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How can you use less data on Zoom?

You can use less data on Zoom by switching off your video or lowering your video resolution. You can even call into a meet on your telephone rather of over Wi-Fi, which won ’ t require any data at all .
here ’ s a breakdown of how to reduce your data over zoom :

1. Switch off “Enable HD”

By turning off the “ Enable HD ” function, you can halve the sum of data you ’ re using in a call. In the bottom left corner of your filmdom, click on the bantam arrow next to the Start Video clitoris. Click Video Settings and uncheck the boxes for “ Enable HD ” and “ Touch up my appearance. ”
Zoom screenshot of video settings
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Zoom screenshot of HD video settings
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Zoom screenshot of video settingsZoom screenshot of HD video settings

2. Switch off your video completely

You can save even more data by switching off your video completely—a video call will cost you arsenic much as 2.475 GB of data per hour in 1080p settlement, while an audio-only call uses arsenic little as 27 MB per hour .
Pro tipInfo Remember that you ’ ll besides use up data if others on your call have their video on. If you ’ re actually implicated, ask them to switch off their television screens excessively. To switch your television off, just tap the release that says “ Start Video ” in the bottomland left corner of your sieve. Your video recording will be off when there ’ s a bolshevik line through the button.

Zoom screenshot video icon
Switch off video by clicking “ Start Video ” button. share :

3. Use Google Docs (or an app like it) instead of sharing your screen

This will require some cooperation from everyone on your Zoom teleconference call, but you can avoid screen sharing entirely ( and the resulting data usage ) by using a separate app like Google Docs to discuss or edit authoritative documents .
Google Docs lets multiple users scene and edit a document at the same time, so you can all see what ’ south going on even if it ’ s not shared on your respective screens .

4. Call into your Zoom meeting by phone

To avoid using any data at all, call into a Zoom meet over the earphone .
You ’ ll be limited vitamin a far as what you can actually do since you won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to see anyone ’ south faces or share a screen. But it requires no data—in fact, you don ’ t need a Wi-Fi connection at all .
barely dial one of the numbers below based on where you are in the US and enter the meet ID ( and if necessary, meeting password ) when prompted .

  • +1-669-900-6833 (San Jose)
  • +1-253-215-8782 (Tacoma)
  • +1-346-248-7799 (Houston)
  • +1-646-876-9923 (New York)
  • +1-301-715-8592 (Washington DC)
  • +1-312-626-6799 (Chicago)
  • +1-877-853-5257 (toll free)
  • +1-855-880-1246 (toll free)

For calls outside the US, see Zoom ’ s Help Center for the entire list of international dial-in numbers .

5. Get more data

If you ’ re still struggling with your data crown after trying out all of the above, it may be time for you to upgrade your design or switch to a raw provider that gives you more data. type in your address below to see if you can find a more generous internet supplier in your area :

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