Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “MAG” – Release Date and Resale Price

welcome Ladies and Gentlemen. As we move through this inauspicious pandemic, we ’ rhenium seeing diversify drops after drops in the gym shoe community .
specially this calendar month of August has been rather fruitful for us sneakerheads as it ’ sulfur turning out to be more profitable than expected .
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And to continue that line of profits, Nike is releasing the Adapt BB 2.0 in the celebrated colorway MAG. The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “MAG” is releasing on the 9 th of August for a retail price of $400.  

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In this article, we ’ ll spill the beans about the stagger high retail price of an otherwise bare basketball shoe and the significance of MAG in our community .
Feel free to skip to the conclusion of the article to find out the resale value of the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 “MAG”.

The MAG 



My first exposure to Nike was credibly when I was a kid and my siblings were watching Back to the Future Part II starring Michael J. Fox as the understanding so far awkward Marty McFly .
The movie was a box office strike because of its creative storyline and its characters. But the rationality for reminiscing about that movie is because it gave us our first search at fink that laced itself !
I remember watching the movie and thinking how cool it would be if my sneakers could tie themselves ! But unfortunately, the technology in 1989 ( the class the movie was released ) was limited in terms of sneakers .
And we all had forgotten about the MAG until Nike brought it back into military action in 2011. That ’ s when the gym shoe absolutely lost it ! A fink that could tie itself was last available and it worked ? This was a must buy .
The gym shoe was, obviously, released in circumscribed amounts and ascribable to the novel technology and basically zero competitors, the gym shoe hit extremely high resale amounts .
The Nike Back to the Future MAG released in 2011 resells at around $ 11,000 on StockX. The MAG is basically gym shoe aureate !
Nike Mag
5 years late in 2016, Nike re-released the MAG ( in limited quantities ) and for some wyrd reason, it ’ second reselling for an average of $ 30,000 on StockX.

I truly envy the person who was able to buy these sneakers at the retail price because the profit gross profit on these is improbable !
so now that you understand the significance of the MAG, we can dive into the Adapt BB 2.0 gym shoe .




The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 MAG is hitting the streets on the 9th of August for a retail price of $ 400. This barely might be the priciest basketball shoes but that ’ sulfur because of the Adapt engineering that has been implemented within the fink .
The adjust technical school. is what allows the gym shoe to lace itself without any human input signal ! Well, a little bit on input is required as you will have to download the Adapt application onto your mobile call and configure everything from there .
According to Nike, the adjust technology allows your fink to fit you better according to the shape of your feet. And that ’ s not where the narrative ends .
The Adapt application gives you two lacing options : “ Activity ” for when you ’ ra on-the-go or play sports and “ Relaxing ” for when you precisely want to kickback. If you ’ re not satisfied with these fits, then you can constantly customize it yourself .
If you ’ re an iPhone exploiter then you can use Siri or Google voice for those of you who are on an android, for five customizable voice commands .
It doesn ’ triiodothyronine end here ! Your Apple Watch can be used to light up your sneakers in 13 different colors – officially making your fink good YOURS .
nike adapt bb 2 0 mag BQ5397 003 8
The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 MAG comes in a blue-grey hue that surrounds the entire fink. The entire attend of the gym shoe is futuristic with its bold elements such as the green, yellow, orange, and crimson ovals at the forefoot .
All of this for $ 400 is seeming more justified, correct ?



At the consequence, StockX is the only place where the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 MAG is available but Nike ’ s Official Website will feature it soon !



The Nike Adapt BB 2.0 MAG will retail for $ 400 therefore there needs to be enough of a profit margin to entice users to buy it .
The first edition of the Nike Adapt BB MAG released in 2019 for a retail price of $ 350 and since then it has a resale price about double its retail !
Nike bb mag
On StockX the Nike Adapt BB MAG is reselling on median for $ 550 and the latest sale, fair immediately, took place at 640 ! For a year-old shoe, that ’ south capital margins !
But that was the past, how are things looking for the future ? reasonably good, I would say because on StockX the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 MAG is reselling presently on average for $ 525 .
According to our estimates, considering the affect of the higher retail price of $ 400, the resale value of the Nike Adapt BB 2.0 MAG is between $ 580-640 .



Sneaker: Nike Adapt BB 2.0 MAG 

Retail Price: $400 

Resale Value $580-640 



The fink resale game is street fighter and merciless. Whilst there is an opportunity for a hale cargo of profits to be made, there ’ sulfur besides a greater opportunity of losing your money. The one way to counter this is through following a jell of practices that have shown success in the past and give .
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Looking forward to speaking to you again ,
Signing off for nowadays !

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