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Global temperature records are being continually broken. If last July was the hottest calendar month in history, according to the World Meteorological Organisation ( WMO ), the five-year period 2015-2019 is about to become the hottest of all time. Scientists say that this type of phenomenon is becoming more probable and more persistent, and this is partially down to climate change .


Climate change is a reality that is affecting millions of people across the world, particularly the most vulnerable, by increasing the frequency and virulence of the extreme point meteorologic phenomenon that cause substantial damage and population shift. One merely has to look back equally recently as 2018, when lifelike disasters led to the internal displacement ( i migration within the same country ) of 17.2 million people, according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre ( IDMC ) .
global calefacient is besides the causal agent of the greatest environmental crisis in history, due to the unprecedented amphetamine with which it has unfolded. Since 1880, the average global temperature has increased by 0.85°C, ocean levels have risen by 19cm and the Arctic has lost 1.07 million km2 of ice per decade, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) .


Until recently, the international community had focused on trying to limit CO2 emissions. But based on the latest data, it has diversified its efforts, promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation policies to help minimise the effects of this phenomenon, whose consequences are already being seen across the world. Both strategies complement each other, and although they present different challenges, the conclusion goal is the same.

The difference between climate change extenuation strategies and climate change adaptation is that extenuation is aimed at tackling the causes and minimising the potential impacts of climate change, whereas adaptation looks at how to reduce the negative effects it has and how to take advantage of any opportunities that arise. Where extenuation strategies fail to reach emissions containment targets, climate resilience will be key to lessen the impacts of climate change and pave the way for our survival, along with the rest of the Earth’s inhabitants.


Climate change is an uphill battle, but with our combined efforts and desirable moderation actions we can minimise the damage it causes :
f3c2c10f fe52 125a 5513 2e3330781f00?t=1627622228373 Improving energy efficiency and opting for renewable energy over fossil fuels .
74d13e49 7c4a 6b36 fa4f 89d2010c6e41?t=1627622228819 Promoting public transmit and sustainable mobility by increasing the numbers of journeys in towns by bicycle, reducing the act of flights and taking more trips by train or in share cars .
899d8010 efad e92a e9c3 30f56c59f67e?t=1627622229262 Promoting ecological industry, department of agriculture, fish and livestock farming, food sustainability, responsible pulmonary tuberculosis and the 3Rs convention ( reduce, recycle, recycle ) .
4f5f53e2 dac8 6ce7 ea1e 6e480baee99f?t=1627622229652 By taxing the consumption of dodo fuels and CO2 emissions markets.

Alongside extenuation measures to stem ball-shaped thaw, measures for adapting to climate change besides need to be encouraged :
67580d31 8d8e b45a 5d5b ab2cb217756d?t=1627622230070 Erecting buildings and infrastructure that is safer and more sustainable .
95159a00 3702 90e4 3b14 683e812e909b?t=1627622230458 Replanting forests and restoring damaged ecosystems .
52c1b4ae cbd1 0729 870c 166c6e255493?t=1627622230859 Diversifying crops so that they are better able to adapt to changing climates .
9dacae18 ab85 a1e6 21e9 dbe95a8ea777?t=1627622231291 Investigating and developing advanced solutions to prevent and manage natural catastrophes .
5501b000 ad67 2838 2295 9a67654e380e?t=1627622231736 Developing carry through plans for climate emergencies.

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If the measures for mitigate and adapting to climate change are successful, by future decade — according to the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) — we could achieve daily scenarios such as :
2330807d e40c f4f7 5a62 3d6565310f39?t=1627622232571  Mobility
Most journeys will be made by caravan or shared electric car, equipped with algorithm that will select the best route in order to reduce consumption and maximise the total of passengers. In towns, we will choose to walk, travel by bicycle or use public transport in order to save time and improve our timbre of life through a reduction in noise and in traffic jams .
c6ccb274 a522 f4a7 9c3b 1f6c9a63596a?t=1627622232806  Architecture and town planning
We will live in houses fed by renewable energy and barely any concrete buildings will be built. There will be fewer parking zones in our streets and more urban allotments, parks and gardens .

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