How to invite someone to a Zoom meeting

Sending invitations to part and television calls in Zoom is simpleton. The video conferencing service allows other people to join in conversations using a code or connect that can be sent by e-mail or messengers, such as Slack and WhatsApp. Find out how to invite person to a Zoom meet under .

How to invite someone to a Zoom meeting

All participants in a voice or video recording call can send invitations to Zoom meetings. The ticket, however, must be authorized by the host during the conversation .
entree to videoconferences is done in two ways : via meeting ID or link. Both can be sent directly through the Zoom application and distributed via e-mail, messengers and social networks :

  1. Join an existing Zoom meeting or create a new one;
  2. Choose the “Participants” option in the bottom bar;
  3. In the window that opens or in the right sidebar that will appear, press “Invite”;
  4. Click on “Copy URL ” to copy the conference link or “Copy Invitation” to copy all the conversation information (including URL and ID);
  5. Paste the invitation into a conversation on WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, among other messengers, and send it to people.

It is besides possible to send the invitation directly by email.

  1. In “Invite”, choose the “E-mail” tab;
  2. Select your email provider;
  3. Zoom will create a new email with the meeting invitation;
  4. Send the email to the guests.

How to send invitations to a scheduled Zoom meeting

  1. Open Zoom and click on “Schedule”;
  2. Fill in the information according to your needs and complete in “Schedule”;
  3. Access the “Meetings” tab;
  4. Click on “Copy Invitation”;
  5. Paste the invitation into an email, WhatsApp conversation and the like to send it to others.

How to invite to a meeting on Zoom via smartphone

Zoom allows modern participants to be invited to meetings via the Android and io application ( iPhone and iPad ). To add members to the conference via smartphone or pill, check out the follow gradation by step :

  1. In a meeting, tap on “Participants”;

Select participants for the meet

  1. Touch “Invite”;

Click on invite

  1. Select an option to send the meeting invitation.

Select an option to send the zoom meeting invitation If you want to schedule a Zoom meeting on your smartphone, the app for smartphone and tablets is besides able to send the invitation to the conference by electronic mail or messages .

  1. On the home screen of the application, choose the option “Schedule”;

Schedule a meeting

  1. Schedule a meeting according to your needs;
  2. Choose the scheduled meeting in the “Meetings” tab;
  3. Touch “Add guests” or “Add invitees”.

Add guests to a zoom Meeting now, all you have to do is send the converge details to all the guests and reserve the videoconference on the agenda .
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