When Is Attack on Titan Ending? Here’s How Many Episodes Are Left

Sharing is caring ! precisely when is Attack on Titan ending ? With Season 4 Episode 28 airing on April 3, you might be wondering just how many episodes are left. Well, we have regretful news program and potentially good news in this narrative. here are the details.

There Are Expected to be 12 Episodes in Season 4 Part 2

approach on Titan kicked off Season 4 Part 2 on January 9 with Season 4 Episode 17 ( aka Episode 76, “ Judgment. ” ) On April 3, Episode 87 is releasing. This means we ’ ve watched 11 episodes thus far as of March 20 and Sunday ’ s sequence will be the twelfth. If rumors that there were only going to be 12 episodes in Season 4 Part 2 are right ( which everything points to being the encase at this bespeak ), then that means Sunday is the last episode, and Season 4 Part 2 will end the season on Episode 87.

On Twitter, @ _Dominating, who is known for sharing accurate leaks and inside information, tweeted that Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 is listed for 12 episodes .

inverse has besides reported that Season 4 Part 2 will consist of 12 episodes .

This Likely Is Not the End

The finale is airing a workweek late than expected, but most fans are already figuring out that even when it airs, it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be the official end of the serial. The official Attack on Titan web site shared that Episode 87 is airing on Sunday, April 3, in Japan on NHK rather than on March 27, when it was supposed to air. They noted : “ Broadcasting will be suspended on March 27 due to especial organization… ” That “ particular administration ” was Anime Japan, which took position on March 27. attack on Titan had a special stage there, according to the official web site, and their consequence took target from 17:25-18:25 ( japanese time ). especial guests included “ Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, Marina Inoue, Hiro Shimono, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Ayane Sakura, Chiaki Matsuzawa ( MC ). ” Fans promptly deduced that there was little probability Attack on Titan could finish the manga by Episode 87. The sequence “ Night of the end, ” for example, corresponded with Chapter 127 of the manga. But the manga itself ends on chapter 139. It good does not seem likely that they could wrap up that many chapters in so few episodes. In fact, some people have said that leakers indicated Season 4 Part 2 will end at chapter 130. On Reddit, u/silvaeagles calculated that they had been illustrating approximately 1.25 chapters per sequence in Season 4 Part 2 ( and approximately 1.6 to 1.8 chapters per sequence in Season 4 Part 1. ) This was written more than 12 days ago, and at that point they estimated the anime would need to illustrate 3.25 chapters per episode to finish the manga, and they haven ’ thyroxine been doing that.

After a more late sequence aired, one Redditor commented that the last three episodes had been one manga chapter for every one sequence, so there was no way they ’ vitamin d be wrapping up at the end of Season 4 Part 2. Keep in thinker that the producers of the Attack on Titan anime have said that they plan to adapt the manga all the direction to the conclusion, CBR reported, and won ’ t conclude merely halfway through. This was announced bet on in October 2020. Anime producers Kensuke Tateishi, Toshihiro Maeda and Tetsuya Kinoshita said that Hajime Isayama ’ s memory will be produced all the way to its end. With that in mind, it looks like we are going to be looking at either a Season 4 Part 3 that is much shorter to wrap up the series, or possibly a movie. many fans are hoping they don ’ metric ton go the movie route, since movies are typically released first in Japan and then there ’ s a three- to six-month time break before they ’ re released in the U.S. Want to chat about Attack on Titan? Join our Discord server  here . You can also follow us by email  here or in our specialized  Attack on Titan Facebook page for anime viewers. 19c7cf48db1d8dcd686b68afc50c68f6?s=150&d=mm&r=pg


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