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Top 3 Zoomer Q & A

Top 3 Zoomer Q & A
We are lucky to have cheeseparing relationships and a strong feedback loop with our customers. We hear from Zoomers via Twitter and other social media, during our webinars, and through our Support Center. recently, we ’ ve gotten some recur questions through these channels that we want to address. Take a count and see if your doubt is answered below !

1. How many participants can be in a Zoom meeting? Do they all appear on my screen at once?

If you have a Basic/Free, Pro, or other paid explanation ( that ’ s the huge majority of you out there ), you can have up to 100 television participants ( including the host ) in any of your meetings. These participants have bipartisan video recording, audio, and collaboration features. bill that if you have a barren account, you have unlimited 1-1 meetings and minutes, but your meetings with more than two participants will automatically end after 40 minutes.

shutterstock 160403006 If you purchase a big meet plan, you can have up to 200, 300, or 500 participants in your meetings, depending on which level of Large Meeting you choose. These participants will have two-way video, sound recording, and collaboration features. To purchase Large Meeting, sign in to your account, and then click Billing and choose the Large Meeting option .
The screen will show up to 49 participants at once in gallery scene. If you have more participants than that, there is an arrow on the side on the screen that you can click ( on your calculator ) or pilfer ( on your tablet ) to see more participants .
In a webinar, you can have up to 100 panelists with video, audio, screen share, and other date features. These panelists can present to up to 10,000 viewers ( we besides have smaller webinar plans starting at 100 viewers ). These viewers can see and hear the webinar contentedness, but they can ’ thymine be seen and heard themselves unless they are upgraded to a panelist by the webinar ’ s master of ceremonies.

2. What is the difference between the Basic/Free and Pro versions of Zoom? Does Webinar come with the Pro account?

indeed glad you asked, because we merely wrote an entire blog mail on this ! Your complimentary Zoom account is loaded with all the collaboration essentials from video conferencing to screen sharing to group messaging. But a Pro account will give you outright minutes for group meetings, advanced features like report and a custom personal meet ID, and access to add-ons .
That brings us to the second question : Does Webinar come with Zoom Pro ? No – Zoom Video Webinars, Zoom Rooms, Cloud Room Connector, and Premium Audio are all add-ons. That means you have a Zoom Pro score and pay subscriptions for any these four add-ons. Trust us, they ’ re well worth it !

3. Wait, what’s Room Connector?

shutterstock_151954382 Cloud Room Connector is an accessory option that connects H.323 and SIP room systems into the Zoom video communications cloud, thereby allowing those board systems to meet with mobile devices, tablets, computers, and Zoom Rooms. Cloud Room Connector works with Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, and other endpoints and we even have a one-touch option for Cisco and Polycom .

These are the big questions we ’ ve got over the past few weeks, but we encourage you to stay in allude, ask more questions, and make suggestions. We ’ re all ears. Again, the best ways to reach us are our Support Center and Twitter. If you ’ d like a general overview of the Zoom solution, we besides recommend signing up for a demonstration today !
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