8 Tips for Your Video Zoom Interview: Virtual Interviews are the New Normal

search ⚲ Zoom interviews are becoming more common these days and are a necessity right immediately during the COVID-19 crisis. I ’ ve worked remotely for ten years. I ’ ve seen the arrival of all the major television technology platforms and have made just about every err in the book—even the awkward ones. But over time, I ’ ve become a virtual meet technical of sorts. I know that if you look directly into the camera, it appears as though you ’ rhenium making eye reach with your conversation partner. I know that full lighting is everything. And that the right backdrop can actually help you land the job. here I ’ thousand sharing my favorite television interviewing tips. I hope they help you to be a little more confident in your next Zoom interview.

8 Tips to Help You Nail Your Video Interview

1) Get rid of distractions

obviously you don ’ thyroxine want a child crawling on your lap or a andiron bark during your interview, but smaller distractions like a text message or even a neighborhood child falling from his motorcycle outside your window can throw you off. In a face-to-face meet, distractions are shared, and so both the interviewer and the candidate violate from the conversation at the same time. But in a Zoom interview, the rent director won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know that there ’ s a knock at your door or an e-mail notification on your screen. You could miss an important detail, a question or an opportunity to display your cognition. Turn off those notifications and set up in a quiet, distraction-free area.

2) Wear your background like an accessory

You dress up for an interview, right ? And in all likelihood you ’ ve dressed appropriately for your television interview. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate spoil your appearance with a messy background. You can take one of two approaches to backgrounds. One is to keep it elementary. A blank wall, for exemplify. It ’ randomness bore, but it ’ sulfur neutral. The other—better— choice is to create a background that says something about who you are as a candidate. I find it ’ s specially important to at least appear to be in a home position if you ’ rhenium applying for a distant status. This communicates that you ’ ve spend time and resources creating a space that allows you to work efficaciously.

3) Pay attention to lighting

command processing overhead time fluorescent or incandescent light is not the most flattering. You don ’ t need a professional light kit but you do need to think about how you can use natural light from windows to project a clear and detailed prototype of your face. Try sitting in front of a window, allowing the light to hit you directly. At most times of the day, this will provide arrant, even lighting. however, if the sun is low, it may be excessively bright. In that sheath, move about until the light is diffused on your face. With calculator cameras, backlighting never woks, so constantly avoid putting the light reservoir behind you.

4) Wear headphones

Technology isn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate arrant. There ’ sulfur a probability there could be a lag, which causes an echo if you ’ re not wearing headphones. Headphones besides improve sound quality and help block out distracting noises.

5) Be right on time (set an alarm)

It doesn ’ t make sense to show up early to a Zoom interview. If you ’ re 15 minutes early, you could be sitting in front of a blank screen for 15 minutes. That ’ s a distribute of meter to get sucked into the whirl of the internet and lose your focus. Or worse, you could interrupt another interview. Of course, you don ’ triiodothyronine want to be late, either. Leaving a lease director or recruiter waiting is a bad expect. I like to set an alarm clock for both 10 minutes and 1 minute before the scheduled time. When the 10 minute alarm clock goes off, I try to be at my desk, reading my notes and checking my technology. When I hear the 1-minute dismay, I sign on. If you ’ re not able to make it to your interview on time due to unexpected engineering errors, make indisputable to apologize and explain why you ’ re deep once you ’ re able to join the meet.

6) Don’t interject

In a face-to-face consultation, interject is minimally disruptive. We learned as toddlers how to absolutely time our interruptions, after all. But in a video recording interview, it ’ sulfur best to let the hire director or recruiter finish their think before jumping in. A bantam lag can throw off the rhythm method of birth control and make your interjection—even when you intended it to be gentle and polite—sound like a uncivil interruption.

7) Wear pants

Pants give you confidence. Pants remind you of what ’ s at stake. This is cockamamie, of course, but what ’ second veridical is the psychological impact of dressing for success—even in a Zoom interview.

I have a supporter who puts on her shoes every dawn before she walks to her guest room agency and begins her sour day. Her mind switches into study gear when she puts them on. Her feet can feel that they ’ re dressed. She ’ mho one of the most energetic and professional people I know, so I trust getting dressed is worth it.

8) Test your tech

In my experience, people are forgiving when it comes to engineering mishaps. I tell you that because video interviews can be intimidating for person who ’ s unfamiliar with Zoom or the technology involved. A adept practice is to do a test run with a ally. You may find that you hush need to install Zoom on your computer. Or that your mic is not configured correctly. Stay sedate if your technical school is not working and follow these tried-and-true tips :

  • Move closer to your router if your connection is spotty (and try not to give a tour of your messy house while doing so).
  • Always assume your camera is on, even when you know you turned it off.
  • Check to make sure your speakers and mic are turned on if you’re having audio problems.
  • Use the chat feature to inform the interviewer that you can’t hear them.

I hope these 8 tips help you feel good prepared for your Zoom interview. Stay steady, embrace the elusive awkward moments that come with video recording conferencing, and don ’ t forget to send a thank you email after the interview. good fortune !

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