Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: What the Post Credits Scenes Mean for the MCU’s Future

So the Beyonder may be sending out that signal as a entice or bunker. But here ’ s another theory : Marvel Studios frequently takes liberties with characters from the comics, sometimes combining aspects of two or more into a version expressly designed for the big sieve. If Kang is supposed to be the Big Bad of Phase 4 ( and possibly even some of Phase 5 ), it ’ s not excessive that Marvel might graft some of the Beyonder ’ sulfur powers and motivations onto him .

The Fantastic Four

We know that a raw movie starring Marvel ’ s First Family is ultimately come, this clock from Marvel Studios itself. And we know that Reed Richards can find a way to travel between universes vitamin a well as through meter. Plus in the comics at least, Kang is possibly a distant descendant of Richards. Since the MCU until now has given no indication that the Fantastic Four exists, could that signal be coming from a adaptation of the Four that does exist in a different population ?
It ’ sulfur long been suspected among fans that the Quantum Realm ( in which signs of civilization have been glimpsed ) could play an significant function in the introduction of the Fantastic Four into the MCU. But that signal, generated either by the Ten Rings or from somewhere in the multiverse, could besides be coming from them.

The Celestials (from Eternals)

With the mid-credits sequence bespeak that the Ten Rings are much older than first gear think, is it potential that they are actually technology created by the Celestials ?

The Celestials, of course, have been about about angstrom farseeing as the universe/multiverse itself, and have seeded countless worlds in the cosmos with life. On worldly concern, they created “ normal ” humans, angstrom well as the Eternals and the Deviants, and return sporadically — we ’ re talking time on a cosmic scale hera — to see how their experiments are going .
What if the use of the Ten Rings activates the beacon and sends a sign to the Celestials that it ’ south meter to come look in on their little planet-sized lab ? The Celestials operate on such a huge span of fourth dimension that evening Wenwu using the Rings for a millennium would seem like minutes to them. With the ongoing conflict between the Eternals and the Deviants apparently coming to the fore in this November ’ s Eternals movie, it seems likely that a Celestial will show up to sort things out. That celestial might besides be identical interested in finding out why the ten-spot Rings have been activated .

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