‘Attack on Titan’s Manga Ending and Character Fates, Explained

Still from Attack on Titan After 11 years and 7 months of chapters, Attack on Titan came to a near in April of stopping point class. The black, emotional report of the world ’ s conflict against the Titans and the moral quandaries residing within the struggle captured readers ’ hearts everywhere—but now that the beloved manga ( and soon, the anime ) are coming to a close. So what precisely does the ending entail for all the characters ? Bear in mind that the explanation that follows will contain spoilers. strap in, because not every aspect of the ending might be neatly wrapped up. The manga ’ s final chapter, Toward the Tree on That Hill, sets the span of events for the universe of Attack on Titan far into the future. here ’ second every important event that comes as a result of this ending.

Eren and the Titans

In the end of the manga, Eren attempts to destroy the universe by reviving Ymir and invoking the power of the Founding Titan. however, Mikasa ultimately kills him, which results in Titans and their powers vanishing from the global. In summation, the office of the Founding Titan had erased memories that Eren ’ s friends had of him, which were ultimately recalled in chapter 139. Prior to this chapter, it is revealed that Eren had invoked the Rumbling and purposefully set himself on the path to the Rumbling because he had sent memories to his past self ( from a timeline where his home of Eldia had been destroyed ). Though Eldia ultimately survived the Rumbling, more than 80 percentage of the world perished and the Titans permanently disappeared from the world. Eren ’ s wish to stop the wars and save his home were fulfilled.

Armin and Mikasa

Eren ’ s two closest allies, Armin and Mikasa, both went their own paths after Eren ’ s death. They made him a makeshift dangerous at the tree he used to sleep at—the very same one he slept under when the manga foremost began. As time passes, Mikasa raises a kin of her own, though she never lets go of Eren ’ s scarf. When she ultimately passes aside, the scarf is buried with her. even to the very end, Eren ’ s friends never let go of his ideals and hopes. Further, they both managed to live retentive, passive lives and were able to rest after all the war they ’ five hundred endured at the hands of Marley and Paradis.

The World

While the rest of the global reeled from the Rumbling, Paradis was saved from the threat of the outside universe and was able to successfully negotiate with Marley. however, much later on, it is revealed that Shiganshiana, the chief zone where Eren, Mikasa, and Armin lived, has been destroyed by war and is rather in ruins, becoming a great afforest. Eren ’ s tree where he used to sleep has since grown to a colossal size and towers over the forest, meaning that even without him being there, his bequest continues to live on. A son discovers this tree alongside his frump, and the manga ends there, with the earth ( hopefully ) healing from the Rumbling.

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