealthy, as he was able to spy on Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince from a distance, and later, along with Batman and Wonder Woman, was able to swiftly slip away when Commissioner James Gordon turned away for a moment, surprising even The Flash was left incredulous at how he didn’t notice his teammates leave, despite having superhuman reflexes and standing right beside them.
  • Expert combatant: Although he has never received formal training, Cyborg is a skillful wrestler, able to defeat countless Parademons and even temporarily fight against the likes of Steppenwolf and Superman with the aid of his powers, though no match for either of them alone, as Steppenwolf had no trouble overpowering Cyborg and Cyborg’s ability to score a hit on the New God was attributed to him working together with Wonder Woman and he only lasted for moments against Superman before being soundly tossed aside.
  • Master marksman: As a football star, Victor Stone was already skilled with target-based activities, and, with his technological enhancements improving this even further, Cyborg became a perfect shot on par with master marksmen like Deadshot; he can accurately home in on a moving target’s trajectory to shoot it out of the air, as done with numerous Parademons.[6]


  • Mother Box: Cyborg’s main piece of equipment is an Apokoliptan Mother Box, which healed his damaged body, transforming him into a cybernetic organism. Due to his own horrid experience with it, Victor was determined to keep it hidden, despite his father Silas Stone’s protests, only agreeing to retrieve it to help resurrecting Superman.




Behind the scenes

Differences in Justice League

  • All Cyborg’s scenes were reshot by Joss Whedon except for joining the League for the first time on the GCPD rooftop.
    • Cyborg’s backstory was signficantly rewritten. Cyborg mentions that the cybernetic reconstruction of his body happened sometime during or after “the night Superman died” which blatantly contradicts the events of Batman v Superman.
  • Several of Cyborg’s scenes were removed altogether.
    • Victor’s football match and subsequent car accident were removed.
    • Cyborg’s deep look into his new self and powers was removed, including hacking into bank records and security cameras, viewing nuclear data, and learning to fly.
    • Cyborg’s holographic display of the history of the Mother Box of man for the League was removed.
    • The death of Cyborg’s father and Cyborg’s reaction/coping were removed.
    • The Mother Boxes’ projection of the manipulative visions and Cyborg’s conquering of them was removed.
  • Cyborg’s appearance in the Knightmare future was added in the additional photography for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and so did not appear.
  • Some Cyborg scenes were added.
    • Superman and Cyborg fall to the ground after separating the Mother Boxes and joke about their desire to live.
    • Cyborg works with his father to change his mechanical body.


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