How Did Scarlet Witch Get Her Powers? & 9 Other Questions About Wanda, Answered

sometimes, for non-comics fans, it ‘s easier to ask questions than to hunt down all of the versatile stories that contain the answers. S carlet Witch has become massively popular in late years. In the comics, she ‘s been involved in some of the biggest events of the last two decades and her function in the MCU has made her popular with general audiences, with WandaVision becoming a fan favorite. WandaVision has driven many MCU fans to seek out Scarlet Witch stories but oftentimes, those stories leave more questions than answers .
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Comics can be identical complicated and Scarlet Witch has been through a distribute over the years. sometimes, for non-comics fans, it ‘s easier to ask questions than to hunt down all of the versatile stories that contain the answers.


10 How Did Scarlet Witch Get Her Powers? The High Evolutionary Gave Them To Her

High Evolutionary The Evolutionary War For years, Scarlet Witch was thought to be a mutant and her powers grew in leaps and bounds, finally allowing her to master magic. There was a problem with Scarlet Witch being a mutant, though, and that was film rights. Fox owned the rights to mutants, sol Marvel did a little retcon, making Scarlet Witch into a human who was experimented on by the High Evolutionary .
This retcon was n’t that far from what came ahead, either, as Wanda had constantly grown in the shadow of the High Evolutionary ‘s base on Mount Wundagore. While many fans do n’t like the deepen, it at least had case law .

9 When She Was Thought To Be A Mutant, Was She Ever An X-Man? Not In The 616 Universe

X-Men Age of Apocalypse Scarlet Witch 2 One of the things about mutants in the Marvel Universe is that even if they do n’t debut in an X-Men record, they finally end up in one. This was genuine of Quicksilver, who has briefly been a extremity of the X-Men but is more well known for being a member of X-Factor. So, has Scarlet Witch besides joined the X-Men ?
Unlike her buddy, Scarlet Witch has never actually been on an X-Men team. Well, not in the 616 universe at least. She was a penis of the X-Men in The Age Of Apocalypse reality but that was the closest she ever got to being an X-Man .

8 What Was Her Relationship To Agatha In The Comics? Agatha Was Her Mentor

Agatha Harkness Scarlet Witch In WandaVision, Agatha Harkness was the antagonist, trying to get the office of the Scarlet Witch for herself. This relationship is actually quite different than in the comics. Agatha Harkness in the comics has by and large always been on the heroic side of things and had nannied for multiple heroes .
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Agatha helped train Scarlet Witch in charming and later helped the Avengers wipe Wanda ‘s mind of the memory of her children after it was revealed they were n’t real. When Wanda found out about that, she went and killed Agatha. This being comics, Agatha has since came back to life but the two women ‘s relationship is n’t about as cut and dry as the one in the MCU .

7 What Was Vision And Scarlet Witch’s Relationship Like In The Comics? It Had A Lot Of Ups And Downs

Vision and Scarlet Witch driving in a car MCU fans have merely seen Scarlet Witch in one relationship and that was with Vision. immediately, this kinship is based on the one from the comics but it was never as easy for the copulate in the comics as it is in the movies .
In the comics, Vision and Scarlet Witch had a bunch more stumble blocks in presence of them than precisely being separated by the Sokovia Accords. Vision was an android, without access to the Mind Stone, so learning to love was unmanageable for him and the two had to get over some massive hurdles. The changes to both of them have driven them very far apart in the intervening years .

6 Who Else Has Scarlet Witch Been With? Lots Of Heroes

Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man In the MCU, it ‘s impossible to know when Vision will return to normal and if it ‘s anything like the comics, evening after he gets back his emotions after his time as White Vision, he and Scarlet Witch are never getting back together. then, who could be person else that Scarlet Witch can be paired off with ?
That ‘s a question with lots of answers because Scarlet Witch has been with a draw of heroes. Many of them have n’t been introduced to the MCU. The best count would be Wonder Man, who is n’t in the MCU so far, but is Wanda ‘s most important kinship outside of the Vision.

5 Is Scarlet Witch The Greatest Enemy Of Mutantkind? No But It’s Close

Scarlet Witch Says No More Mutants Scarlet Witch has done more damage to mutantkind than about anyone else. In House Of M, Scarlet Witch de-powered the mutant race, something that would weaken them vastly and endanger them as a species. This was one of the worst things to always happen to mutants and Scarlet Witch has honestly shown little to no compunction about it .
All of that said, Scarlet Witch is n’t the greatest enemy of mutantkind. The uranium government has oppressed mutants for years and Cassandra Nova is personally responsible for sixteen million mutant deaths. Scarlet Witch ‘s actions did damage the mutant slipstream vastly, though .

4 Are Her Children In The Comics Real? Eventually But Not Right Away

wiccan and speed In WandaVision, Scarlet Witch creates Tommy and Billy to give her and Vision the family she always wanted. At the end of the show, she uncreated them. therefore, a lot of MCU fans are wondering if that ‘s how it went in the comics. This is another complicated answer .
At first, yes, Wanda did create her twins so she and Vision could have children. It was revealed that the children had fragments of Mephisto ‘s soul, which opened up a hale can of worms and star to them being uncreated and Scarlet Witch ‘s memory of them being wiped. finally, though, the twins would make a render as substantial people, becoming heroes known as wiccan and Speed .

3 What’s Her And Quicksilver’s Relationship Like? He Takes A Protective Role Over Her- Which Doesn’t Make Sense

Scarlet Witch Quicksilver MCU fans did not very get to see excessively much of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch ‘s relationship and it did n’t seem highly wyrd. They worked well together and that was reasonably much about it. Quicksilver died before their kinship could be well defined. That could leave these fans wondering what the two ‘s comedian relationship was .
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The answer to that is it was creepy. Quicksilver was highly protective of his sister and while it made common sense when they were members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, it made no sense when they were both Avengers. Their relationship was sol wyrd that in the Ultimate Universe, they were basically made into lovers .

2 How Villainous Does Scarlet Witch Get In The Comics? Extremely Villainous And Her Being Forgiven Is Incongruous With Her Actions

Scarlet Witch Evil Cropped Scarlet Witch is the villain of WandaVision. She mind controls a unharmed town, holding them in thrall so she can have what she wants. In the comics, Scarlet Witch has besides done some bad things, so how nefarious does she get ?
well, she depowers mutants, killing many whose lives depended on their powers. She ‘s photograph and fought the Avengers, more than once. She forcibly rewrote the reality of the earth, creating a world where humans were treated as second-class citizens. She ‘s stamp out friends. She ‘s way worse in the comics but the weird thing is the Avengers always forgive her and react violently when people do n’t .

1 Which Scarlet Witch Is More Powerful- MCU Or Comics? Comics And It’s Not Even Close

scarlet witch WandaVision ended with Scarlet Witch getting massive power but she had already been tapping into it in the show and was having a problem controlling Westview. While the fact she was able to do that is impressive, the fact of the topic is that comic Scarlet Witch well could have transformed Westview into anything she wanted with no problem.

Scarlet Witch in the comics is chilling. For example, when she depowered mutants, it affected the entire multiverse. She was able to change the solid global into a newly one. She ‘s vastly more powerful than the MCU adaptation and would defeat her in seconds .
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