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What is powerline adapters?

Powerline adapters allows you to turn any electrical power mercantile establishment into a high-speed Internet and home network joining. Each Powerline network requires at least two Powerline adapters, although more can be added. The standard is called HPAV2 .

Why do I need to always have the latest firmware on my NETGEAR product?
Having the latest firmware will help increase the constancy, functionality and performance of your merchandise. The modern and most up-to-date firmware will likely correct issues a well as potentially add modern and improved features to the product .

What outlets can I plug powerline into?
In North America, NETGEAR Powerline products work with 110 volt 2-prong or 3-prong electric outlets. Outside of North America, there are nation specific plugs for the Powerline products sold in those regions .

Can I plug my powerline adapter into a power strip, surge protector, Uninterruptible Power upplies (UPS) or extension cord?
No. NETGEAR does not recommend using ability strips, billow protectors, UPS and elongation cords with Powerline products. These devices filter out some or all of the high frequency signals used in Powerline communications. Connecting a Powerline to one of these devices can greatly reduce the data rate of transfers, or block communications entirely .

How many powerline adapters can I add to my network?
Depending on your Powerline model, you can connect up to 64 nodes ( check the FAQ section for your model to make certain about claim act ) .

Can I use an extender and a powerline on a single router? Will it have conflicts with that kind of setup?
Yes, it is possible. There are no conflicts with that kind of setup .

Can I have multiple powerline networks on the same electrical wiring?
Yes, using passcodes, it ‘s possible to have multiple networks in the same construction. however, the overall throughput is shared by the multiple networks .

Can powerline be used in homes across multiple phases?
Yes, but you will either suffer a detectable personnel casualty in operation, or if the signal is besides low the units will not be able to communicate .

Does powerline support encryption?
Earlier versions based on HomePlug 1.0 back 56-bit DES encoding. Later versions based on HomePlug AV support 128-bit AES encoding .

What is the difference between Home plug V1.0 & Home plug AV?
HomePlug 1.0 stipulation allows for speeds up to 14 Mbit/s. HomePlug AV specification allows for speeds up to 200 Mbits/s, with some Homeplug AV devices using a proprietorship extension increasing this to 500 Mbits/s. besides HomePlug AV powerline networks can exist in the lapp family as a HomePlug 1.0 powerline net, but they can not communicate with each other .

You advertise “up to 200Mbps” on your products, but only include a 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet port? What gives?
Fast Ethernet is full-duplex, so a larboard can transmit and receive simultaneously. consequently, if a Fast-Ethernet interface is performing at its maximum throughput ( e.g. air and receive ) it can operate near it ‘s theoretical utmost – 200Mbps .

Why are the actual data rates less from the stated data rates?

Every appliance on your electric line generates noise, or interference, for Powerline transmission. While distance as some effect on cable make noise, the number of appliances and historic period of electric wire will have greater impingement. The longer the distance and the greater the line noise, the less squarely footage you will be able to cover with the Powerline .
environmental factors, Operational overhead, differences between different transportation standards ( UDP vs. TCP vs. WFT ) and the manner each standard optimizes the data overhead ( typically for error handle ) .
Pick a chew is a engineering that allows you to determine how fast your Powerline joining is – plainly by looking at a motley LED on the movement of the device. Green is the fastest possible connection. Yellow indicates a less than optimum connection. crimson indicates that you might experience poor performance and should consider moving one of the devices to a unlike mercantile establishment .

What’s the difference between port-based and service-based QOS?
Port-based QOS, a alone have of the XAV1004 and XAVB1004, allows a drug user to prioritize specific applications by just plugging a device into a color-coded port on the back of the intersection. This direction, a drug user can ensure that his gaming console or HD movies constantly receive unconstrained bandwidth, even when early devices are attempting to transmit data over the shared powerline network .
Service-based QOS, configurable via the Powerline utility, is provided on all NETGEAR Powerline adapters and allows you to identify and prioritize network traffic by different types of data. So a personal computer, as an model, might be transmitting different types of data whether it ‘s playing an on-line game versus making an on-line Skype call. Using service-based QOS, the Powerline arranger can identify these unique types of dealings and provide priority to specific types ( based on your shape via the utility ) .

What type of modulation does powerline use?
OFDM ( Orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing ) .

Will Internet work on a smart TV that is connected to a powerline using HDMI to Ethernet converter?
It may or it may not work. Keep in beware that HDMI is only for video/audio remove .

Does powerline interfere with HAM radio signals ?
By using OFDM ( extraneous frequency division multiplexing ), we create unlike interleave channels or carrier frequencies ( up to 1155 ) that can be transmitted on. We can besides tune these channels to make certain they do n’t interfere with other RF signals – like Amateur Ham Radio operators – in effect, notching out those frequencies from habit ( effectively using only 917 of the 1155 ). This reduces overall throughput, but ensures that we do n’t impact HAM Radio communications .

Can I use the powerline utility or the genie software on my Mac to manage my powerline device ?
unfortunately, there are no Mac drivers available at this time. Neither Mac genie or the previous Powerline Utility will be able to correctly display your device. Bear in take care that genie or the Powerline Utility are just optional software and they are not truly needed for the installation .

Do we have powerline adapters that support IEEE 802.3af PoE?
NETGEAR does not have powerline adapters that uses power over Ethernet .

Does powerline net work through circuit breakers ?
In general Powerline networks work across the circumference breakers, adenine long as the circuit surf is closed. The connection between the powerline devices could be good or bad depending on the attenuation/noise degree on the electric argumentation .

Do EMI and RFI protectors intervene with powerline networks ?
EMI ( electro-magnetic intervention ) and RFI ( radio frequency intervention ) protectors most probably will block the Powerline signals .
Why my ethernet printer/Nas is not waking up when connected to my powerline ?
The Powerline arranger can only be awoken by a device that is connected to its Ethernet port, not via the might release. so, if the Powerline arranger is asleep, it ca n’t pass data to the printer ( or NAS ), entirely FROM the printer..

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