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Scrambling to find a locate to host your following Zoom meet for study can be nerve-racking if your options are limited to a drilling home position with bare walls or a messy bedroom. One effective direction to address that is by using Zoom ’ s Virtual Background feature of speech. It allows you to cover up your actual background with a photograph or video alternatively. Your co-workers will silent see your face, but this time, your face will be in front of a pretty or more interest background. In this guidebook, we ’ ll show you how to change your background in Zoom footfall by step. We ’ ll besides take a expect at how to add a fun filter to your video recording, so be surely to scroll on to check that out, besides.

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Step 1: Access your Zoom settings

Zoom desktop app main screen screenshot
To set your virtual setting in Zoom, you must first access the Zoom app ’ south settings. To do so, open the Zoom desktop app and click on the gear-shaped Settings icon. This icon is located in the top-right corner of the app ’ south main menu screen. It should be just under your profile picture picture .

Step 2: Select Background & Filters from the settings menu

Zoom background and filters settings page
once you ’ re in the Settings menu, select the Background & Filters option from the menu on the leave side of the filmdom. This will open up a sub-section of the Settings menu on the mighty side of the blind. here is where we ’ ll choose a background. You can besides add video filters in this section, but we ’ ll catch into that later on in this lead .

Step 3: Preview and choose your virtual background

Choosing Zoom background screenshot
To choose a virtual background, make surely that the Virtual Backgrounds tab key is selected. This way, you can browse Zoom ’ s limited collection of preset video recording and image backgrounds. If you want to preview one of these backgrounds, simply click on its corresponding thumbnail picture, and it should immediately appear in the preview screen toward the top of your windowpane. It ’ randomness authoritative to note that if you want to see how your virtual background will appear while you ’ re in a television call, you ’ ll need to turn on your webcam while you ’ re previewing these backgrounds. That way, the preview screen will show a livestream of your expression in front of the setting alternatively of just the background itself .
You ’ re besides not limited to using Zoom ’ mho preset virtual backgrounds. You can add your own images and videos by clicking on the Plus Sign picture next to Video Filters. A drop-down menu will appear, giving you two options : Add Image or Add Video. Choosing either will open your personal computer ’ s File Explorer so that you can select an image or video recording file from your computer. Once you ’ ve picked a setting, just exit the Settings menu. Zoom will automatically save your selection .
If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to add a virtual background but just want to make your actual setting less detectable or barely hide it a bit, you can besides blur your background. To do so, just voyage to the lapp Virtual Backgrounds tab key in the Background & Filters section of the Zoom settings menu, and choose the Blur thumbnail option .
It ’ mho besides worth mentioning that Zoom ’ s Virtual Background sport is optimized to function well with the use of a green screen. You can use the feature of speech without a park screen, but if you have one, the choice is expected to be well. If you plan on using a green screen, be surely to tick the corner next to the phrase I Have a park screen door in the Background & Filters settings page to get the most out of your virtual backdrop .
Zoom virtual background during meeting screenshot
note : You can set your virtual background while you ’ re in a converge angstrom well. To do sol, cluck on the upward-facing arrow within the Start ( or Stop ) Video Camera icon. In the menu that appears, select Choose Virtual Background. This will take you to the same Background & Filters menu from earlier.

More fun: How to add a filter to your Zoom video

virtual backgrounds aren ’ t the lone room to jazz up your soar meetings. Your backgrounds can besides be adorned with a wide diverseness of preset Zoom filters. hera ’ s how to use them :
Step 1: Access the Background & Filters section of the Zoom Settings menu, as we did earlier .
Add filter to zoom video screenshot
Step 2: Select the Video Filters pill, and a across-the-board choice of Zoom preset filters will pop up on your screen. Select a trickle ’ randomness thumbnail to preview what a filter would look like on your screen, and a preview will appear in the preview sieve at the peak of your window. For some of the double filters, the software requires your face to display correctly on screen, so they won ’ thymine appear unless your webcam is on. For exemplar, the pizza hat filter won ’ metric ton show up until it can see a head on which it can place the hat .
Step 3: Once you decide on a filter, close the Settings menu. Your chosen filter will appear automatically on screen the following time you join a Zoom suffer .
Note: Like virtual backgrounds, users have the ability to change or add a trickle while a merging is afoot using a similar process. Click on the upward-facing arrow in the Start ( or Stop) Video Camera picture. A menu will appear on your screen. Select Choose Video Filter, and Zoom will take you to the same Background & Filters location in your Settings menu to pick your filter .

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