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Joe West


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Human Alive

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Original multiverse
Police captain
Leader of the
Member of ( in secret )
Police detective ( once )
Beat collar ( once )
New multiverse
Police captain ( once )

Police captainLeader of the Anti-Meta-human Task Force Member of Team Flash Police detectiveBeat copPolice captain


Original multiverse
Central City Police Department ( once )
Team Flash ( in unavowed )
Anti-Meta-human Task Force ( once )
New multiverse
Central City Police Department
Team Flash ( in secret )


Esther ( grandma )
Unnamed ( great-uncle )
Ben West ( father )
Unnamed ( uncle )
Francine West ( wife ; deceased )
Iris West-Allen ( daughter )
wally West ( son )
Jenna West ( daughter )
Nora West-Allen ( future granddaughter )
Bart West-Allen ( future grandson )


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Our badges, your emblem, they’re symbols of the strength that we’re charged with to get back out there. And we don’t make the choice to die. We would never choose to do that. But when we hear the call of duty… we’re willing to make that sacrifice.
—Joe West to Barry Allen[src]

Joseph “Joe” West [ 1 ] ( behave September 9, 1968 ) [ 2 ] is the erstwhile patrol captain of the Central City Police Department, badge number 5936. Joe is besides the widower of the late Francine West, the don of Iris West-Allen, Wally West, and Jenna West, the foster father/father-in-law of Barry Allen, and the boyfriend of Cecile Horton.

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master multiverse

early life

Joe West was born to police officer Ben West erstwhile after 1967. [ 3 ] In adulthood, he followed his father ‘s footsteps and became a police military officer in the Central City Police Department. [ 4 ] During this time, Ben gifted Joe a watch. [ 5 ] At some point, Joe met a woman named Francine, and they fell in love. finally, Joe asked Francine ‘s forefather if he could marry his daughter, which the man agreed to. [ 6 ] Joe and Francine were married and on June 24, 1989, they had a daughter, Iris. [ 7 ] Whilst raising his daughter, Joe apparently never bought a crib for Iris, preferring to “ barely plop [ her ] on some cushions and call it a night. ” [ 8 ] Overtime, Joe and Francine ‘s relationship became strained due to the latter ‘s drug addiction. One day around 1995, Joe and his partner got a predict to check a theater where a young girlfriend said her mother was unconscious. Recognizing the address as his own, Joe rushed to the scene and was horrified to find his wife passed out from a drug overdose and a worry Iris standing in the kitchen, about burned from the oven catch fire since Francine had left it on. fortunately, Joe and his partner were able to get Iris to base hit and help Francine barely in fourth dimension. Joe sent his wife into rehab even again, but she ran off soon after. He spent weeks searching for Francine, but could n’t find her. Joe then lied to Iris that Francine had died, hoping to spare his daughter from the truth and leave her with a good memory of her mother. [ 9 ] however, both were unaware Francine was pregnant with another child when she left them. [ 10 ] When Iris met and became best friends with Barry Allen, Joe became close to the boy ‘s parents, Henry and Nora Allen. All three knew about Barry ‘s developing feelings for Iris. sometime anterior to 2000, Joe rose to the membership of detective at the CCPD. [ 4 ]

Taking Barry in

On the night of Nora Allen ‘s mangle on March 18, 2000, [ 11 ] Joe arrived with the CCPD. He comforted her son, Barry, as his don Henry was taken away. [ 4 ] He late took Barry in and raised him, as Barry ended up a foster child after Nora ‘s death and Henry ‘s imprisonment. After an attack to run and see his founder, Joe assured Barry that he had the power to stop him from going, sending him to his room. [ 12 ] After Barry was bullied by Tony Woodward several times, Joe concisely trained Barry and taught him that it was best to stay away from fights that could n’t be won. [ 13 ]

Supporting Barry ‘s heroics

Thirteen years late, Joe was at a crime scene with his partner, Detective Chyre, were assigned to a robbery at a bank in Central City. They discovered it was the work of the Mardon brothers, and after discovering that they ‘d escaped to one of respective farms, they visited each farm. At the last farm, they discovered Clyde Mardon. He began shooting at them as he ran away, hitting Chyre in the neck. besides, before he could escape, Mardon ‘s plane was blown to pieces by a shock-wave from the explosion of S.T.A.R. Labs ‘ atom accelerator. On the same night, Barry Allen, Joe ‘s foster son, was struck by lightning, putting him in to a coma. Over the ensuing 9 months, Joe and his daughter, Iris, began visiting Barry. Eventually Joe ‘s visits became so excessive that his superiors were frequently annoyed by his miss of commitment to the storm, and one day Barry began having indocile seizures despite the fact that he had flat-lined in front of a dismay Joe and Iris. As Iris was excessively distraught to be in the construction, Joe began stressing but was approached by Dr. Harrison Wells, who offered his checkup aid in his lab. Initially Joe scoffed at this idea, out of distrust for his function in the particle accelerator accident, but Wells managed to convince him that he had the resources to save him whereas no doctor anywhere else did. Despite knowing that Wells was indeed Barry ‘s best luck, Joe did n’t trust Wells and knew something was n’t right about him, so far allowed Wells to take Barry out of despair to see Barry better. After Barry woke up from his coma, he ran into Joe back at the patrol department. He was called to a looting at Gold City Bank and late returned with assorted suspects. They viewed versatile cell phone recordings, noting the freak ramp that picked up inside the bank itself. They besides noticed a pickup car, taking note of its partial issue denture. Joe late arrived at another crime scene at which Barry and Iris happened to be at. Joe scolded both Barry and Iris for being there and became annoyed at the former when he suggested that Mardon was both active and had gained the power to control the weather. He went on to reiterate that Barry ‘s beget was a murder, as had been proven, and it was an obvious fact. This caused Barry to walk off in irritation. not long after, more police arrived, including Detective Thawne, Joe ‘s new spouse. Eddie showed Joe the sketch artist ‘s example from a suspect, which appeared to be the apparently dead person criminal, Clyde Mardon. leery that he could ‘ve survived, the two went to Mardon ‘s old farmhouse, where they found him. however, before they could arrest him, he knocked them away with the hoist and began to create a tornado around himself, proceeding to move it outside. Joe carried an unconscious Eddie outside by their cable car while they were powerless against Clyde Mardon. As a piece of debris flew through the air out, it about hit them, however, it was intercepted by Barry with his superintendent speed. Barry soon unraveled the crack, and before Mardon could shoot Barry, Joe shot Clyde foremost. The following dawn, Joe discussed Barry ‘s powers with him and further apologized for not believing him, admitting that Barry ‘s stories of a man in a film over of lightning killing his mother were likely true. He had Barry predict not to tell Iris about any of his powers. Joe called Barry to a crime fit which he was supposed to be at. At the scene, Barry surveyed the footprints, comparing them to Captain Singh ‘s, embarrassing himself. bet on at the precinct, Joe scolded Barry for embarrassing not entirely himself, but besides Joe and the master. Barry attempted to apologize, putting it down to a draw of stress from recent events, and Joe mentioned how he related to all of it. He went on to assure that Barry had n’t told Iris anything, which he had n’t, so Joe sent him up to his lab to process tell from the crime picture. After gunmen attacked an event at which Iris and Barry had been at, Joe was on the scene. Realizing that Barry had tried to use his superintendent speed, Joe walked off to talk to Barry, scolding him for trying to be a hero, telling him that he was n’t unassailable ( a fact that he had to confirm at first ). He besides suggested that Barry make better excuses than faint, or Iris would become fishy. late that night, Joe discovered Barry ‘s investigation of his mother ‘s murder behind a map. He headed to S.T.A.R. Labs where he found Barry. He tried to talk Barry out of what he was doing by scolding him, though Barry was adamant that Joe had absolutely no baron over him, not to mention that they were n’t even technically related. Joe was upset, expressing his hope that they found out the nameless before person was killed by it, and then left. At work, Joe brought him some deoxyribonucleic acid samples of the shooters from Simon Stagg ‘s benefit to Barry to process. Barry hoped to see Simon Stagg with Joe, though he told Barry to stay and do his problem. Joe left with Eddie Thawne to visit Stagg. They questioned him about assorted lawsuits against him, including one from Danton Black, though Stagg assured them that Danton was nothing more than a clinical research worker, decidedly not a killer. When he finished with them, he began to walk off, until they were shot at by the lapp group from his benefit. As Simon was whisked to safety by Eddie, Joe stuck around long enough to see Danton Black pull off a masquerade, along with numerous early clones. Barry arrived, taking Joe to base hit therefore he could n’t interfere. Back at the precinct, Joe tried to get Simon to reconsider protective hands, though he assured Joe that he ‘d upped his security, so if anything he would be happy to see Black coming for him. Harrison Wells arrived and following a unretentive, snarky exchange between him and Stagg, Stagg left and Joe took Harrison to his function to talk. Joe questioned whether Harrison knew about Barry ‘s abilities during his coma, though he claimed to lone have suspicions. Wells went on to describe how Barry had quit their team. however, he was certain that Barry would join before long, though not with the same motivation he once had, doubting himself. After their spill the beans, Joe went to S.T.A.R. Labs to motivate Barry. He cursorily saved them from a Danton Black ringer that they ‘d made, and went on to assure Barry that only he could stop meta-humans ; the patrol merely had limited resources. He suited up and went to fight Black and despite finding the tax impossible, Joe mentioned that Barry himself had shown him that evening the impossible was potential. After he beat Black, Joe brought pizza to Barry in order to apologize. He revealed how he knew about Barry ‘s attempts to prove his beget innocent, and wished to join in the campaign, even if it took them the rest of their lives. He apologized for acting like his father, despite not being his actual founder, though Barry confirmed that he actually was, after all he ‘d taught him practically everything growing up. [ 12 ] Some days following, Joe and Barry walked through the precinct as Barry took the credit for the capture of a world the night before. Joe assured him that keeping his abilities a unavowed was precession. They walked on up to Barry ‘s lab where Joe brought out the evidence from Barry ‘s mother ‘s murder encase. Joe promised to take his time going through the tell, refusing to quit until they found evidence proving Barry ‘s beget impeccant. Before they could begin searching, Eddie interrupted, alerting them to a murder the night before of the integral Darbinyan crime family. At the crime picture, Barry was able to identify gasoline inhalation as the cause of death. They figured that it had to have come from inside, but found no canisters. Barry facetiously suggested that the gas had a mind of its own, causing Joe to send Eddie off for them to talk. Barry went in to depth on how he believed it to be a meta-human, while Joe suggested that they get “ accompaniment ”. They left to S.T.A.R. Labs where the team madly became excited over the expectation of the meta-human. Joe brought up the problem of putting meta-humans in to a regular prison, which led to Cisco suggesting they use the atom accelerator below them. They went to check the accelerator out and Detective West headed base. He went over the Allen case, watching footage from Henry Allen ‘s questioning. Iris catch and Joe plainly passed it off as misfiled sour. Eddie then arrived, under the guise of wanting to re-canvas the earlier crime scene, a lot to Joe ‘s pride, and they soon left for the scene. That night Barry visited Joe for help with the meta-human. Joe attempted to help, but the conversation promptly led to Barry think of breaking his church father out with his ace speed. Despite the comfort of it, Joe reasoned that often there would be some people Barry could not save, Barry ‘s dad included. last, Joe went to visit Henry. He apologized for having disbelieved Henry, mentioning that he planned to re-open the murder event. on the spur of the moment, the Mist entered the room and began suffocating the guard. He soon moved on to Joe, causing him to choke, before Barry came, in disguise, and saved him with a counteracting injection. Joe soon came back to life and Barry ran off to stop The Mist. While in the hospital, Joe thanked Barry for saving his life. Iris and Eddie approached, causing Barry to leave. The couple hesitantly admitted that they were in fact in a relationship, but Joe just explained that he had known all along, being the detective he was. He besides promised not to shoot Eddie, because Iris liked him so much. [ 14 ] At the scenery of the fail looting by Leonard Snart and his team, Joe arrived with Eddie. When Joe noted they failed to steal the Kahndaq dynasty diamond, he was told by Eddie that Iris has been persuading him to take her though Joe did not want to discuss the subject. After Barry told Captain Singh his analysis of the robbery, Joe told Barry that he was slow on his improvise. He was then helped by Barry on identifying Leonard Snart who Joe notes is the son of a former corrupt bull. belated when Joe and Eddie discussed Iris, Joe notes that they are strictly bring partners and does not care to discuss far about Eddie ‘s dating life. Joe was late contacted by Dexter Myles, the owner of the Central City Museum after noticing Snart had gone through the tour twice which had never happened before. Joe chased after Snart but was be about shot by him with the cold artillery, though he was saved by Barry at the last moment. Joe former revealed to Iris that he does not want the two to be together is that he feared he would lose his focus and would feel creditworthy if anything ever happened to Eddie because of the work they do. At the gearing post where they located Snart, Joe told Eddie to stay and wait for back up but was reminded that they are partners. Joe by and by apologized to Iris, admitting he was wrong about Eddie after he saved his life. Joe then became more supportive of the two. [ 15 ] After Tony Woodward stole a yellow Hummer, Joe and the Central City Police arrive though Tony managed to get aside. At the precinct, Joe reviewed the footage of Barry revealing what he saw the night his mother was killed. Joe then told Barry to tell Eddie an explanation to how Tony was not killed after several shots to the head without telling him he was a meta-human. Joe visited Harrison Wells at S.T.A.R. Labs asking to help solve the character of Barry ‘s mother. Joe explained to Harrison what happened at the view and claimed the explanation of a yellow and loss blur was like to when Barry saved a child the night before. Joe then believed that the man had alike powers and asked if person existed with Barry ‘s powers at the time of the murder. later, Joe is joined by Harrison for a beverage where Joe asked if there was a particle accelerator at the clock. Wells reminded Joe that there were no dark topic lightning storms. Joe asked when Harrison arrived at Central City, revealing that he was learning if Harrison was involved with the murder. Joe late brought Harrison a bottle of bourbon, apologizing for accusing him after learning about Harrison ‘s wife who died in a car crash. Back at his home, Joe crossed off Wells for potential suspects before the “ lightning man ” arrived and steal all data and placed a knife on a word picture of Iris, threatening if he does not stop, his daughter would die. [ 13 ] On the night that Barry faced Farooq Gibran and lost his super accelerate at first Joe did n’t believe him but after Barry did n’t stop his darling mug from hitting the land Joe knew he was telling the accuracy. Joe discussed his concern with him about who was going to stop the rogue meta-humans nowadays. When William Tockman took over the Central City Police Department Joe and Iris were taken hostage. Joe tried to reason with Tockman and expressed his sympathy that his baby died without him getting to see her. Joe begged him not to take Iris as a hostage but did n’t listen and took her anyhow. Iris was able to shoot Tockman and were both freed. [ 16 ] After meta-human Roy Bivolo used his powers to rob a deposit Joe was assigned the case. Joe was able to track down Bivolo to a warehouse but used his powers on a extremity of his team and turned around and tried to shoot him. Barry as the Flash showed up and saved him and then we ‘re both saved by Oliver Queen. Later at S.T.A.R. lab Joe agreed with Harrison Wells that the Arrow was a bad determine and told him that the Arrow should leave the city. When Barry went on a rampage Joe agreed that The Arrow was the only one who could stop him. After Oliver restrained him he drove the van that brought him bet on. Joe late thanked Oliver for helping. [ 17 ] Christmas was approaching and Joe and Barry were putting up the Christmas tree but was forced to leave when the D.A wanted to ask some questions. When Mercury Labs was robbed by a jaundiced film over Joe and Barry both immediately knew it was the man who killed Nora Allen. Joe wanted to use the Mercury Labs tachyon prototype to lure out the film over. The day before they planned to release the trap Joe told Barry that he should n’t be there as he was to personally attached to it. Eddie found out what he was planning and demanded that his job force should be a part of it. On the nox the plan backfired and Joe released the Reverse-Flash and was knocked out by him. Joe invited the S.T.A.R. Labs crew, Iris and Eddie around for Christmas. Joe spoke to Cisco and discovered that there were two speedsters at Barry ‘s home that night. [ 18 ] This section is a stub. You can help expand this section by .

head of the Anti-Metahuman Task Force

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Joe becomes head of Central City Police Department ‘s metahuman task-force, working with Cisco and Patty Spivot. He relies on Cisco ‘s inventions to deal with superhuman criminals and becomes a mentor to the two. [ 11 ] Joe later struggles with his disintegrate marriage with Francine after she resurfaces, leads him to face widowhood after learning that she is dying. [ 1 ] [ 10 ] Joe ultimately finds out about his son Wally through Iris after she discovers her brother ‘s being. Once they are introduced, their connection is uneasy ; Joe is diffident of how to be a founder to Wally, and Wally is slightly resentful that his detective founder was not depart of his life. [ 19 ] But after the speedster Hunter Zolomon kidnaps Wally, they become close. Joe is proud of Wally ‘s aptitude in mechanical technology and strong need to help others. After Wally is exposed to Harry Wells ‘ darkness count experiment, Joe suspects that his son has become a metahuman. [ 20 ]

Post-Flashpoint and Savitar

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Flashpoint causes some changes to Joe ‘s life after the timeline is reset, chiefly that he and Iris are not speaking because Joe never said that Francine was alive. however, they settle matters after Barry reveals the timeline changes. [ 21 ] [ 22 ] Joe fears for Wally ‘s liveliness after discovering Wally ‘s dreams as Kid Flash and that he was badly injured in Flashpoint. After Wally becomes a speedster, Joe finally accepts his son ‘s destiny thanks to H.R. Wells. Joe besides begins to move on from his widowhood by dating zone lawyer Cecile Horton. [ 23 ] When Iris is kidnapped by Savitar, Joe and the team try on to save her, but Savitar ends up killing her, making Joe sad. But later it is revealed that Iris was safe and H.R sacrificed himself in her place. After Savitar ‘s get the better of, the rays of the acceleration force begin to fall on the city and Barry decides to enter the Speed Force, leaving the security of the city in the hands of the flash team .

The thinker

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After Barry ‘s return, Joe learns that Cecile is meaning. Having a child young causes him and Cecile to initially experience a midlife crisis. They attend Barry and Iris ‘ wedding ceremony, but it is on the spur of the moment interrupted by Nazis from Earth-X led by Dark Arrow and Overgirl. Barry and his allies fight them, while Wally takes Joe and Cecile to safety. When Barry is on test after being framed for Clifford DeVoe ‘s “ mangle ”, Joe considers framing Marlize to prove Barry ‘s innocence, but is talked out of doing it by Ralph. After Barry is exonerated, Joe is among those who celebrate with him. When Cecile goes into department of labor during Barry ‘s final struggle with the Thinker, Joe stays by Cecile as Caitlin helps to deliver their child to her. Following DeVoe ‘s demise, he and Cecile name their neonate daughter Jenna Marie West. His friends and family besides touch Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris ‘ future daughter and therefore Joe ‘s yet-to-be born granddaughter. They went to celebrate their victory at the West firm when Nora West-Allen appears and reveals that she is the daughter of Barry and Iris .


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Barry tells Joe that Nora is starting to piss him off for spend so much time with him and not with Iris. Joe composure Barry by revealing that Nora ‘s site is identical to Barry ‘s when he was a child. Joe was reading at his house when Cicada appears and asks about Vibe ‘s location, but Joe denies it, so Cicada begins to torture him with his dagger. Cecile appears and Joe beg for a murderer to leave her alone, then Cisco appears and Cicada pushes him through the transgress. He late tells Iris that he thinks Cicada is a father because of how he held Jenna ‘s across-the-board and talked about the kin. Joe takes Jenna to be safe. After Nora ‘s relationship with Iris worsens, she decides to stay with Joe for a while. Using all the information collected by Joe and Team Flash, Sherloque Wells announces Cicada ‘s true identity as Orlin Dwyer. After the kill of the cicada and the erasure of Nora from the timeline, Joe regrets the loss of Barry and Iris. Later, David Singh, appoints Joe as his deputy head of police .


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Joe and Flash honor the Elongated serviceman at CCPD with a fresh emblem on his suit. however, Joe and Ralph took the opportunity to pay protection to Barry Allen ‘s civilian personality, not merely to ensure a estimable memorial for the post-crisis identity, but to show Barry how much his determination to obtain justice for those who lost love ones. it took her to do her best. [ 24 ]

Anti-Monitor crisis

Following the frustration of Ramsey Russo ( Bloodwork ), Joe attended Team Flash ‘s final meet before Barry ‘s apparent fade in the crisis. As Barry offered to trade his watch for Joe ‘s watch as a memento for Joe to remember him, Joe declined stating that he wants Barry to come back after the crisis. Following the conversation, Joe alongside the perch of Team Flash watched in shock as the skies turn crimson. [ 25 ] During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Joe ampere well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019, [ 26 ] alone to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe. [ 27 ]

New multiverse

On Earth-Prime, Joe ‘s by remained by and large unchanged. Joe had an uncle who took him fishing on a schooner every summer. [ 28 ] sometime after Iris moved back in with her don after her first class in college, Joe confided in Barry that he felt bad for all the unnecessary arguments he would get into with her. [ 29 ] During his prison term courting Cecile Horton, she and Joe went to her cousin ‘s marry ; they had trouble dancing in concert, stepping on each other ‘s feet, until they learned to dance in synchronize. [ 30 ] Joe became captain of the Central City Police Department under Chief David Singh, though Officer Daisy Korber actively works with him. [ 31 ] He keeps a picture of adam in his position. [ 32 ]

R.I.C.O. event

I’m not worried about me, Barry; I can’t lose Cecile and Jenna!
—Joe West[src]

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Joe had a meet with Barry in his office at the precinct ; the crowd war between Amunet Black ‘s criminal constitution and thugs in Goldface ‘s black market was escalating. [ 33 ] The CCPD, led by Joe, arrived at the bank after it was robbed by Sue Dearbon, and arrested John Loring and his hood. The bank director thought that Joe had been there earlier, but the Flash assured him that it was not him. multiple deaths in Central City could be linked to Joseph Carver, so Joe decided to start a R.I.C.O. case against him. [ 34 ] “ Iris “ became angry when Joe would not relinquish information that she could use against Joseph Carver, so she resorted to tricking him ; she invited him to lunch at Big Belly Burger, but lied about the appoint clock, so she could have his office to herself. Joe called her as she was in his function. [ 35 ] Joe did not trust the members of the CCPD under his supervision, so he went to David Singh to inform him that he feels that there was a counterspy for Black Hole in the organization ; unbeknown to Joe, “ David “ was an imposter. Joe and “ David ” would have been killed by Sunshine, if Barry had not intervened and caused her to chase him. [ 32 ] Days belated, Joe was driving when his brakes were unresponsive ; he declined witness protective covering and wanted to pursue the R.I.C.O. lawsuit against Carver even further. Later, while he was interrogating Millie Rawlings, Rag Doll emerged from a box to kill Joe. Joe photograph at Merkel but he reflected the bullets. normally, the Flash could catch the projectiles, but this clock time, he was excessively slow and Joe was wounded.

He went to Carver himself to show that he was not intimidated and tied garnered a confession from him that he was running an assassins ‘ club, but Carver used his engineering to erase the commemorate .
Joe was forced to save his lover Cecile when she was captured by Rag Doll, going so far as to switch places with her when she sat in a chair near an explosive ; seeing that the Flash could not save him and he had to disarm the turkey himself, Joe was convinced that he needed to be in spectator protection to keep his family safe. [ 30 ] Barry came to the locate where Joe was sequestered under witness protection to inform him that Iris was missing. They hugged as Barry cried. [ 36 ] The R.I.C.O. character against Joseph Carver ended when he was killed by Eva McCulloch ; consequently, Joe was allowed to leave witness protection. He and Cecile reunited, then the two meet with Team Flash, precisely at the time when Barry needed good news and reinforcements. [ 37 ] As Team Flash battled Eva, Joe and Cecile were chased by a mirror knockoff who wanted them to enter the Mirrorverse. When Cecile was replaced, Mirror Cecile tried to convince Joe to go willingly. He resisted retentive enough for all the duplicates to transform into glass. [ 38 ]

The event against Frost

This ain’t how law enforcement is supposed to work.
—Joe West[src]

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Joe entered S.T.A.R. Labs and asked those there why his clothes had changed to a dash evocative of the 1940 ‘s ; he then realized that everyone had clothes from different eras. When Iris arrived, Joe smiled and complimented her as even Iris ‘s hair and makeup changed to 1970 ‘s style. Caitlin Snow explained that an energy wave had changed items. Later, after the menace had passed, Joe talked with Frost about Kristen Kramer and the character that she was attempting to build against her. Frost said that she refused to hide. [ 39 ] Joe was on the scene when an Ivo Laboratories hand truck driver was murdered in an ice-related incident and he tried to defend the reputation of Frost against Kristen who automatically assumed that Frost was the perpetrator. late, he accompanied Kristen and the Meta-human Task Force to Caitlin Snow ‘s apartment when Kristen used facial recognition software to identify Caitlin as Frost ; he tried to explain that Frost and Caitlin were two branch people, but Kristen did not believe him until Frost was arrested in Keystone City. [ 40 ] During Frost ‘s sentencing hearing, Joe took the resist and told everyone under curse that Frost has helped in saving the earth on multiple occasions, thus saving everyone watching the trial ; the judge told Joe that his argument is very potent and will weigh heavy in her decision. After Frost was sentenced to liveliness with parole, Joe met with Kristen before she left Central City ; he told her that she was a good bull, but she needed to be careful not to cross the line between “ judge ” and “ vengeance ”. [ 41 ] The following even, Joe and Barry have a sit-down conversation about late events and how Barry sought to erase the Forces so that the Speed Force would not kill them. [ 42 ] Barry explained that he and Iris created the Forces. [ 43 ] Joe told Barry that the Forces are Barry ‘s “ unexpected children ”, just as Wally West was Joe ‘s ; Joe repeat from his position his difficulties with Wally, but his sleep together for his son was constantly overriding. Barry listened and the conversation affected Barry ‘s actions towards the Forces. [ 42 ]

Quitting the CCPD

The following day, Joe went to the lawsuit of Caleb Fairweather and learned from the mayor that Caleb was the one-fourth billionaire to be comatose. Joe received a address to report to the CCPD where he was interviewed by Kristen Kramer who told Joe that she remained in Central City because she is trying to find a solution to the meta-human criminal problem. During the interview, Joe could not answer her questions about julian Albert or Patty Spivot without revealing their connection to Team Flash. Joe was sent by her to summon Barry Allen. Joe rather went to Cecile and asked her to investigate the background of Kristen to get leverage, but he soon learned that Kristen ‘s commemorate was by the bible. When Kristen ordered more Meta-human cure, Joe confronted her that she was planning to use the bring around against any meta-human criminal as the police ‘s first option of attack. not wanting to be a part of her new plan against crime, as it was sanctioned by the governor, Joe depart as Captain of CCPD. [ 44 ] late, a storm raged outside. Joe sat at home and watched on television a report that prisoners had escaped from Iron Heights ; as Cecile came downstairs from putting Jenna to bed, she saw that Joe was in distress over the incidental. Cecile and Joe discussed his decisiveness to quit and how he needs to think of other ways to help the citizens. abruptly, Cecile was hit by a lightning bolt. Joe took Cecile to S.T.A.R. Labs to be analyzed and watched. Allegra discussed with Joe that he needed to stop acting helpless and to try to find a direction to help Team Flash and the citizens. Joe refused to leave Cecile ‘s bedside. When Barry and Iris were discussing the Forces of Nature, Joe told them to think of the Forces as their family and to bring their class together, changing the tide of the struggle against the Speed Force .
When Cecile awakened, she was happy that Joe was the first person she saw. [ 45 ] Joe went to the party that the original team members of Team Flash had for Cisco ‘s passing. [ 46 ]

Helping Kristen

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Joe studied a font related to Kristen Kramer and some boyfriend soldiers that did not came back from an attack. When he presented the position at her, Kristen acted defensively and accused Joe of trying to get her out of the situation as a revenge. however, Kristen opened up to him about the situation. Joe and Kristen went to investigate Adam Creyke and after surviving a displace that burned the car they came in they arrested him. When one of the Godspeed clones was attempting to vibrate his hand at Joe, Kristen used super-speed to save him. After the Godspeed invasion, Kramer informed him about her metahuman tests indicating that she could copy powers and her plans to take a leave of absence from the CCPD to reflect on the situation. She told him that the reason she survived to Adam Creyke ‘s treachery of a military unit was because she copied his powers at the here and now. He let her call him Joe .

Death in an erase timeline

Eobard Thawne manipulated the timeline and used Negative still Force to make Joe West trip down and be crushed by a train in May 23 2021. Eobard Thawne used this to create a chain of events that allowed him to create a Reverse-Flashpoint where he could usurp Barry ‘s role as the Flash. Barry allegedly made his encomium at his funeral. After Barry never noted Joe ‘s end, Iris investigated to see if Joe actually died. Although she gave up after seeing the official video, she saw black particles that she and Deon Owens would late identify as Negative placid Force particles. After Barry went to the future to see the situation, he worked with Damien Darhk to restore the by timeline. In doing sol, Joe along with all of Team Flash ( who had been slaughtered by Despero ) were brought back to animation. When Barry and Damien came back to 2021, Thawne followed them and asked Barry to save him. Joe got angry and yelled at Barry and Iris for refusing to save Thawne ’ randomness life sentence. After saving the Reverse-Flash and sending him to prison, Joe attended the after-party along with the rest of Team Flash .

rise of Deathstorm

soon after the events of Armageddon, Deathstorm appeared in Central City and started murdering people left and veracious. Joe worked with Kramer and Barry to keep the citizens safe, while Team Flash sought to defeat Deathstorm. In the end, Frost killed Deathstorm but died in the process to which Joe would attend an art classify as a way of honoring her memory .

The negative Forces and Thawne ’ second retaliation

When the Negative Forces showed up in Central City to challenge Team Flash, Joe wasn ’ thyroxine present during the fight. In the struggle ’ s consequence, Joe found out that the Reverse-Flash and the negative Forces killed Iris ; leading Joe to regret his decision to force Barry to save Thawne during Armageddon. After Iris was brought back to life with the assistant of Damien Darhk, Joe, Iris, Jay Garrick and his wife Joan witnessed the destruction that Barry and Thawne were causing in the city, with the battle ending with Barry killing Thawne by turning his own baron against him .

Alternate timeline

In an understudy timeline, Joe became Chief of Police by 2014 after being shot by Sterling Brooks, as he was seen as the hero of that day .

Erased futures

In 2024, in one erase future, Joe became the head of the Central City Police Department. [ 47 ] In another erase future, it was revealed that Joe will be honored at City Hall. Barry read this out when he and Cisco vibed to the future to the night Savitar would murder Iris West on May 23, 2017, and H.R. Wells wrote this down, along with several other headlines they saw on television receiver. [ 48 ]


Watch yourself. I took two oaths in my life. One, to uphold the law. The other, to protect my family. Guess which one takes priority?
—Joe West to Gypsy[src]

Joe is proven to hold Barry Allen in high regard, he covered Barry ‘s tardiness by saying he had him run an errand, it is revealed he is Barry ‘s foster founder, after Barry ‘s biological forefather was ( wrongfully ) convicted of murdering Barry ‘s mother, and has constantly treated Barry like a son. He tried to talk Barry out of living the life of a superhero only out of concern for his safety, and was profoundly hurt when Barry told him he ‘s not his founder and has no justly telling him what to do to the indicate that he fought to hold back his tears. Joe, despite having a rather difficult job and witnessing some of the strangest and strongest meta-humans around, is rather good-natured and has a blithe common sense of humor, he once threatened to “ shoot ” Barry if he changed one more time for his date, after Barry could not decide what to wear for his date, he is besides proven to be perceptibly upset when Barry tells him they ‘d have to reduce how a lot pizza Barry goes and obtains from another city if Wally were to move in with them, he can often be seen laughing at many of Cisco ‘s crazy antics, such as Cisco ‘s enlarge cutouts of different members of Team Flash being in awkward positions that were prepared to train Linda Park in order to act as Dr. Light, possibly, this is the most distinguish characteristic between Joe and Quentin Lance, who is identical similar to Joe, but is much seen being quite pessimistic and cheating mannered in general, even before calamity had struck his biography, threatening to shoot oliver if he had found Oliver and Laurel making out again under his roof. In many ways, Joe plays the character of the voice of conscience towards Barry, similarly to how John Diggle does for Oliver Queen ; though Joe tends to act more of a forefather trope than a comrade-at-arms, having known Barry as a child. Joe late received boost from Eobard Thawne ( under the guise of Harrison Wells ) who noted that doubt was what kept Barry from realizing his true potential ; and Barry can not believe in himself if Joe, the world who acted as his foster forefather, has no religion in him. This led to Joe acknowledging that there are things and limits to what everyone can do and that Barry is no longer the boy he protected since childhood. Joe is known to let his job as a patrol detective blind him, like after Nora Thompson was murdered, he willingly believed the idea that his good supporter, Henry Allen was a murderer, when he should have realized that Henry would never kill his wife, no matter what the situation was, 14 years after the fact, Joe finds out that Henry is in fact impeccant and goes to visit his supporter in imprison for the first fourth dimension since he had been incarcerated, he admits to Henry that he feels ashamed for not believing in his friend ‘s innocence. He apologized to his friend, but Joe was hurt when Henry was cold to him. however, he knows he deserves it for not believing in his friend ‘s purity and tell Henry he immediately believes he is innocent and vowed to get him out oklahoman or by and by. Joe can sometimes be stubborn, like when Barry told him that Clyde Mardon was alive and that he had gained the ability to control the weather, evening when there was some attest to back up Barry ‘s statements, he still refused to believe Barry, merely to find out the heavily room that his foster son was right. Despite his stubbornness, Joe is not above apologizing or admitting when he is wrong. Joe seems to hold grudges, as when the Harrison Wells from Earth-2 showed up, Joe did n’t trust him and constantly insulted him for the actions that were n’t even from his Earth-1 counterpart, it was n’t until he realized that Harry was volition to do anything for his daughter ( a lot like Joe with Barry, Iris and Wally ) that Joe stopped comparing Earth-2 Harry to Eobard Thawne, as a result, the two started to form a trusting friendship based on their sleep together for their children. Over the adjacent two years Joe and Harry ‘s friendship has remained equally impregnable as ever. During their war against Clifford DeVoe, Joe became implicated for Harry ‘s well being when he became addicted to his Thinking Cap and when he started losing his intelligence because of it, assured him that team Flash would help him get it back. When Clifford DeVoe went to the patrol station saying that Barry was harassing him Joe had gone with Barry made him know that Barry was conducting the necessity probe so he knew that DeVoe was lying and he kept thinking that DeVoe was not the metahuman they were looking for nor did he tell him Devie that DeVoe was lying. due to Joe ‘s protective stripe when Barry is concerned, he is uncoerced to break the law for him as seen when he was about to implant evidence at the DeVoe house to save Barry from going to jail for having been framed for DeVoe ‘s mangle. Joe is merely stopped when Ralph Dibny talked him out it. Joe is known for his affectionateness of the humble pleasures in life ; such as his preference for wind music, which he is known to keep an entire vinyl collection of, Keystone pizza, baseball, and the katana, as he has been seen to possess one such japanese sword at his house and even tried to convince Cecile to let him carry it with him out of a sense of over-protectiveness during her manner of speaking of their daughter, Jenna West. Upon gaining an adult future granddaughter in Nora West-Allen, Joe instantaneously loves her and is seen to embrace her heartily .


Babe, that heart of yours, that is a moral compass. It’s one of the many reasons why I love you.
—Cecile Horton to Joe West[src]


  • Guns: Joe is very proficient in using guns.
  • B.O.O.T.: A special weapon designed by Cisco Ramon to assist Joe and the CCPD in the capture of rogue meta-humans.
  • Handcuffs: Joe carries handcuffs whenever he is out on patrol.
  • Samuroid sword: Joe acquired a Samuroid’s sword after fighting one off.
  • Time stone: After the Reverse-Flashpoint timeline was erased and Despero was defeated, Damien Darhk gave Joe his time stone, telling the latter that he feels Joe is “gonna need [it] some day.”[54]


The Flash


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The Chronicles of Cisco

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, there were two versions of the patriarch of the West family. Originally, his name was Ira West and he was a university professor rather than a police detective, and only the adoptive father to Iris, with her biological father, being a man named Eric Russell. In the New 52, he was re-imagined as William West, an abusive alcoholic who bullied his youngest son, Daniel, and ended up crippled by him. There are no indications that he is not Iris’ biological father.
    • In the episode ” Flash of Two Worlds” of season 2, Martin Stein tells Joe that the Joe West from Earth-2 could be a Nobel Prize winner instead of a police detective: this is a nod to Joe’s counterpart in the comics, the Nobel-winner scientist Ira West.
    • In the episode ” flash point” of season 3, Joe appears as an alcoholic, estranged from both Iris and Wally.
  • Joe’s role of becoming Barry’s foster father and raising him is based around Police Captain Darryl Frye, who played that role in the New 52 comics.[63]


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