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How did the Inuit adapt to their environment?

How did the Inuit adapt to their environment? The Eskimo is a minority group that is located in the Arctic and Subarctic region. thus, they must undergo and adapt to the harsh environment. They must evolve themselves equally well as the innovations that support their survival or reduce the harshness from the natural climate. As a resultant role, they invent some breakthroughs such as igloo, qamutik, and food sources are indispensable solutions to solve the thaw problem .


snowshoes 1Snowshoes
The Eskimos are nomads, so they must invent transportation that can smoothly transportation goods arsenic well as people. Eskimo invents some kinds of department of transportation (snowshoes, qamutik, umiak, and qayaq), and the affair is different. the snow-clad climate is not an ideal discipline for walking. therefore, Snowshoes are indispensable for traveling because they help Eskimos walk easier. The snowshoes good help the Eskimo to travel the short distance .
Besides, Eskimos besides use the qamutik to transport goods and people. Qamutik, a sled, produce by utilizing traditional Inuit ( Eskimo ) design skills to travel on snow and ice surface. The Eskimo uses the Eskimo breed dog to pull the qamutik, but they no longer use the dogs to pull the sled, alternatively, they use snowmobiles to pull the sled. Qamutik is still widely used due to the snow-white circumstance .
In addition, people travel with their weapons to hunt the whale on the boat, which calls umiak. Because of the size of the umiak, the Eskimos can carry their meal back home to enjoy their family. On the other hand, the Eskimos besides use a kind of kayak, which is qayaq. Compared to the umiak, the qayaq is much smaller. Because qayaq can only carry one person and their small belongings. On the other hand, umiak carries the hale giant ’ mho body and hunters. overall, Eskimos gradually grew to be suitable for the Arctic condition by inventing fare such as snowshoes, qamutik, umiak, and qayaq to use for a particular aim or season.



Eskimos besides invented some types of caparison such as the igloos and semi-subterranean houses. first, an igloo is a good insulator, so it can keep our bodies warm enough. The material that the Eskimo uses to build up the igloo is made from compressed snow, alternatively of using the ice block because the ice block is ailing insulated material. In addition, the cold publicize flow tends to sink down, and the hot air travel flow is likely to rise up. thus, the Eskimos have dug a deeper entrance to let the cold air concentrate in the entrance, alternatively of the quiescence place. Thereby, the fire in the igloo can heat up inside the igloo. however, the fastball from the fire can make the people inside the igloo smother, so Eskimos besides build some air travel outlets on the top of the igloo to release carbon paper dioxide from the fire.

Semi subterrean
Besides the igloo, Eskimos besides create semi-subterranean houses to keep them warm. The animals ’ clamber likely covers the outside, so it can insulate the low temperature from the house. Eskimos besides use the principle of the igloo, they let the entrance deep in the grind to concentrate the cold air at the entrance, and the rest of the house is on the ground, so it ’ south called a semi-subterranean sign of the zodiac. ascribable to housing innovations, Eskimos indirectly improve their adaptations in the coarse conditions of the Arctic


food sources play a key role that directly affects their adaptation to the coarse environment. There is food scarcity in the Arctic, specially vegetables, so the major food sources must be from the ocean such as fish, seals, whales, and caribou. On their casual diet, their diet normally is rich in fat from marine mammals, but they silent seem very healthy with a low incidence of cardiovascular disease, and fish oi fifty is besides necessity to keep their body insulated from the cold temperature .
In addition, The Eskimos still conserve their custom by eating raw meat because the bare-assed kernel can give them more calories and it keeps them energized during their travel. Depending on the season, the Eskimos may have some birds’ eggs on their table. Overall, the fatty acid from pisces anoint, the abundant calories from raw kernel, and the protein from eggs are the factors that build up the immune system and strength to keep their routines daily .


How did the Inuit adapt to their environment ? In decision, transportations, housing, and diet help the Eskimos to be adapted to the environment of the Arctic. Those elements affect the adaptation of the Eskimos positively, so it creates a relationship to the routines of the Eskimos .

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