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note : This site refers to Meeting Passcode, however some Zoom sites and settings may inactive refer to this feature of speech as Meeting Password. Zoom will be making the change to “ passcode. ”
A passcode is an easy way to make your meetings more dependable and prevent unintended participants from joining your meeting. In addition to the meet ID, the passcode must be entered before a player can join a merging .
A passcode can be mechanically created and added to your meetings when you schedule in Zoom, or you can designate a passcode to use with your personal touch ID .
To use meet passcodes, you must enabled the sport in your Zoom settings. A passcode and the Waiting Room feature may be used together or individually but one must be enabled for every touch.

Learn more about the Meeting Passcode and find how-to instructions on the Zoom Help Center site .

How to See if an Existing Meeting has a Passcode

Using your Zoom desktop application or the Zoom network portal site :

  1. Navigate to Meetings and view your Upcoming Meetings
  2. Review the list of meetings and look for any that are marked with a red “!” symbol

zoom passcode check

Adding a Passcode to an Existing Meeting

To add a passcode to a previously-scheduled meet, locate the merging in your Zoom desktop application or in your Zoom network portal site :

  1. Navigate to the meeting and click Edit
  2. Click to expand the Advanced Options
  3. Select Require meeting password and enter a passcode for the meeting
    If you turn on the requirement for attendees calling in by phone to enter a passcode, a numeric passcode will be easier for all participants. A participant dialing in will not be required to enter the passcode unless that feature is turned on by the host.
    zoom passcode set
    Zoom does not require a strong passcode. A simple word or series of digits is acceptable for a meeting passcode – the more complex the passcode, the more difficult it will be for attendees who have to type it in to join your Zoom session.
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the window

Your meet invitation will include the passcode. Attendees who click the liaison in the invite to join will not have to enter the passcode. If an attendant enters the meeting ID into their Zoom application or on-line to join, they will have to locate and type the passcode to join the meeting .
zoom passcode invitation e1593608333253

When adding a passcode after a meeting invite has been sent, you MUST re-send the invite so participants receive the passcode to join the meeting .

How to Create a New Meeting with a Passcode

Whether you are using the Zoom plugin for Outlook, the Zoom desktop application, or in the Zoom web portal site, you can add a passcode to a modern meet during scheduling. Select Require meeting password and enter the code, which will then appear in the meet tempt .

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