How to Delete Zoom Account: Ending a Paid Plan and Cancelling Account

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If you ’ re unhappy with your Zoom subscription or barely want a break, you can delete the app. however, this won ’ thymine cancel your subscription or account. To in full delete your Zoom account, you will actually need to access your report and delete it .
Deleting your account is permanent, so you will want to make certain that you want to actually delete your account and not just remove the app from your device ( randomness ). You will no long be able to schedule your own meetings or host meetings for other participants .
To start, let ’ s cover the 3 essential things to know before you delete your explanation. then we ’ ll walk through the Zoom cancellation policy, covering how to cancel a subscription and close your score. If you don ’ t have a paid subscription, you can skip down to the steps for deleting your explanation.

3 things you need to know before deleting a Zoom account

There are a few essential things that you must know before you cancel your Zoom report. Make sure you consider the points below before you proceed .

1. You must delete your account using the web portal

To cancel and delete your report, you will need to do thus via the web portal site through your browser. This is the only room to cancel your report. You will not be able to cancel your bill using the desktop or mobile apps .

2. You need to cancel a paid subscription first (if you have one)

If you have a Basic ( free ) subscription, you can merely delete your history. If you have a paid subscription, you must first cancel your paid subscription. This is extremely authoritative, so that the plan is cancelled and payments will not continue .

3. Deleting the app does not delete your account

If you typically use the app on your desktop or mobile device, you should know that deleting the app from these devices does not cancel your subscription, or delete your account. Deleting the app from a device will simply uninstall and delete the lotion. Your account and subscription will be unaffected .

How to cancel a paid Zoom subscription

If you want to cancel a paid subscription and revert back to the Basic ( free ) design, you can do sol at any time. If you want to delete your account altogether, you will need to cancel your gainful subscription first base. Follow the steps below to cancel a pay up Zoom subscription .

  1. Go to
    Web browser with entered
  2. Sign in and click My Account to access your profile and account settings.
    Web browser My Account button
  1. Click the Account Management drop-down on the left side menu, and then click Billing.
    Account management billing details
  2. Your current plan(s) will be listed. Click Cancel Subscription for the plan you wish to cancel.
    Current plans with cancel button

  3. You will be given a summary of when your plan is paid up to, along with a warning about what you will lose access to. Click Cancel Subscription to confirm and cancel your plan.
    Confirm subscription cancellation


    If you ’ ve changed your mind and want to keep your subscription, click Undo. Your Zoom subscription will be unaffected .

How to delete a Zoom account permanently

Deleting a Basic ( release ) Zoom report can be done at any clock. This will permanently delete your account, so make sure you want to delete it before following through .


Paid users must cancel their subscription anterior to deleting their report. Instructions for how to cancel your paid subscription can be found earlier on in this tutorial .

  1. Go to and click Sign In to sign in to your account. (You may automatically be signed in depending on your settings).
    Website URL in browser
  2. Click My Account in the top right corner.
    Browser My Account button
  3. Click Account Management to open the drop-down options. Then click Account Profile.
    Account Management and Account Profile buttons
  4. You will be able to see your account profile information. Click Terminate my account.
    Account profile with Terminate my account button
  5. Next, you will need to confirm that you want to terminate your account. Click Yes to confirm and delete your account.
    Delete account confirmation

Your account should be deleted. You will nowadays find that when you attempt to entree Zoom via the app or browser, your account will nobelium long be available .

hopefully this helped you cancel your subscription and delete your account. If you inactive need a video recording conferencing avail, consider option video conferencing services. If you decide to come back and use Zoom later, you can create a raw Zoom account .

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