How to put a profile picture instead of video on Zoom (before or while in a meeting) on PC and Phone

soar is one of the most popular distant collaboration services that are presently available on the market. It offers a wide-eyed kind of features including the likes of HD audio, HD television, virtual backgrounds, whiteboards, filmdom sharing ability and much more .
furthermore, it is one of the only few services that allow you to hold meetings with up to 100 participants simultaneously on its detached account. therefore it is no surprise that it has risen to be the exceed downloaded app in recent times .
If you are new to Zoom and are concerned about your privacy, then you might be excited to know that Zoom lets you use a visualize of you in the television feed while conversing with others over the audio .
Our comprehensive guide under will not only help you use a picture during the video recording tip but besides guide you through the diverse steps required to set a profile word picture and use it as your mental picture in the video feed angstrom well. Let ’ s induce started.

How to add a profile video on Zoom ?

Before you can choose to display your picture in place of a television in a Zoom meeting, make certain you have added a profile photograph. hera is how to upload a word picture to your Zoom account .

On personal computer

Step 1: Head over to this link and log in to your Zoom account .
Step 2: Once you are logged in, click on ‘ MY ACCOUNT ’ in the peak right corner of your world wide web browser .

Step 3: now select ‘ Profile ’ under the ‘ Personal ’ check in the justly sidebar on your sieve .
Step 4: Your profile section will now open up in the right-hand sub-window. Click on ‘ Change ’ under the profile photograph icon as shown below .

Step 5: A sub-window will now open up in your browser. Click on ‘ Upload ’ in the bottom correct corner of the sub-window and upload the necessary profile movie from your local anesthetic storage .

Step 6: Once the picture is upload, drag the corners to snip the photograph according to your like. When you are happy with the output signal, just click on ‘ Save ’ in the bottomland right corner of the sub-window to save your changes .

You will now have added a profile visualize to your Zoom history .

On earphone

Step 1: Open the Zoom app and tap on ‘ Settings ’ in the bottom right field corner of your screen .

Step 2: now tap on your visibility details with your name at the top of your screen .

Step 3: Select ‘ Profile Photo ’ at the top of your filmdom .

Step 4: You will now be presented with a dialogue box asking you to either take a photograph using the television camera on your smartphone or choose one from your local memory. Select the option that best fits your needs and then just upload the mental picture to Zoom. Adjust the photograph and then save it .

Your profile picture will immediately be set on Zoom. Disabling your video feed from your smartphone will allow your meeting participants to view this photograph rather.

How to put a picture on rapid climb

Whether you are on desktop or mobile, using a photograph alternatively of your video recording feed is super easy. Make surely you have uploaded the profile picture as given above .
immediately, simply disable your video feed in the merging and it will mechanically display your profile video rather of television to all the participants .

once you click the Stop Video button, twill turn to a crimson picture. When the Video button is in red, that is video prey is stopped, everyone will see your visibility movie .

In case you do not have a visibility picture set, your meeting members will be able to view your expose list as the thumbnail of your video recording tip. You can placid use audio to converse with meeting members while the video feed is disabled .

How to put a video while in a Zoom meet ?

Step 1: once you have joined the meet, snap on ‘ Manage Participants ’ at the buttocks of your filmdom in the calling measure .
Step 2: Find your name in the list of participants and snap on ‘ More ’ beside your name .
Step 3: now select the ‘ Add profile picture ’ .
Step 4: You will now be asked to select a picture from your local storehouse. Simply select the hope profile picture that fits you the best and click on ‘ Open ’ in the bottom right corner .
Step 5: Zoom will now open up a dialogue box where you can crop and rapid climb into the photograph. Adjust the photograph according to your needs and click on ‘ Save ’ in the bed right corner of the dialogue box to save your changes .
Your profile picture will now be added during a meeting. When you disable the run during this meet, your boyfriend participants will now be able to view your profile picture alternatively of your television tip .

Put picture before the touch

When you are creating a meeting ( hosting ) or joining a meet, you get an choice to turn off the video recording. You can use this to turn video off, which will mechanically put your movie when the meet begins .

On Desktop

When creating a new meeting: Tap on the dropdown arrow on the ‘ New Meeting ’ button on the home screen of the app. then unselect the checkbox for the ‘ Start with video ’ option .

When joining a meeting: Click on the Join push button and then unselect the checkbox for the ‘ Turn off my television ’ option .

On call

When creating a new meeting: Tap on the ‘ New Meeting ’ button on the home plate screen of the Zoom app on your telephone. On the following filmdom, toggle off the ‘ Video On ’ choice. now, the Zoom app will use your profile word picture in the meeting .

When joining a meeting: Click the Join button on the family shield of your Zoom app. And then toggle off the ‘ Turn Off My Video ’ option. When you join the meet, Zoom will put up your profile picture .

We hope this guide easily helped you use your picture in Zoom meetings. If you faced any issues, feel barren to reach out to us using the comments part below .
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