SOLVED:Why do island chains provide ideal conditions for adaptive radiation to occur?

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Let ‘s discuss why island chains have the ideal conditions to allow for adaptive radiotherapy. So first, let ‘s specify species. So a species is a group of individual organisms that interbreed and produce fertile feasible young. So one species is distinguished from another when in nature it ‘s not possible for matings between individuals from each species to produce fecund offspring. Members of the same species partake external and internal characteristics that developed from their deoxyribonucleic acid. The close relationship to organisms share the more deoxyribonucleic acid they have in common. If you think of your family, you have more D. N. A. In common with your parents than you do with say your cousin or your grandparent, and organisms of the like species have the highest floor of DNA conjunction. So they will parcel characteristics and behaviors that can lead to successful reproduction. indeed if we think about speciation. So definition of species, sexually reproducing organisms, uh is a group actually, or potentially hybridization individuals. And you know, there can be exceptions to this rule. Uh There ‘s a fortune of species that are alike enough to produce hybrid offspring, and some make happen in nature. Some may not. Uh But for the majority of species that this the rule generally holds. so there there ‘s extraordinary diverseness of animation on our planet. And sol there must be mechanisms for speciation, which is the formation of two species from one original species. Okay. And we can see that in a charge a genic tree. so for speciation to occur, two modern populations must be formed from one original population, and they must evolve in such a way that it becomes impossible for individuals from the two new populations to interbreed. And so if we look at ala Patrick, speciation. indeed, hello Patrick. This happens when there is uh break in gene menstruate. So a geographically continuous population has a gene consortium that is homogeneous. So the motion of a leal ‘s across the stove of the species is pretty free because individuals can move and then mate with individuals in their new location. So the frequency of an alil at one end of distribution will be similar to the frequency of the illegal at the other end. But when the populations become geographically discontinuous, that detached flow is prevented. And when that separation lasts for a long menstruation of prison term, the two populations are able to evolve along unlike trajectories. We ‘ll see that in species of squirrel on the Grand Canyon, there are a species on the north side of the canyon and a species on the south side and they are wholly different. They have evolved unlike features because the needs on the north side are different than the needs on the confederacy side. And so the squirrel that was originally one species has divided. They have been separated for so long. They are now two populations that have evolved along unlike trajectories. They ‘re a little frequencies at numerous genetic look, I ‘ve become more and more different as new leal ‘s independently arise by mutant in each population. And so isolation of populations leads to Allah patrick speciation and it can occur in a variety of ways. Um One is, like I fair said, the Grand Canyon. They have been geographically separated and another could be an island. so here is our island chain. We have three different islands. They are separated by water. The species that are on these islands have been isolated. And so the needs and uh ecological niches that need to be filled on this island are vastly different from this island, which are both vastly different from this island. And then we ‘ve had one species that has radiated out into different species. so uh this is the case where a population of one species has dispersed throughout the area and has found distinct niches and roles and needs in their sequester habitats. so over prison term the identical demands of their modern life go to multiple speciation events that originates from a individual species. That ‘s why it ‘s called adaptive radiation because many adaptations have evolved from a single decimal point of origin, thus causing the species to radiate into several raw ones. so island provide an ideal context for adaptive radiation because like we said, the islands are separated by water and this leads to a geographic isolation for these organisms. so if we specially look at different boo species, we ‘ve had one founder bird species that has then been geographically separated on each of these islands, and each species has evolved in answer to the natural survival based on specific food resources in each new habitat or each new niche that needs to be filled. therefore, um Darwin ‘s finches are very popular, popular species explanation. And so this is how islands have provided ideal conditions for adaptive radiotherapy.

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