How do you ‘feel’ fat adapted?

I would say that I had no magic spider sense for adipose tissue adaptation, the biggest deepen I noticed was while working out and or working in general. I did not need to stop, because of hunger at work, and my bicycle ride suffered ( as does most cardio ) then all of the sudden after actually cutting back on the bicycle I could ride about an outright sum after ignoring the specify I imposed. I felt no transfer in my weight training goal, and the only early thing I noticed is that going up stairs did not kill me like it did when I was keto adapting.
I considered fat adaptation started at 8 weeks, I considered myself fully adipose tissue adapted at around 25 weeks. Its not a light switch moment and it gets increasingly better, things I did in the interim was to up my fat load that seemed make things go good.
I have seen people on these forums who were low carbish and ace athletic in deoxyadenosine monophosphate short as 2-3 weeks, but that would be an outlier not a average. Age, metabolic health, intake, lastingness of ketonemia, level of carb inhalation, quality of diet, sleep, stress and sunlight all play into this .
You can be fat adapted and not be in ketonemia, this is not a super large bargain ( If you over feed protien for case ). however if you have a high enough insluin spike fat adaptation will not work much like ketonemia shuts down, so you could suffer some. I would liken it to drinking alcohol. The recovery is much quick, equally little as hours for me now rather of days. I have not seen any studies or even research about it but from my understanding the process of fatty adaptation is more cellular health matter, because we eat so many carbs for sol hanker the process more less decays to closely useless ( remember of atrophy ). Another thing that happens is that ketones production will go down once fatten adaptation kicks into full gear. This is why the peeing sticks can become useless for some people as you are not making as many, your body is directly using the fat rather of it going to the liver, unlike when you are keto adapting you are relying on your liver for 100 % of your energy via ketonemia and GNG. I think if anything I lost some of the clearness when I fat adapted, and the more I fasted extended the lower the ketones have gotten on a normal not fasting basis. They placid raise when fast, but not to the levels there were. I entirely measure acetone.

Keto adaptation phase is being in ketonemia and not being fat adapted. But you can only reach being fatness adapted with ketones being high enough and insulin being low adequate long enough. We are born in ketonemia and some think fat adapted.

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